Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Back from Bali!

I'm finally back from the island of gods..

IWith well rested but now tired feet..

belly filled with some starred drink..

And a awesome possum tattoo :)

And pretty nails!

besides having withdrawal syndrome from Internet for 4 days, a great holiday it was =)


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Wish!

Dear Santa,

You need to really really get me a new job this Christmas... You see, what I am talking like now :(

(GMail chat between my colleague and I )

me: oh btw, did u see my boss just now?
J: nope
me: she got a new haircut!
J: I didn't see her.. where is she?!
me: she came in for 20mins
J: then?!
me: then gone for lunch
J: how she look like?
me: like CIBAI
what kinda hairstyle looks like CIBAI?!?!!
me: Really!
 (boss walks in)
me: there u go.. see...
J: LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! now i see the cibainess in her head
me: hahahaha, see i told ya :D
Needless to say more.. So c'mon Santa! Be a man. Do the right thing! (ala Russel Peters :p)

Monday, 20 December 2010

New Soulmate..

I just came out from an interview... and I thought the gal I interviewed was so pretty... I came out and the first thing I told my friend was, "That gal is so pretty, I coudnt take my eyes off her"..

then in a few minutes.. one of my colleague who is that gal's fren, comes and tells me, "she thinks you are so hot, and she couldnt take her eyes of you!"

I think I just found my soul mate!! :D dont u think so??? I knew all along I was meant to be a ... ehem..



Thursday, 16 December 2010

Men and boy?

Do you ever have the urge to dash into a bookstore n grab all the books of your favorite author?

I always have that nagging (in a good way) feeling, each time I read a good book.. Or maybe that's just how shopaholics feel :p

I don't know and I don't care.. All I need right now and so badly is to buy more books like this..

Damn it! Wish they sold books cheaper in Malaysia.. It's really not fair!! :(

~finally over the peejay!
I'm on mc today n yet Im so kesianly doin this..

iLilo =)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Inspired by masterchef, I cooked this most awesome maggi goreng =)

iLilo :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic..

I think you can be sure that you are a shopaholic, when you are supposedly be busy at work n with life.. yet you constantly stop to think for a reason or excuse to go buy the pyjama pants you saw in la senza two days ago.. especially when you never ever wear pyjamas to sleep..

I'm amazed at how creative my brain can get at times when it's totally unneccasary..
I have come up with at least 5 very good reasons excuses to go buy the (not one, but THREE, its cheaper that way, ok?) pants that I most probably will never wear..

Sigh.. It's so not easy being myself.. 


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I once read somewhere that, in any relationship, the one who cares the least is the one with all the power..

So true, eh?


Monday, 6 December 2010

Productive Day!

So I was on leave today and for once it was such a productive day!

1. Registered for our very own business, with a funny creative name =) hope this is only a start for many more to come..

2. Went for an interview after a long time, thanks to Anya.. Was reminded again n again why leaving engineering was a good decision :) I swear I didn't get even one question right on the technical exam :p So, if they still call me back, maybe it's just meant to be.. After all, the extensive traveling is something I "need" for now..

3. Met an incredibly annoying piece of shit.. Seriously.. He's probably the worst guy I've ever met.. I walk in to the office, and the first two question he asks me, "are you Indian?" slight nod n he asks "are you single?"
Geeeezz.. How desperate or stupid anyone can get right?? And in the next 3 mins he gives me a run down of his life.. "just quit smoking, just quit drinking n just broke up!!!"

Like WTF do I care? The scumbag doesn't even know my name, n he was showing me his ex-gf pic on his mobile.. like seriously! I swear I'm not exaggerating.. But to his credit, I actually got over all my nervousness in that 3mins.. Fucking pissed n annoyed was more like it.. N amazed, yes!!

4. Felt blessed for having a wonderful boyfriend whom almost went crazy waiting faithfully waited for 3 bloody hours..

So yeah, it was a good day! despite meeting the douchebag


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bake, bake & bake!

When I live in my own house..
I will bake at 12am..

When I don't have to work or worry bout weight..
I will bake everyday..

When I'm really really in love with someone..
I will bake for them..

I think baking is fun.. Baking is sweet.. No better way to make someone smile then to bake for them!

High on baking mood at 11.51am on a Saturday night,

Friday, 3 December 2010

Colour me bad

As timeless as the question "What is the meaning of life?" is to many people, the question "Why do Indian women wear coloured contact lenses" has always baffled me. OK let me rephrase, "Why do dark skinned Indian women wear totally fake looking coloured contact lenses?"

Seriously, if you have chocolate brown or cafe latte coloured skin, do you seriously think no one will doubt that your blue eyes are fake? Don't even get me started on grey and green! If you think I'm discriminating against dark skin people, I'm not. How could I? Since I'm dark skinned too. And I was born with dark, dark, dark brown/black eyes!

To me, people who wear totally unnatural coloured contact lenses are pretentious, fake and have a distorted sense of what looks good on them. Either they have low self esteem that they need to hide behind fake coloured eyes or they have an over-blown high self esteem where even looking like a brown version of Avatar can't shake their confidence that - "damn, I'm totally rockin' this look!"

Coco Chanel once said, "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on".

If you're an unnatural coloured contacts junkie and you're dark skinned. Do yourself a favour. Please let that be your fakely coloured contacts.


Monday, 29 November 2010

So pissed!!

No word to describe the level of pissness I am at right now.. Aaarrgghh!! Pissed kali sepuluh!!

My mom is so annoyingly naive n dumb at times..

It doesn't help that I am at a unarguable situation right now!

But yeah, fucking hell.. Next year is already looking so super bright!!


Bali - The Island of Gods

On a positive note, in less than a month, I'm off to the Island of Gods, Bali =) to kickstart my one week break... the week we all wait for for the whole year is finally here...

looking forward to these..

Yes, I do know that pictures can be deceiving.. but I have just heard so much about Bali that I must go see it with my own eyes..

so yeah, something to keep me going for the remaining few weeks :)


Pay Day is the New Pay Bills Day!

Pay is coming in tomorrow, but instead of joying over the fact, here I am thinking how on earth am I gonna survive another month.. this is becoming too common now.. no matter how much I earn, it just doesnt seem to be enough.. pay is merely enough to pay bills :p

I dunno when will I ever recover from this financial mess aka deep shit.. its been 4 years of working and nothing has changed.. besides the credit cards that are constantly going off the limit...



Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The world revolves around me, of course!

"I spin my head right round, right round, when I go down, when I go down down..."

This year has been a very sickly year for me.. Besides the flu, cough n their entire family that will never leave me.. I've also been getting all kind of weird sickness throughout the year.. And the freaking doctors have so not been cheap, okay??

1st it was my wisdom tooth that just cant be extracted normally but must be surgically removed.. N the unbearable food-less week following after.. Aaahh...

Then it was the weird discovery of a bald patch on my head.. N of cos the normal GPs were totally clueless n I had to get 2nd n 3rd opinions.. Mind u, opinions don't come free!

Then it was my non existing womanhood.. n my continuos affirmations to the GPs n even pharmacist that, "yes, I know I am not pregnant!".. Yet, no one as diagnosed me to date!

So anyway, back to what I was singing just now.. Do you know that my head actually spins right round every time I go down?? Freaky!!! No?

So yeah, it has been 4 days now.. Each time I bent down n look up my world totally spins around me.. Sigh... I really don't know why.. As much as I am delaying the doctor's visit, it's also so annoying.. I am darn sure the docs are gonna 1st give me a blur look n then tell me, it's normal, you just need some rest, n give me a hundred dollar bill.. N so will the second doctor..

So now I am thinking, should I really go through all the trouble or shall I just sit back n enjoy the world that is revolving around me? ;)

iLilo - of course! :p

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


U see that?? A lil upside down, but yeah, that's my friends car.. Not any proton saga but a freaking 4 wheel drive after taking THREE 360 spin in the middle of a fast moving highway.. Scary, no?

But thank god my friend got out of it with just one scratch on his knees.. That's bout it, really..

Although, I just called n reminded him how he could have died, n how this could just be a sign that he is gonna die soon etc etc.. And how I think it would be so cool if he really did..

Honestly, I am blogging about it now, because I'm so glad you didn't.. If you ever bump into this blog one day, I want you to know that I truly thank god that you are alive today!


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Annoying Relatives

Another social obligation last night. A relative invited my family for Deepavali dinner at his posh condo in Mt Kiara. I don't know who this person is so I was reluctant to go but I didn't have the heart to protest too much when my Mum was asking really nicely, so I went.

Another reason I wasn't looking forward to going was all the nosy grannies that would be there, asking annoying questions such as :-

~ Where is your husband?
~ How long does he have to be there / When will he be transferred back to KL?
~ Why don't you go to Sarawak?

Actually, that's not the worst part. The annoying part is the look which varies from pity to disapproval that they give me when they realise we're going to be living apart for a while more. I know it's no point explaining to them that I'm perfectly happy with my life right now. Of course I miss N but ever since I got the department transfer, the longest we've gone without seeing each other is 2 weeks. It used to be 2 months.

I still get to do my own thing without having to check with N's schedule like hanging out with my friends, spending time with my family, being a bum and lazying around...and I can say it would be the same for N as well. At the same time, when N is around I enjoy doing wifely things for him like cooking for him, going for dates and getting him to fix things around the house. Obviously the grannies have not thought of marriage as being happy together and not just living together.

So grannies, buzz off! I don't need your pity, your advice, your disapproval. Go and annoy someone else.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Top 15 Reasons to Move On..

You know that you deperately need a new job, when:

  1. You snooze your alarm that rings at 5.50am up to 6.50am, every 5 minutes....
  2. Yet, you catch a sleep sitting at the toilet bowl until you hear some noise outside...
  3. You stare at the wrinkled pants for 30 seconds, say fck it, and wear the wrinkled pants to work..
  4. You also match it with a wrinkled shirt..
  5. You actually start driving at 80km/h..
  6. You accidentally reach office 10 minutes earlier than usual, you rather take a detour to McDonalds at other side of the world to grab a coffee..
  7. You only remember to open your outlook 40 mintues past working hours..
  8. You go to the toilet more often than you need...
  9. You sometimes take your iphone to the toilet to catch up on some game you paused last night..
  10. You read every single article on the online newspaper..
  11. You read every tom, dick & harry (sometime even their family's) blogs..
  12. You have at least 5 chat windows open, and at least 2 game windows minimized..
  13. You have read every single update on fb, yet you keep clicking on recent news...
  14. You pray for someone important to die, so you will get a day off..
  15. You write crappy blogs like this..
I thought 3 reasons were good enough to do anything new, now I have 15,
yet I can't bloody find a new job :(

- Lilo

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Needless to say, work has been busier than ever! But whenever I need to destress I know exactly where to turn to. Our "favourite" PDA couple on FB...

Gal fwen: Looking forward for a relaxing weekend and catch you in less than 48 hours lover boy!

Bfwen likes this.

Bfwen: 2 hours gal fwen

It's mild compared to all their previous posts but it did make me gag smile..


Monday, 15 November 2010

Men are funny!

and dumb :p
Since I'm having the bluest monday,
below is a sms conversation between me n a guy, S, a family friend whom I only meet during weddings and functions.. he hits on me everytime we meet n that's bout it.. I ignore his calls following the occassion.. so anyway, i got his sms recently..

S: hello there, how are you today? had ur lunch? how was deepavali? hope you had a great time. Hows life? everything alright? Simply thought of dropping by your inbox. Cant avoid, miss u! ;)

Me: Hi there, I'm good, diwali was fun! how was urs? Have a great day! :)

S: The real fun is being with your family members. I had a superb deepavali too. Long time never meet you, im missing you silently. What to do, I can only see you whenever there is a function.. Anyway, you take care..

Me: Haha, come la my house for deepavali.. Anyway, c u soon, tc!

S: I'm not a person who bothers about what people will say. Because end of the day its all about you, you & you!! But then, among the family members that I know for a couple of years, its hard for me to take my own step and come and meet you, unless its with them again. Hope you will understand my situation. We'll see how ok? Im sure our time will come.. be patient k? take care dear..



Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lolo gets hitched!

See what I found??

Yes, thats my ex boyfriend going on his knees on a halloween night ;)

Not that I am stalking him or anything.. he just happens to be on my fb..

As much as I love the whole proposal drama idea; I think this is so weird....

or maybe I am a lil jealous, usually I am jealous of anyone who gets proposed.. (really, anyone!) but definitely not jealous of him or them.. just like the pic, he has become a total alien to me...

So anyways.. wish them all the best in life.. Congratulations lolo! :)


Monday, 1 November 2010

Men at gym..

Guys you meet at the gym, are the one you should marry. They have definitely seen the worst sight of you, no make-up n all sweaty..

"if he still smiles; he's a keeper!"

And I just bumped into one :)

iLilo :)

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Diwali is here!

It's time of the year again, when it's legal to shop :) n of cos i wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything.. So I totally optimized it last night at pavilion..

Loving all my new findings.. Especially the jeans that assured me I'm still the same size :) n the sexy little black dress that I'll probably never wear for another year.. Haha..

But unfortunately none of my new clothes went past the black, greyscale..

My bf's attempt to make me look more "feminine", failed miserably..

Anyway, mission accomplished.. Now it's time to figure out how I'm gonna fix the damage on my credit card.. Hmmm..

iLilo :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


This morning, somehow the word 'snooze' appeared like 'success' in sleep.. So I kept pressing it and continued sleeping :) haha!

I even made a mental note half asleep that iPhone is so cool, it motivates you early in the morning! Lol!

Yeah, sometimes I'm just dumb like that..

iLilo :)


I know I am going crazy, when I decide to do something like this..

iLilo :)

Monday, 25 October 2010

Revisiting resolution..

Since this year is running on a super high speed, I decided do to a rain check to see how far have I come.. I sort of made a list early this year on things I need to achieve, this. So I'm just revisiting to see, what else I need to buy achieve before the year ends..

So this is what I had in my list:

1. Chanel handbag - not gonna happen for sure :(

2. Issey Miyake perfume - can, can, working on it

3. Nokia N97 or iPhone- got my iPhone :)

4. DKNY or Guess power glasses - after years of wearing glasses, finally bought one that I like :)
5. Giorgio Armani sun glasses - forget it laa

6. Play station 3 or 2 – over due gift for my bf - now its iPhone4 :p

7. Fossil wallet - can do without

8. Trip to Hanoi (better work this time!) - it worked :)

9. Trip to Bali/Cambodia (again! :) ) - booked Bali for December! yay!

10. new job - this is the sad story of my life... ishk ishk, still hope I'll find one before end of the year..

11. peace - hmmm, where do you buy that?

crossed out only 4 out of 11?? oh no! this is bad! sigh... only have 2 months left...

- Lilo high on monday blues..

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Laughing out loud

Hahaha, my bf send me this today!

"Its actly nt susah to b my gf u kn0w! its so susah to b ur bf."

iLilo :)

Friday, 15 October 2010


I saw you on Thursday..
I can see you on Saturday..
But it's never like seeing you,
on a Friday..
So, is it Friday?
or is it you that I like?

Hmm, I can't decide!

iLilo :)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

smellllllyyyyyy !!!!

I'm having training in a room not far from where my colleague let go of the rat yesterday....(Yes! At the office!)

And there's a dead rat smell in the room!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

In the name of love 2

People do lots of heart warming, weird, crazy, stupid and unbelievable things in the name of love.

Heck, I've watched football matches in the name of love and I don't know anything about the game except if your ball goes into your opponent's net, it's a goal. Unless it's an off-side - a concept that I just never understood.

Today I witnessed a display of love which just left me speechless. On the way to lunch....

Colleague:  Oh shit, I've left the rat in my car!

Me (driving my car-thank God!):  What the hell do you mean you've left a rat in your car??

Colleague: My house has got this rat infestation problem recently. So I've been catching rats almost every week..and I let them go somewhere else.

Me: What? Why? Kill them!

Colleague: Cannot la...wife's instructions. She'll kill me if I kill them. So I have to let them go away from the house.

Me: Like we don't have enough rats, you're helping to keep their population growing...

Colleague: What to do....that day she cried cause I accidentally broke a rat's legs...

It's rats we're talking about here people. Smelly, disgusting, diseased rats! Not fluffy bunny rabbits!


Friday, 1 October 2010

In the name of love..

It all seems like a little deja vu.. Last year I actually went to watch the 1st screening of transformers, in the name of love of cos.. This

I cant believe I'm doing this, but yes, today I'm going to watch the 1st screening of Enthiran The Robot..

So much of hype, and so much that I have heard about this movie!!! It better be nice n better be worth of my mc :)


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Things to ponder..

Why do some really fat people look so good in photos; but people like me, I, look so fat in photos???

It ain't fair!!!

iLilo :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Job

I need a new job.. like really really need.... I'm not even fussy anymore... All I am looking for from the new job is:

i. A job that will require me to walk, a lot, or probably climb stairs, or at least some sort of phsyical activity.. 

ii. A job where having lunch isnt part of their culture.. Like seriously.. Where people perhaps just eat fruit and sandwich for lunch and not at some fancy restaurant with yummy food...

iii. A job where, everyone just mind their own business n dont care about who dies and who lives.. as in birthdays and farewells.. Especially if that involves food and drinks..

iv. A job that is preferebly close to my gym... or one that forces you to go to one to meet your KPIs..

v. A job in the middle of nowhere, so you cant drop by any fast foods, or coffee shops or any of that sort during weird craving hours...

If there is such job, that fits into these criterias and pays me just enough to survive, I will take it.. wholeheartedly,  before I burst and explode!

Lilo! :p

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

For the past one week I've been dreading every phone call that comes from a new number..

One week passed, n I survived.. Just when I was slowly regaining my confidence thinking perhaps my parents only tried to threaten me, that text msg came by an hour ago..


I thought this whole thing gonna be some stupid joke that I'm gonna be laughing about n happily blog about..

But, no.. Somehow the joke isn't funny anymore..

I feel like I have become the "joke" here..

I wish I could laugh about it, but haven't been able to stop my tears since..

Just great! Life!


Monday, 20 September 2010

Boo boo ;)

I just realized, we made a boo boo in Penang..

The picture should speak for itself..

Lol! We are indeed scary!

Let's wash it off..

And now...

iLilo :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Oh Joy!

3rd day on my new job and I had a chat with one of the guys here who's been doing it for 2 years. He certainly didn't mince any words when it came to describing the job ...

crazy la * it's horrible * never ending * CRAZY * no proper support network * don't know what the management is doing * wait till you start .......



Monday, 13 September 2010


Picture trail of Penang!

The beautiful Penang bridge..

Our hotel, outside view..

The hotel interior..

The spooky rooms...

The beautiful Feringgi beach..

Our neighbor, HardRock!

Yummy food: Nasi Kandar

And yummy, kuey teow!

And yummy desserts :)

And more yummy dessert ;)

The Pg nightlife...

And the famous, Pinkscalers! ;)

By: iLilo


The beautiful sunset at my home away from home...


Saturday, 11 September 2010

New loser on board

When my father asks me what is my company name, I didnt bother answering him.. A simple question like that sounded so fishy to me!

1st thing that came to my mind was, they have found me a guy! And yes, I was absolutely right!!

So this time around, it's a "doctor mappilai".. Pppttttuuuuikkk :p

One more loser on the list.. But this time around I'm actually considering meeting this loser to see how big a fool he is!

Will sure keep posted how the interesting date goes ;)

iLilo :)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I, from the bottom of my heart, hate, hate and hate Public Display of Affection!! especially on Facebook...

It's like they desperately need the world to acknowledge their love for each other...

So there is this annoying couple on our facebooks... who must show everything they do to the world.. where they eat.. where they sleep, where they f*ck.. everything! Simply too much information..

But to be fair, they do entertain me from time to time... Like when I'm having a real bad day and desperately need a laugh, I know whose page I need to look for in my fb.. they never fail to amuse me... This is my findings today..

K: ur hand very long da
M: Bfwen: All the better sweetheart.. *wink wink*

K: ohw sexy laddu
M: Bfwen: all yours =)

K: mother and daughter... sweet!
M: Bfwen: mother, daughter & son-in-law also sweet!

K: nice dress lingg... ;)
M: tq lingg...

K: how do i like this pic?
M: Haha, no one can answer that but you bfwen..

K: hahaha!! I know what u're thinking
M: Hahahaha! My mouth sealed!

K: mantin swimming pool
M: We can go there again some day...

K: splendid pose!
M: Tired already bfwen ;) But still sempat pose..

Puking Lilo!

Monday, 6 September 2010


So I lied.. and paid the price :(

I needed to take Friday off from work due to some rescheduling in our Pg trip and of all days, that was a tough day to take off as I was supposed to deliver something important that day... But I really wanted to... So I lied...

I seriously gave it a lot of thought.. I didn't wanna say anything that would affect anyone.. I was very particular  about that.. Even consulted a few people on what would make a good lie...  I'm not a natural liar..

I should have just gone to clinic and fake an mc.. but no, I was stingy.. I didn't wanna waste my money... so I decided I wanted to take an emergency leave.. But I didn't wanna say anyone in my family were sick, I didn't wanna jinx them.. I didn't wanna use my car as a reason.. I had to drive to pg...

So the selfish me, of all lies, chose a life & death matter to lie about..  I said, someone died and I had to go for the funeral...

My tiny brain thought, that was very general.. I am not naming anyone, so that is fine.. no one was gonna die anyway just because I said that..

Little did I know...

So we left to Pg as planned, Friday morning.. Just when we landed on the Pg bridge, I received a call from my sobbing mom informing, my cousin passed away... The one in pg of all places... It was too much to be a coincidence...

So yeah, that ruined my vacation... mentally and emotionally... But I did have my share of fun "physically", will blog about that later..

But yeah, I cant get over this fact from my head.. its too much to be a coincidence.. but if it isn't a coincident, does that mean I have some kind of super power?

I do remember blaming myself 15 years ago, when I talked about my dad being admitted in a hospital and the next morning he was involved in a major accident and was hospitalised for a long time..

And I also still remember, how I wished for a blackout at the exam hall because I wasn't prepared and it really did happen... but to my unfortunate they didn't call the exam off but made us continue with poor lighting and everyone sweating... I'm sure my friends cursed me then...

So, as illogical as it sounds, is jinxing really true? or I am really a super hero?? hmm...

Wondering, Lilo!

p/s: shall I try telling my boss I want to resign because I won a lottery?

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Penang, here we come!

Guess what? Guess what??

We girls are going on a weekend trip to Penang! Yeeee haaaa!!

I am pretty sure we girls are gonna have an awesome possum time! Looking forward to this much needed break...

iLilo :)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

On why i am seriously thinking of quitting my job

10 things I hate about work
  1. I hate the long commute (distance is roughly 50kms one way)
  2. I hate the traffic (Im always late to work!)
  3. I hate some of the people in my organization
  4. I hate the fact im not good in the technology I support
  5. I hate the fact there is so much to do, and impossible deadlines
  6. I hate fearing that one of my team members will leave earlier than me
  7. I hate not having the drive (mojo) to come to work everyday
  8. I hate the freaking un-ergonomical chair that is causing me carpal tunnel syndrome and neck/shoulder pain!
  9. I hate the lack of direction the management has over the service I support
  10. Nemo on a good day
  11. I hate the variety of tasks i need to undertake and still be expected to complete them in shortest time. (some of the tasks bordering consulting/architectural expertise, WHICH btw, i am not trained for, nor have the luxury of time to research and come up with detailed plans! Heck, we have a so called 'architect' who does NOTHING technical and earns shite loads sitting in Europe)
Nemo on a bad day...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I would have thought that after being with N for 7 years, being married to him wouldn't be very different. But it is! Very different! And very nice.

I've actually started thinking about house buying and having a family. I guess most people would say it's what you're supposed to think of once you reach a certain age but I never thought I would be one of those people. When I see my friends' adorable babies I think to myself  'It would be really nice to have one of those one day - a mini me'. That thought only lasts until the babies start screaming their lungs out and start puking and pooping.

So anyway, it's not surprising that I've been on the look out for a job that doesn't require me to travel so extensively anymore. I've attended a couple of interviews but with disappointing results. Either the job sucks or the pay sucks. However, yesterday I got news that maybe..just maybe, I might be able to get an internal transfer.

So after months of agonizing and false hopes, is the wait finally going to end?


Monday, 23 August 2010

2010 Q3 Nemo Updates

Long time since i last blogged.

Some updates:

1. I am putting on weight :P
2. A friend of mine introduced me to his friend and we started hanging out.
It's been 4 months now...
  • We started off being able to chat long hours (either phone or chats)
  • Towards the end, it started to fizzle out for me as i was running out of topics/interest :(
  • He likes me and i like him
  • He likes me more than a friend and i err, don't see him as 'the one' yet.
  • He flirts and i don't flirt back (because i don't like building hopes or being one of those cheapo girls)
  • So i did what i best do.. I pulled back. Built up a wall.
  • He says he will wait. And i was glad. Thought his persistence will pay off some day and he will 'grow' on me.
  • But alas, last Friday he gave up.
  • Didn't feel good thinking i have hurt him even though i never wanted that nor gave him false hopes. If anything, i've been extremely direct with this fella (too direct to the point, i think i have hurt him a little..) :(
  • Last night he rang and said he wished he could turn back words. So he proposed we be friends again.
  • I gladly accepted
  • I am still wondering if what just happened on Friday was a 'break up' or ... since we were never in a relationship. Made that clear from the very beginning. I would call what we had as a 'casual dating' period. But still.. it never is easy...
3. My sister got married! Was a busy period but fun nevertheless. I had a hair malfunction (i chose the wrong style & make up) on one of the days. 
Kind of dreading the photos :P Ah well 

4. I bought a Coach bag ! :D

5. My big project for this year at work finally completed and paid off.

6. To celebrate that and the fact that 'new fella' called it quits, i decided to have a fringe again. What is it with women and changes and making statements? :)

7. I am now even more confused with what i want to do in life.
The choice of career? Should i stay with the current technology i support? Or should i stay in IT line or switch to another field altogether?

8. I need to start applying jobs

9. I want to take a break from work and finish up all the 'home' projects i've neglected.

That's about it all i guess.

Till the next time i'm inspired again to write,
Peace Out

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Love is..

So nemo asked me an interesting question today.. She asked if I think what I had with lolo as an epic love? (btw, lolo is my ex, I was lilo n he was lolo, pathetic I know, but anyway) my 1st response was, what's an epic love? :p she told me, it's the great one, that will never come by again..

Hmmm.. I didn't take too long to answer her, but now that I think about it, yeah, maybe it is true.. It was one that will never come by again.. It was a fantasy, it was so beautiful.. It was like living a sweet dream.. A dream that you sometimes wish will never end.. But you do wake up eventually, n realize that was just a dream, u smile n move on.. That's exactly how I feel..

He was everything a girl would ask for, like a character taken out from a beautiful love story.. He showed up at my door with beautiful roses.. He showered me with gifts.. He opened the car door each time.. Never let go my hand whenever we were out.. Loved Public display of affection.. never let me open my wallet.. massaged my feet when I'm tired, peeled my prawns, cut my meat.. Pulled my chair.. Did everything I said.. He even said I love you every single day..

No, I didn't make that up, he really did all of that..

Then came the distance.. Everything felt apart.. And I woke up!

So yeah, it's true, it was an epic love, one that will never come by again.. but nah, I have no regrets, I woke up, I smiled and I moved on..

I am now with whom is known as "the great one".. He's probably the total opposite of lolo in every possible way..

He doesn't say I love you everyday, he doesn't shower me with gifts nor show up with roses, he hates holding hands, he makes me cry every other day..

But I am now more in love than I could ever be.. What I have now is real! As real as it could ever get.. Simply because he loves me his own way..

We talk, we share, we care, we do everything in our own way.. Nothing that you can find in novels, nothing of those u find in movies..

We are few mins drive away, but we don't meet everyday.. We r just one call away, but we don't talk every day.. He lives his life his way and I live mine my own way..

But somehow I love this bond, I love this commitment, I love this trust..

This is what I call love, because it's so real...

iLilo :)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Loving my new toy!

I just upgraded my phone to os4, n I must say, I'm totally impressed n satisfied! I dunno why were a lot of ppl talking bad about it..

N I've also just got myself an app to blog from my phone.. Since I can never find time at work to write, so hopefully I'll be updating/whining more often now ;)

I've been totally hooked on to the phone, since the day I bought it.. No regrets so far, hopefully it remains that way.. Cheers!

iLilo :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

all i want...

all I want and all I need, at this particular moment of my life is...

the most finest....

the most funniest....

the most sandiest....

and life will be a bliss!
Wishing upon the stars, Lilo!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Today my baby brother (he's got a week more till he turns 21;P) flew an Airbus 320 for the first time! ;)

I'm so proud of him!


Friday, 6 August 2010


One colleague of mine, has this habit of checking other colleagues emails (the ones that she hates).. as much as I hate them too, I just think checking others' emails are so wrong... and I kept telling her not to do it, or dont forward to me, but she just dont get it!

me: please stop sending me, I dun wanna know bout their sicky and sucky life...

her: OK. I get what you mean. Aren’t you curious about the juiciness of their stinking mindset, especially X?

me: Nope, not at all ;) Even if curious also, checking other people’s mail is very wrong la… It’s really like stooping to their level.

her: You’re so good at psychology :) kudos to you! I will still check and continue to check. I know I am of different level with them, regardless what you think about me.

me: I am no judge of anyone la… and no saint :p but its just I believe, I wouldn’t do anything that I wouldn’t want others to do to me.. That’s all! :)

her: That’s true. So I guess I just have to expect someone else to read my mails next time! :)

wtf?? she still didnt get it right??


Friday, 30 July 2010

Men #15

I have recently had some health complications and yesterday I decided to get my self checked... After seeing 2 doctors, long hours of discussing and diagnosing, the doctor prescribed me a medicine..

He said, all you need to take is "ANTI-MALE hormones"... hahaha.. no joke, serious... I burst out laughing when he said that....

looks like the male species will never leave me alone... they are torturing me mentally n psychically!

Now it also makes senses why I hate MEN so much ;)

- Lilo

Monday, 26 July 2010


The luscious lips ..

The C-cup boobs..

The manicured nails..

Hips swaying invitingly...

Many guys in my office thought she's smoking hot...until they heard...

His drag queen voice...



Time after time, I am amazed by shallowness of some people.. who most of the time tend to talk as if they know/rule the world..

So I had this interesting or rather lame conversation over lunch with my colleague..

A: What did you do over the weekend?

Me: Oh, I attended an MBA preview last saturday.. So I am thi.. (cut me off)

A: MBA? what's MBA?

Me: hmmm, it's a Masters degree/course..

A: you mean you want to study masters??

Me: err, yes??

A: then what is, you were saying just now?

Me: I said, MBA! It stands for Masters of Business Administration

A: (still with a very blur face) what do you to need to do with that??

Me: errrrr, study?????

A: u mean, u ha.. (cut her off)

Me: hey look, there's somethin on your shirt!!

Thank god, it ended there!! God bless my patience!

On a different note, yes, I am considering MBA.. really undecided now.... i would need monetary support... not sure if I would be able to manage it..

and Dubai seem to be calling with good money...

sigh, when they come, they all come together :p


Friday, 23 July 2010

Men #15

Men are so entertaining! Seriously... Check out this conversation between me and some random dude on fb..

He: hi how are u .. how is ur life all going .. iam new in fb just check it out. if u dont mind can i be ur friend

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: hi yyy dowant add me as ur friend ,, wat i did

Me: Simply because u r not my friend, and I don't want a new friend. (Ignore Request)

He: yyy u like this fb is to share friend not like this yar we just try lah and see ok

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: yyy dint reply me .. are u so busy.. anywhere where u working yar.. and as wat ... are u married.. ?

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: yyy lah u still ignore me .. wat i did to u lah just want to be ur friend cannot yar? ist ur husband or bf scold u that iam add normal plz i just want to be ur friend that all.. isr wrong i add u ..

Me: im not interested in becoming your friend, stop it pls, tq! (Ignore Request)

He: yyy u say like that.plz ok

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: yyy still ignore me ...yyy ur boyfriend not alot to add new friend isit ..yyy u so rude like this ...

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: heloo yyy u so rude ...still ignore me

yet, he requested again!! aaarghh....

Never knew men can be so persistent... Impressed! :) but got to say, this guy is so hilarious, he made me laugh each time i received his msg...


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Men #14

Him: Hey, I've been thinking of something for the past few days...

Me: What is it dear?

Him: I wanna get a Ferrari!

Me: What? Wow! Why??

Him: I really love the car la.. It's been my dream.. It would make me the happiest person in the world u know!

Me: Wow, ok! Go for it then.. Plan things out, I'm sure you'll be able to buy it one day..(note:one day!)

Him: Really? U think so?

Me: Yeah, y not? Im sure u can..

Him: Yay! You r d best! I told my friends n they all think it's impossible..

Me: *blush* stupid la ur frens, of cos u can honey..

Him: Great! We shall get married after I buy the car then...

Me: *slaps forehead* + *faint*


Saturday, 17 July 2010

Back! At long last

Manila, the longest I've stayed in a country. 3 freakin' months! Of course, I stayed as an expat with all the thrills and frills, so no complaints there.

The Philippines, to me, was a contradiction of deep religious conviction and the despair of poverty. The red light district, a stone's throw away from my fancy little world where rich little missies push their dogs in prams - both dressed to the nines, is named P. Burgos Street. The P stands for Padre which translates to Priest. On that street where there is no shortage of girls to satisfy a man's lust, is a church. (I never managed to find out if this Padre belonged to that church.) Anyway, opposite that church, is a big garbage bin. At that garbage bin, lives a family of 5.

To me, in that 5km radius, the vicious reality of life has never been so apparent. If you are lucky enough to be born in the privileged part of the city, you get to sit at Starbucks, cigarette in hand, after a relaxing day of shopping at AX and Salvatore Ferragamo. If you're not so lucky, you have to make a living for yourself and unfortunately, some women have no choice but to sell their bodies. Otherwise, they end up making a garbage bin their home.

It's a sobering thought to think how differently my life could have turned out, if I wasn't born into the family I have now.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


I miss this blog... Just havent had anytime to sit and write somethin...

Anyway, I'm looking for a name.. I got to name a baby company very soon, but I totally have no clue...

Any ideas, anyone? Doesnt have to mean anything.. Just something short, sweet & catchy will do..

Sharing is caring! so please help, thanks!


Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Good to be back..

I am back from Hanoi :)

I guess the best thing about going for a vacation, more than the vacation itself, is how it makes the crises at work seem so much bearable..

Even when I have got a consultant who's supposed to deliver a huge project having an heart attack n is admitted in some icu in France... somehow I just think, nah, he wont die on me.. he'll be back to work next week..

When I have to face an angry client jumping up n down demanding the world, especially on my 1st day back at work, I just look at her, smile, n think of deep blue ocean n smile again..

so yeah, my holiday was good like that!

Lilo :D

Thursday, 24 June 2010

the story of my birthday...

So i turned 27 on Monday...without much fanfare i might add.
I secretly used to look forward for my birthday every year except last year and this year.. I guess nearing 30 is no fun at all :P
Not with the big M being cropped up in conversations/warnings/death threats (kidding) every now and then.
Not with the new lines/wrinkles you spot and freak out upon.
Not with the growing number of grey/white hair making cameo appearance.

Nope, not fun at all :)

Anyway, on my birthday eve, all i wanted to do was sleep in early as i'm getting older and can't quite stay up like i used to.. no wait.. i never was the kind to be able to stay up even from uni days.. tehe

But this guy who recently i met 2 months ago, insisted i keep talking to him till midnite (i guess he really wanted to be the first to wish me and all) :P by 11.20pm, i called it quits and said "i really, really need to catch some sleep". I did feel bad for the poor fella but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to keep dark circles at bay. (kidding)

Woke up Monday morning to prepare for the all dreaded Monday blues, when my mum barged in the room to announce someone close to us passing away.. Major blow.. Shaken i was and sad too. Went to the bathroom and kept crying.

Till today, i can't quite believe the person is really gone... :(
So the rest of the day was a daze of activities surrounding the funeral etc. Took emergency leave but did some office work from home and by 9pm on my birthday night, i decided to go to bed.

And then i got frantic office calls and turns out my service went down.
Forced myself to log on and did firefighting till 1 am. And i remember looking at the clock when it was crossing 12 am mark and saying "so much for birthday.. will never forget what turning 27 is like :P".

Heading back to office the next day, a few colleagues wished me. I felt odd somewhat. Still in mourning i didn't even login to my Facebook account to check on the messages.

Yesterday, i finally logged in and saw all the wallposts. 3 pages long. It's the greetings from those far away that really touched my heart. I must say it did brighten up my mood a bit.
And then a colleague treated me for lunch for my birthday.

Last night i finally went out with this guy (lets call him Shortie) as i have stood him up a couple of times. I was surprised he gave me a gift all neatly wrapped up. It wasn't a cheap/funny gift either. Hmmm...

short detour here: when a guy who is a FRIEND (strictly) gives you a gift even though i didn't for his birthday, what does that mean? :P But let's discuss that some other day. Men, i don't quite get them either.

Anyhow, so that is my story on turning 27...


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Pink Day?

Did you all know that its International Pink Day today? Like wtf for right?? So I just thought I should write a blog today as one of the Pink Scalers.. No, not to celebrate, but seriously why does one need a Pink Day?? why not a black day or a purple day?? What's with people and PINK?? Even a colour can be so overrated these days.... sigh...

Anyway, on a totally different note.. I'm leaving to Hanoi tonight :) finally its happening.. after having to cancel my last planned trip... Hoping it would be a good one...

wish me luck, cheers! Lilo :)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Men #13

Sometimes I do wonder if I'm being too harsh on the whole "men" thingy.. But somehow they always end up comforting me that I am not wrong..

so recently, I got my tooth extracted n all... n today is the 5th day, and I still havent been able to eat any good food.. I'm mostly on liquids and semi solids makes me puke.. Im dying for hardcore food!! But somehow, no'body' gets my pain.. (body=men)

Theres this saying in Grey's by Meredith n Christina, "your heart lies in your vagina".. they always say this to Lexie, who deperately needs sex to help keep her going, when she's up n down n for evtg... And for me I've realised that "my heart is actually in my mouth"! I need to eat and talk constantly.. without these I become a very boring, dull n grumpy Lilo...

anyway, back to men, from just looking at how all the men (that matters to me) have been behaving or reacting to me recently, I am not surprised but amazed..

Below are some sample conversations I have had recently:

1. The love of my life
me: the surgery just finished, oh my, it was the freakiest thing ever...
he: did u get mc for today?
me: yes
he: are u ok? go back n rest well! take care Great, come join me for lunch, my frens went missing, I'm bored..
me: fu, fu, fu!

2. The guy who swears by the god that I am the love of his life
(phone call)
he: I called you on monday, there was no answer..
me: yeah, i know.. I couldnt talk..
he: why, what happened?
me: tells the story (refer to my last blog entry)
he: oh ok.. but, why do you sound so sick then?
me: fu, fu, fu!

3. A recent close friend, who's trying very hard to please me to get me..
he: hey sweetheart, saw ur status, what happened?
me: tells the story (refer to my last blog entry)
he: hahahaha, been there and done that! catch u soon babe, bye!
me: fu, fu, fu!

4. My father (see, I am really being fair)
(living room)
he: what happened?
mom: tells the story (refer to my last blog entry)
he: (looks at me) didnt you bother asking how much it would cost before you go and do soemthing like that???
me: continues staring at the tv...

5. My only male best friend
he: how have u been? havent heard from you in a while
me: (lazy to explain) I havent been well, thats why..
he: why la? whats wrong with you?
me: sigh.. tells the story (refer to my last blog entry)
he: oh ok.. thought u said u not feeling well?
me: wtf?? what did I just tell u??
he: u having a bad day, eh??
me: fu, fu, fu! yes, gud nite!
he: so rude!
me: speechless...

I rest my case.. everything else is self explanatory..


p/s: I must acknowledge, only my 'ash dahling', have been sweet to me through these days.. the one man, that I havent met.. mwah! :)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Always single, happy that way: 'Shut up about it!'


NEW YORK: Not all older single ladies want a ring on it, and they have a message for relatives, co-workers, neighbors, friends, acquaintances and life's random buttinskys who think they need one: Shut up already!

They have other messages: We are not all sad. We are not all divorced, unlucky in love or unlovable. We are not all gay (and even if we were, have we not evolved as a culture, even just a little, to stop making that assumption? Don't answer that.)

Singledom and a massive case of "singlism" are red hot right now as short hair, softball and being single at 50 swirl around Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, and Samantha Jones cracks menopause jokes at 54 as she romps in the desert with her three fab friends in "Sex and the City 2."

For women, say 45 and up, who are living single and always have, it is a chronically sizzling subject as they face down the seemingly unstoppable tangle of stereotypes that has plagued them forEVER: Old Maid. Desperate. Quirky. Cougar. Incapable of committing. Workaholic. Bitter. Damaged goods.

"There always has to be something wrong," said Rose Clayton, 48, who works in the tasting room of a winery in Alexandria, Virginia, and always has been single. "It's always, ohhh, what's wrong? I always go, 'With me you mean? Or other people?"'

Imagine being happy and nobody believes you, she said. "I have plenty of friends, family. I go out and do things. I travel, go to dinner and parties, socialize."

Social psychologist Bella DePaulo is 56 and happily an always-single near Santa Barbara, California. She has been trying to turn off the stereotypes and end the stigma, first through a book, "Singled Out," and now a blog called Living Single for

Older, single women often are painted as what DePaulo called "quirkyalones" when really they're "singles at heart" and wouldn't have it any other way. Even more important, perhaps, she asks why we're still desperately trying to suck them into the "Matrimania" vortex?

"The single at heart are not looking for long-term coupling, whereas quirkyalones still romanticise the quest for The One, and that makes the quirkyalone less threatening, easier to understand," DePaulo said.

Over-the-top hyping of marriage and coupling, including "wedding porn" that includes TV ads selling everything from muffins to motor oil, was not necessary back when everybody got married, when they divorced less and when women had little opportunity for financial security or having children outside of marriage.

In 1970, 28% of the U.S. population was divorced, widowed or never married.

By 2008, it was 45.2%, with single women 45 and older 27 million strong across those categories.
According to a 2009 census report, 11.5% of women between the ages of 45 and 49 had never been married, up from 10.7% in 2005. For women 50 to 54, it was 10%, compared with 8.7% four years earlier.

Negative assumptions about living single and older do not pack the wallop of other "isms," like racism, DePaulo said. "There's no consciousness raising. The stereotypes are so rarely challenged."

Betsy Robinson, 59, is madly in love with the single life she's always had.

"I remember really lighting into my grandmother when I was in my 20s for referring to a time when I was going to get married," said the writer in New York City.
"I told her never, and I think she went into shock. She was the sweetest person in the world, and I got really mad at her."

Not so much has changed in nearly four decades, said Robinson, who has been following media coverage and commentary on Kagan's single status and coded speculation about her sexual orientation.

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (the one who resigned over hiring a high-priced hooker) is Kagan's friend from Princeton University. He went so far as to tell Politico, a Washington insider political newspaper: "I did not go out with her, but other guys did."

Living happily single without hunting for a mate, or living happily single while dating, especially outside one's age range, the stereotypes never end.

Take the cougar craze. Kim Cattrall, Samantha in the Sex and the City movies, recently questioned the term, for herself and her character in the movies.

"I think cougar has a negative connotation," she told Extra, a show biz television show.

"I was asked recently by a significant magazine for women over 40 to pose with a cougar, and I refused to do it because I felt it was insulting. They took away the cover because I refused to do so."

DePaulo said friends, family, colleagues and the world at large sometimes can more easily get their minds around an older single woman interested in younger men, or any man, than a woman who makes it clear she is not and really likes her life without that goal in mind.

"I think there's really a belief that if you get married you are actually a better person than a single person," she said.

Like Cattrall's Samantha, 45-year-old Lori Goodwine in Las Vegas, Nevada, has her own public relations firm.

She loves how her life is "really focused on me," but falls somewhere in the middle on the issue of a long-term relationship.

Ideally, she said, she would love to have "a great guy around," so long as he does not live with her.

"If I hear one more time, 'You're not married? You don't have a kid? Are you gay?' I'm going to scream," she said.

"My life is pretty fabulous, a 'Sex and the City' story with the occasional pair of $500 shoes that I get on sale. I feel great about my life."

Copy n pasted by Lilo - I'm not alone!!!!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Less wiser...

So hear me now! I got my wisdom tooth extracted!!! not one, but TWO freaking tooth! (or teeth or whatever, I'm in too much pain to be bothered about the grammar)

My upper one, which had no problem at all, which was super strong n steady, was forcefully pulled out!! The dentist (whom I hate like forever n ever, not her in particular, but I just hate any dentist for that matter) actually used a freaking PLAYAR to pull it out!! maybe its the norm, but it's my first time ok!!! and of course it didn't help that, i was holding on to the chair tight n the dentist had to shout at me to stop retaliating :p like whatever... You take a piece/flesh/tooth out of me, n I'm suppose to sit there n smile? GO TO HELL!

My lower one, the problematic one, had to be removed surgically.. which also meant, the dentist actually used a electric saw to cut few bones around the tooth, or at least that's what I understood... n this took even longer, but somehow, according to the doctor, I was more calmed... Yeah, like it matters anymore... and after screwing, and drilling and whatever not, the tooth, my wisdom tooth, finally came off... in a pool of blood...

sigh... does that make me less wiser now? I dunno... but it better fucking stop hurting!! I cant deal with this pain anymore...

And I actually had to be stitched up.. i dunno how does anyone stitches your teeth gums, but here I am, with few stitches, some threads and cotton inside my mouth... n of course, it taste like shit!!

besides the never ending instructions on how I need to take care of my teeth now, I also have a bill now that says RM750!!! no, your eyes are not wrong.. u read right.. it was freaking that much!! all for somone to pluck my own bloody teeth out n give it back to me... (I'm still wondering why on earth the nurse wrapped my two teeth and gave it back to me?)

So I'm at home now, instructed not to sleep (supposedly I need to be conscious to monitor my bleeding, oh yeah, that is on going like period :p) haven't got over the trauma... it was the scariest shit ever.. my hands were shaking even before the whole thing started.. I couldn't even send a text to my bf.. who is laughing at me now, of course!!

in pain n agony,

Monday, 31 May 2010

Men #12

I think sometime back I wrote about, how one of my favorite blogger got proposed and I am all so happy n hyped up for her.. (or maybe I planned to write n didn't, but nway, yeah the point is, I was so happy n excited for her).. it was such a sweet proposal in bed and he even bought a her huge rock n they fixed dates for the wedding..

n today, just 2-3 months down the road, she writes again about how the idiot is now "thinking" n he doesnt know if "marriage" is his thing.. like wtf rite??? wedding is not what he meant, as I have she has offered to delay the wedding as long as he wants..

like seriously, wats wrong with guys these days?? marriage seem to be an easy excuse to run away from responsbilities.. Its not like I am we gals are dying to get married.. hell, i hate it too, hate weddings and marriages with all my heart... but if u gotta do it, u just gotta do it la ok? just like working.. i hate my job.. so do u.. but tat doesnt stop us from working rite?? well, if ur excuse is, at least u r getting paid for that, then tat makes u a whore! *period*


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My new toy..

As "jakun" as it may sound, I have an iPhone now :)

woohoooo... gave myself a treat for going thru sucky days at work.. (well, u always need a reason :p) bought it on my credit card though!! *slaps forehead*

but nway, i adore, adore the phone... feels like life/internet is made so much simpler now and it gives u only what u need.... screw the 101 things u see on a web page..

Well, I've always been a gadget fan.. always luv spending time with my phone n computer.. n now i am addicted again :)

Not "Sent from my iPhone" - that's a tacky mail signature! :p

Monday, 17 May 2010

Seriously, when is the crisis going to end??
Am I not a few years past my quarter life crisis period?
What's going on than?
Post quarter life crisis?
I just feel like having a good cry but haven't I cried and raged enough?
I've only ever wanted one thing my whole entire life,
But maybe I've been asking for too much.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Love me? Like me?

The word love is so overrated these days...

"But loving someone's not the same as liking them, is it? It's not the same as just accepting them for what they are. Love's all right, I guess. I don't know too much about all that. I'll settle for just being liked." - Tony Parson

- Lilo

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

one of my colleague said,
"if u need to start a petition for u to finally take a day off from work, pls let me know.. I'll sign for u!"

Sweet, na? :)

Lilo- still surviving cos of ppl lk this who make my day everyday..

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

10 Things I like about Malaysia

1. Our food (No people, it's so not overrated!)
2. Shopping (Most major brands are in KL)
3. It's very green (Rain forests and Municipal Councils who try to plant trees everywhere)
4. The weather's predictably unpredictable (rain and shine but you never know when!)
5. Amazing islands (I think we can rival the Caribbeans any day)
6. Traffic jams are mostly during peak hours (as compared to the 24/7 jams in Jakarta and Bangkok)
7. We're multilingual (I know 3 and that's considered average)
8. AirAsia (They changed the airline industry in Asia forever!)
9. Ending most sentences with "lah" (There's no better feeling than to speak 'lah' with a fellow Malaysian in a foreign country)
10. Relatively safe ("What??" you say. Well, at least we don't have to worry about car bombs exploding in KLCC and earthquakes splitting the North-South Highway in two)


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So my dad is "less" computer savvy... he called me up earlier,

he: ma, what is the thing u call to save stuff from ur pc?

me: err, diskette is it?(thinkin old-school)

he: no, no... that long thing, with the pin...

me: ooh, thumbdrive u mean?

he: yes, yes... bring that one back home..

me: err, it isnt lying around in my office, i wud have to buy it..

he: ok then, get me a few later, i got a few stuff to save...

me: faint!!



Lot of people ask me, why do I seem to against it? And my smart-ass answer to them each time is, simply because I have not met any couple that say they are so happy because they got married... or He/She is happier than when He/She was single...

So anyway, my dad went on a 2 weeks trip to India.. and for the last 2 weeks I practically had to babysit my mom everyday.. n towards the end of the trip I started to realise how my mom feels so lost without my dad... I was thinking she has been so reliant on him that he cant live on her own.. She have been counting days for my dad to return..

and Dad returned yesterday morning... when I went back home after work yesterday, I really saw the glow on my mom's face.. she was so super happy n was on top of the world.. something i never seen before all my life...

so last night when i to sleep, i told myself, i have been looking for an answer (to my above question) all my life without realising the answer has been in front of my eyes all these years... i decided they were indeed the one couple i'm looking for.... went to sleep feeling amazed...

woke up this morning, came downstairs n saw my mom sitting with a red face n tensed look.. i eyed her what's up, n she went on with her rambles... "do u know ur father is so crazy... he drives me up the wall sometimes... this morning itself he made me so mad and i'm so angry now... i had to do this n that n miss my jogging because of him... bla bla n bla bla..... "

haha, need i say more? i went to work with a huge grin on face, looks like my search is still on ;)


Friday, 30 April 2010


I don't know if my company's corporate social responsibilty is to hire all the phsychos in the world.. I really wonder sometime how is that they are able to attract all the phschos in so many shapes... even after 3 rounds of interviews, I tend to end up working with one of that kind...

I don't even wanna get started on the all the psychos I have worked with... but there is this new girl now who just joined few days ago... looked totally saint although I maintained my distance...

So last night, while I was driving back.. i received a text from her..

"Txxx honey, you are so good to me.. I love you!"

period. i have nothing else to say.


Thursday, 22 April 2010


this guy, that i wrote about some time back, the one that wouldnt get it...

he send me a msg on IM yest, but i didnt have time to reply.. so today, i said..

me: hi.. sorry missed u yest..
Sent at 1:54 PM on Thursday u misss sweet.. dont have to be sorry abt it...i feel the same way
Sent at 2:29 PM on Thursday

me: lol..

Lilo - Speechless!


They said my Philippine experience wouldn't be complete without Balot.
The instructions were simple.
Peel it and pop it.

Step 1: Peel the Balot

Step 2: Pop the Balot into the mouth

But I would have to be unconscious or deranged to put that --thing! into my mouth!


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gone nuts!

you know your work is driving you crazy, you know you are half nuts,

when your colleague tells you a really funny joke, you look at him/her with a straight face and literally say the word "lol" and you continue working..

sigh... that is me.. yes.. lilo...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Blonde moment..

Situation: my bf went to check out something in an auto part store while I chose to wait in the car.. I was sitting there watching cars on the road when I saw my bf running out of the shop with a huge smile on his face.. thinkin he won a jackpot or something, i looked up n asked

me: what???

he: did u see THE car pass by just now??

me: eeerr, what car???

he: it was a LAMBORGHINI!! it just passed by...

me: SO?? Ohh....

he: Don't tell me u didn't see the car... it just passed by in front of your eyes...

me: eerr, no la.. i didn't realize... why? was it nice??

he: helloooooo.... its a LAMBORGHINI!!!

me: err, are all lambors suppose to be nice??

he: u know what, this is the point I end the conversation.

runs back into the shop, leaving me all speechless :)

Confession: did feel a bit blonde there for a moment, but wth, it seriously isnt my fault :)

- Lilo

Friday, 16 April 2010

Career path..

People keep saying, in order to have a career that you would enjoy, you must first identify what your interest and build up a career based on your interest..

I have had lot of people who have questioned me whether I like this, I like that etc whenever I complain about my current job.... Well, I have never been able to answer that question...

after giving it a lot of thought.. years n years of thinking... I now have decided... I know what I want to be.....

I want to be an ambulance driver!! yay!! yes, that's exactly what I want to be....

No, no.. I don't like saving people's life.. don't get me wrong... I just like driving really really fast and I would even more love it, if I can do that in a hectic traffic jam when everyone would squeeze out to give me way... wow... wud absolutely lurveee that....

So yes, thats what I wanna be... I wonder how much they pay an ambulance driver these days....

gone kuku due to mental and physical torture at work

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


How do you tell a guy that he is such a big turn-off?

So there's this one guy.. He's very nice, sweet and all.. also good looking... I dunno if he likes me or wat (that's something im still trying to decipher) but anyway, recently he is alot into wanting to talk/sms/chat/meet up etc...

nway, the thing is, even tough he easily fits into all i need in a guy criteria, but the fact that, each time we have a conversation, he ends it with these real "caring" tacky one liners that are a big turn off for me!


Promise me that you will take care of yourself, ok?

make sure you get some rest, k?

Please go and eat, you are working late.

You must drive safely k?

Text me once you reach home safely k?

You go and sleep now, make sure you sleep tight..

and all I wish to reply him each and every time is....

fuck u la!

and because of these silly lines, I never want to speak to him again... aarghh...


Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I had a horrifying, freaking, fucking atrocious dream last night... of all things on earth, of all things that I wish to dream of sometimes, of all things, why god? why??

So i dreamt of giving birth! fucking hell, yeah I did! to make the dream even worse, it was a baby boy!!!! fuck!!

it was a long, detailed dream that I really really hate... it freaked me out big time.. eventough I know that the dream actually originated from the movie I watched last nite, but still??

I woke up the moment I saw the freakin baby's face and the moment I knew it was a boy.. went to the loo, washed face etc and continued sleeping..

and the freaky freaky dream continued!!! only it decided to rewind back to the moment I was pregnant and was in hospital about to deliver!! freaking shit!!! i totally forced myself to wake up and never slept back!

damn it!


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Men #10 (i think, lost count..)

Yesterday while I was having dinner in front of tv, my mom in a cheerleader tone, happily announced to me "hey, guess what? your good times have come!"

Choking on the food a little, and smelling something fishy, I didn't bother looking up or asking what in the world that suppose to mean...

But of course, she being my mom, didn't get it!! So she went on with her story... "you know, since last week, one by one proposal keep coming!"

taa daaaa... so the game or war is back on now...

but as usual, i didn't react or retaliate! i did what do I best, ignored and pretended like I am deaf and dumb..

but i know, the bomb is waiting to explode... the clock is ticking.. and its fucking annoying...

and I blame fucking BONELESS, BRAINLESS & IDIOT men for all this!!! why cant they fucking find their own girl and get married to??? why the fuck, someone from the great men species would let their mommys find them a girl?? are they born without balls or what???

Go find your own fucking girl or go fucking die! period!


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Despite having a sucky day at work, this one woman I spoke to earlier, managed to crack me up!

So this person I wanted to speak to wasn't around and the secretary wanted me to leave a message.

(in a stuttering tone)
Her : You name?

Me : Lilo

Her : Can I get number phone you?

(that's when I went blur!)

Me: Sorry?

(adjusted her voice, very slowly repeated)
Her: Can... I... Get... Number phone... you???

freaking god! thats when I did the malay translation in my head, "Nombor Telefon kamu?"

hahahaha, whoever u r, thank you for makin me laugh today! :)


Monday, 29 March 2010

On shaky ground

I always thought this would happen to me while I was in Jakarta. But I guess, when you least expect it, surprising things happen!

I experienced my first earthquake in Manila last week. It was not a puny one either. It was a hefty 6.2 on the Richter's Scale.

Whenever I asked people what an earthquake felt like, they'd always say they felt giddy. I didn't really understand until I experienced it myself. It was all over in less than 10 seconds but every second is crystallised in my memory - maybe because I was absolutely calm through it all and I thought it was almost funny! Let me start from when I got back to my desk on the 7th floor of my 22 storey office building after lunch.

Suddenly feeling giddy!

Me thinking to myself: Whhoooaaa!! What did I have for lunch? ~~giddy!!~~ Please don't embarrass yourself by fainting in the office!

Than I realise that I'm shaking, the chair I'm sitting on is shaking ... I turn to the Swedish guy beside me.

Me: Is it an earthquake?

Swedish guy: I think it is! (looking wide-eyed and laughing)

Me: Really??
A random Philippino in the office: Look, the blinds are swaying!

Me: So do we go downstairs?

Swedish guy: Yeah I think so.

Other Philippinos are already leaving the office. By this time the shaking had stopped.

So I get up to leave the office and see my friend from Malaysia returning from the Gents.

Fellow Malaysian: Where's everyone going?

Me: Earthquake la...we have to evacuate the office.
Fellow Malaysian: Earthquake meh? What earthquake?

Me: You didn't feel it??
Fellow Malaysian: No la...where got?
Me: Never mind.. we all have to evacuate - safety procedures.

We walked down the 7 flights of stairs and spent about an hour outside the office building, drinking Coke and making friends with other locals who told us that they hadn't had an earthquake this big in sometime. A group of men smoking opposite our office building told us they saw the building swaying slightly during the earthquake.

Finally after the security team deemed the office building safe, they allowed us to go back inside.

The next day...

I sat on my chair at my desk and it rocked a little to the side..

Me: Oh fuck! Earthquake!

... than I remembered my chair had uneven wheels at the bottom.

It obviously took sometime for the reality of the earthquake to sink in!