Monday, 28 February 2011

Day #3 Shenzhen - Indians!

I don’t mean to be racist here… But I really think Indians are like cockroaches... they seem to be everywhere and you can never get rid of them… the last place I expected to see lots of them is in China... but here they are… lots and lots of them.. In my last job, I look for speakers from all over the world and I tell my people don’t bother calling India… At the end of the day, the panel of international speakers list will be all Indian names... It’s like you really can’t run away from them... And yes, I am proud that they seem to be taking over the world in all fields of work… But I can’t help myself but to be annoyed as soon as they start talking…

Some “Indian moments” in China..

#1 So this one Indian guy comes to me at the HK airport and asks if I am an Indian, and I say “No, I am a Malaysian”… and he gives me this very disgusted you-are-such-a-betrayer look and walks off….

#2 And then there was this another Indian guy comes to ask me for directions:

He: Hi, are you Indian?

Me: Err, no, I am Malaysian..

He: (shakes his head and says) but its ok, can you tell me how do I get to the city?

Me: What does he mean by IT’S OK!!! Grrrr….

#3 I am waiting for a bus and this guy approaches me.. Being very careful with what I say..

He: Hi, what time does the bus come?

Me: should be reaching soon

He: Btw, where are you from?

Me: Malaysia

He: but you are an Indian, no?

Me: Yes, I am a Malaysian Indian..

He: aahh, no wonder… u look Indian… So, which part of India you are from?

Me: Grrr… I am from Malaysia..

He: You were raised there?

Me: I was born there!!! And I turn away….

#4 conversation between 2 Indians sitting in front me in a bus..

Guy 1: So where did you have lunch and dinner yesterday?

Guy 2: (with a very annoying accent) Lunch I ate here only... Dinner I ate there only….

Me: WTF??? *faint*


Sunday, 27 February 2011

Day #2 - Shenzhen

Today is my day 2 in Shenzhen. So glad I managed to be back on facebook and blog... Life is definitely not the same without it... Its funny how I frantically searched for internet when I reached here yesterday just to feel home, or maybe i'm not so lonely anymore feeling :p I almost kissed the ground when I was back on google... and today i feel complete that I have found some backdoor for facebook and blogs :)

Anyway, back to Shenzhen.. I arrived here yesterday evening.. Trip from Hong Kong to Shenzhen on the road wasn't so great.. The fact that I traveled alone with 7 chinese men on a mpv, who had no clue of an english word, amazes me.. thank the mighty lord, I survived..

The place is okay.. I have got a nice looking room... still trying to get used to the 'open' bathroom :p yeah, I am jakun like that... but I really don't see whats the point of the concept.. its not like there's no space as the room is huge.. and thank god I'm alone here.. I think seeing your partner shitting is oh-so-not-romantic! :p

there isn't a mini bar/refrigerator in the room.. but guess what? they have got a range of condoms on display for sale in the room.. hahaha...

anyway, I did some walking around the town today.. went to the training centre/university and really liked it! The whole campus is so beautiful and was glad to see many foreigners around.. I so feel like I am back in uni with so much to study.. gotta kickass tomorrow!

till then,

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Another birthday already?!!

February, why does thou finishth so fast?


Wishing to be forever 25,

Men #17

I read this on someones tweet today..

RT "Dear girls, If a guy pauses his video game just to text you back, Marry him. Since such a guy doesnt exist lets be single :p

lol.. So true :)

i always go, "hello, u there? No reply??"

N I get a reply after ages, "was playing game" :p


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Blind date..

Seriously.. Never once I thought I will actually drive for 2 hours through a massive traffic jam for a blind date!!! Fark!!

Whoever you are, I already hate you!


Fawkward !!!!

.. is when a nice colleague at your office (a senior one and a nice one at that) suggests to set you up with his friend.
(this just happened like 40 minutes ago)

.. is when the person he tries to set you up with has been on similiar dates with your elder sibling and your sibling rejected!! (fawkwarddddddd......)

.. is when the person he tries to set you up with has been asked by your parents to be RE-Considered by the sibling (refer above) after sibling marriage broke off. (fawkwarddddd!!fawkwarddddd!!fawkwarddddd!!)

.. is when you cant tell the colleague anymore that you are with someone coz you just 'broke up' 2 weeks ago... damn that was a convenient excuse :(

.. is when you need to go on blind dates set up by parents/relatives because heaven forbid, you are still single! (well this was 2 years ago.. but still)

This surely sucks!


Monday, 21 February 2011

Yay, Me!

It took N to say "Your hair is so messy! When was the last time you had a haircut?" to snap me out this stoned state of mind that I've had for the last 3 months. For a few minutes I couldn't recall when I last cut my hair. I had to dig deep into my memory, way back to August 2010!

I've been so wrapped up with work and my first experience working in pre-sales that I realised that even way back than a hair cut was my facial and mani/pedi!

Things cannot continue this way!

So I went for a hair wash, cut and blow. Feeling refreshed with a lighter head (literally!), I went for my mani/pedi. Almost 2 hours of bliss, reading a good book and sipping Starbucks Java Chip (with whipped cream!) while the skilled manicurist worked on my abused and abandoned nails.

But I wasn't done yet. I had to make up for 3 months of neglecting myself! So next was lingerie shopping with lilo!


I thought I was done after that La Senza shopping spree 'cause I was already feeling pretty happy but yesterday my mother asked me to bring her to Thai Odyssey. She twisted her arm somehow and wanted a massage. And I thought - hey, why not I get a massage together with her as well! So I did.

So who says money can't buy happiness? I certainly bought mine over the weekend.


Friday, 18 February 2011

Life is so exciting and excruciating at the same time..

I don't know if the silence between us is gonna do any help..

I honestly don't know if I can deal with this anymore..


Wednesday, 16 February 2011


So much been happening.. But I'm just not in the right mind n mood to blog... In a nut shell, things at home been so so sucky!

But on the positive side, have started my new job.. Been pretty good so far.. Eventough haven't really done anything much, but at least I know start of work at other places have been worse.. People are warm here..

And perhaps the best news is that, I'm leaving to Shenzhen next week :) I'm gonna be there for at least 2 months n hopefully I will have some piece of mind there! Looking forward to it.. Even tough somehow no one at home seem interested in knowing anything bout my trip..

So with all these going on n my sudden trip happening early next week, I am having an extremely high adrenalin rush to shop, shop n shop!!

I actually covered both klcc n mid valley today :) Wassup now? :p


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Turning 29 (part V)

Again?? Haha, hey I hear you.. But I must share the awesome gift that I just received from my dear frens..

It's a benefit smokin eyes make up kit.. It supposedly comes with everything u need for a complete eye makeover.. Even a cute tweezers included :)

I haven't figured out how exactly to use this, but hoping to master it soon.. I do love smokey eyes..

Till then, if you spot any panda-looking-gal in town, that would be me ;)


Ps: thanks dearies ;)

At last(!)&(?)

Today was my last day in my current company.. Had tonnes of stuff to clear, keep n recycle.. Throughout packing I couldn't help thinking what will happen to my team, what will happen to the company, how will they survive without me? Letting go of relationships has been easier for me..

As much I hated working there, I was also very attached to the company.. Having spent 3 quarter of my last 3 years of life there, I believe I have made a difference to the company.. At least a tiny bit..

I have trained n developed exactly 20 staff under my supervision.. I don't know if I was a good boss to all of them, but I'm hoping I will be getting a good boss n karma doesn't return too soon :p

All said n done, I was the last to leave today.. As usual.. I'm still holding the office key n I wonder why.. As long as I don't get a wake up call from my boss tomorrow, it's all good..

My team refuses to say goodbye to me.. I wanted my last day to be last Wednesday n they insisted that I come back today.. N today they refuse to say bye again n ask me to come by another day before I start work.. Sigh.. I'm gonna miss these people..


Probably this is why some marriages/relationships last.. Cos letting go is so hard...