Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Feels like an eternity

I've spent the last one month in an isolated island in Portugal. More like I've survived a month now.

I was worried if I will even make it through, I prayed for some miracle to happen and our client will suddenly change their mind and send me back home. But of cos I'm ain't that lucky, none of that happened.

I've been away longer, but this felt like an eternity. Let's see, so how did I survive?

I splurged on a brand new shoe when I had to walk some miles the first day and never did after that ;) I bought lots of blackberry cider and chips to get through the nights. I got creative with my food, attempted new recipes that doesn't involve cooking! Oh, and I actually bought a freaking kettle.

I watched lots and lots of drama and learned all about scandals involving top politicians. I played lots of CoC and CC :p

I made some friends. Maybe one friend. Despite the language barrier, someone that I can talk to and share some story with over lunch.

Just like that, I wish I can say that, but no; after a real long wait, time has finally passed! I'll be going home soon! Hallelujah :D


In case you are wondering, yes, I honestly do not know what is the point of this post. Ok thanks bye.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


There is a reason, why I don't like people.

Yes, I believe there are two types of people in this world. And I don't like both of them.

That is the reason for why I am usually not friendly. It's an exclusive emotion meant only for my exclusive friends.

So anyway, today being (Tamil) new year and all, I decided to wear something nice to work, which happened to enhance my fat curves and what not.

This girl at work who is trying to be my friend recently, decides to "compliment" me.

"You actually have a nice body, you know! Your figure is nice, but you know la your stomach. You just need to work on that. That's the core you know!"

Like hell I know.

Get lost people.

Hmmph. What a start to the year.


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Champion is me!

It's one of those days when I just wanna be a sloth and do nothing. Just as I was enjoying my staring into space/monitor moment all day, someone had to interrupt!!

So this guy, my colleague, starts going on and on about how he is unhappy with things in the company etc etc.. Like seriously, is that even surprising?

I tried staring blankly at his face for a good few mins, but he didn't seem to stop.

So I had to cut him half way and asked,

Me: Are you a customer?
He: Err, no?
Me: Then does it matter what you have to say?
He: Hm, no I guess?
Me: Yup, do you want to continue?
He: No, thanks!

Hoorah! Champion is me! :D


Monday, 9 February 2015

Confessions of a coffeeholic

This (Monday) morning I was fiddling with the coffee machine with my sleepy eyes, that I accidentally selected short black instead of a long black. Although it seemed very appropriate to the state I was in this morning, I hate that crap.

With that merely there coffee in my cup, I was reminded of my first real coffee experience.

So I was at my first job, at this very 'happening' work place, where everyone walk around with a Starbucks cup in their hands every morning.

Let's just call me naive, for a lack of better word, my idea of coffee was 3 in 1 Nescafé that served me well during uni days. My only rare encounters in Starbucks was for a treat to myself with a Java Frappucino. Cause that was the only name my sister taught me.

So you can safely say, I was lost in the new environment and was trying very hard to fit in. After a month or so of being in envy of my colleagues; one fine day, my colleague gets up and asks me if I want coffee as he is running down to grab one.

Without thinking twice, I say "Yes!" (Beaming with joy)

But that's when it all started going downhill. He asks the golden question, "what coffee do you want?"

I go in my head "Shit! What he means by what coffee?! What coffee do people drink?? Isn't coffee called coffee?!"

Trying to remain calm and composed, when he repeats the question, I blurt out "Espresso!" (I swear I thought that was a cool name for a coffee)

He looks at me and goes, "Wow, espresso! Must be a tough morning for you. Do you want a single shot or double?"

Still not getting it and thinking I'm on a roll, I say "double please!"

Let's just say the rest remains history.


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Call It Fate - Part 3

Dedicated to the romantic in all of us.

Jenna unsuccessfully suppressed a yawn and grabbed her handbag. “Sorry! It’s been a long day. Shall we go?”
            “Yeah, let’s. Let me walk you to your car.”
Jenna walked beside him in relaxed silence for a while. The crowds of earlier had trickled down to only a few people milling about in the cool night breeze. She noticed he seemed preoccupied. Was he going to ask her out? She hoped so. Unbelievable that the marriage broker found a decent one this time!
            They stopped beside her car. Jenna fiddled with her keys. She couldn’t help feeling disappointed that he hadn’t said anything about meeting again. Maybe she should drop an encouraging hint. “I had a really great time tonight. I guess I’ll see you around?”
            “Yes, about that. Actually there’s something I wanted to tell you.”
            Now he looked downright nervous. Jenna felt a pit of dread in her stomach. He was going to blow her off, wasn’t he? But she tried to keep things light. She shot him a playful disgusted look. “What? You’re not really a pilot?”
            “Oh I am.”
She braced herself as she watched him inhale and looked her straight in the eye. But there was no way she could have prepared for the next thing he blurted.
“I’m not Prabu. My name is Ashok. I’m so sorry for not telling you earlier. I’m really an asshole aren’t I? But everything happened so quickly…”
            Jenna stared at him uncomprehendingly. Her brain seemed to have turned into a sluggish mush. “But you’re from the marriage broker right?”
            “No, I’m so sorry. This is really a case of mistaken identity but I can explain - what are you doing?!”
            Jenna’s brain had suddenly clicked into action and she plunged her hand into her handbag, pulled out her pink pepper spray and was aiming it at Ashok or whoever the hell he was with deadly accuracy.
            “Get away from me you pyscho!”
            “Jenna, please! Listen to me. Everything else was the truth.” Ashok pleaded, his hands up but not backing away.
            She thrust the pepper spray towards him. “Are you mad? How can I trust anything you say? Last chance, get away from here before I start screaming!” She looked around wildly, wondering if anyone could hear her.
“Jenna, the only thing I kept from you is my name. Which was really stupid of me. Here look!” He stretched his arm towards her and Jenna instinctively jumped back. “It’s my phone. Take it and look at my Facebook profile. You’ll see I’m just a regular guy.”
            Jenna hovered between anger, suspicion and curiousity for a moment. Curiousity won and she snatched his phone. She kept the pepper spray aimed at him and quickly scrolled down his profile. Then she looked up in surprise. Ashok was watching her anxiously.
            “You’re mutual friends with Alex.”
            “Alex Wong? Yes, we were classmates. How do you know him?”
            Jenna lowered the pepper spray an inch. “My colleague. Small world.”
            “So you believe me now? Forgive me?” He looked at her earnestly. 
            Jenna lobbed his phone back at him. He caught it easily. She wished it had hit his head. Just then, he smiled his charming sideways smile and Jenna felt her warring emotions fuse into undeniable attraction for Ashok. She lost her battle to remain angry and noticed his eyes light up with relieve. Damn it, was she that easy to read?
            He approached her, right palm outstretched. “Hello, I’m Ashok. Would you like to go out with me tomorrow night, Miss Jenna?”
            This was insane. He was insane. But she was bewitched by his audacity.
            Laughter bubbled out of Jenna as she clasped his hand. “I would Mr. Ashok.”

            And then she drew her hand back and swung a solid punch on his toned right bicep.

~The End~ (For real)


Friday, 16 January 2015

Call It Fate (Part 1)

Jenna tipped her handbag upside down, shaking it violently. Loose change, crumpled tissue paper, old receipts, a red lipstick tube and a chunky bracelet tumbled out, landing noisily on her office desk. Not there! She yanked open drawers, gave up and crawled under her desk, searching furiously. Her heart thumped in panic. Oh my God, where is it? Where’s my phone?!
            “Have you tried calling it?” Vivi hovered anxiously beside her.
            “Of course I have! Like a hundred times! It goes straight to voicemail.” She straightened and tugged down her short skirt.
            “When was the last time you saw it?” Alex had joined them now.
             “I swear I saw her holding her phone at lunch. We went back to the restaurant as soon as she realized her phone’s not with her.”
            “Let me guess, no luck right? Forget your phone Jenna. It’s gone. Just get a new one.”
            “No, no, you guys don’t understand. I can’t lose that phone! All my contacts! And I don’t want some stranger going through my personal stuff!” Jenna was practically hyperventilating.
            Alex smirked. “Wow Jenna, didn’t think you were the type to have those kinds of photos on your phone!”
             “It’s not like that you idiot! Now, go away. You’re not helping me at all.”
            Alex drifted back to his cubicle, shrugging sympathetically. Another word out of his mouth and Jenna might just have thrown her water bottle at him. She sagged into her chair, massaging her pounding head. She would have rather lost her purse than her phone. What was she going to do?
            “Babe, we’ve searched everywhere we can think of. Alex’s right, it’s gone. I think you need to call Maxis and get a replacement SIM card first.”
            Jenna was too depressed to respond.
            “You’ve got the perfect excuse to shop,” Vivi continued, obviously trying to get her to see the bright side. “Stop by the mall after work and get a new phone.”
            Jenna groaned, Vivi’s chatter reminding her of her appointment after work. Today of all days!
            “I can’t, not today. I have to go meet that guy remember?”
            “Oh, that’s today? Can’t you call him to cancel? Oh, right. Well, just don’t show up then.”
             Jenna bit her lips, pondering. Were the gods finally answering her prayers to spare her the drudgery of another blind date? But no, she couldn’t go back and tell her mother she’d stood up the guy. She could just imagine the nagging she’d face all weekend. My friends’ daughters are all getting married and having children. Why don’t you want to get married? Why are you being so choosy? Are you going to let me die without grandchildren?
Fuck. She’d just have to get this stupid date over with. God knows what kind of loser the marriage broker has found this time.
            “Can’t do that. Now the problem is, I don’t even know how I’m going to get to the restaurant without Waze. And with the Friday evening traffic – Oh God!”          
            “Why? Where is it?”
            “This really obscure place I found in Damansara – Poco Vino. I didn’t want to bump into anyone I know.”
            Vivi laughed. “But why not?”
            Jenna grimaced.  “If you’ve been forced to go on blind dates, you’ll know why.”
            “Why is your mum always shoving guys your way, anyway?”
            Jenna gave a self-depreciating laugh, momentarily forgetting her lost phone. She waved her hands at herself. “Hello? Indian, single, 31. That’s a frightful combination for her.” She didn’t add: size 14.
            Vivi bent down over her keyboard and began tapping. “You should tell your mum she’s got nothing to worry about. Guys hit on you all the time. Even Chinese guys check you out when we’re together. Ok, hang on, I’m getting something from the printer.”
            Jenna stared out the windows. The angry black clouds gathering in the sky matched her mood.
            Vivi came back, gesturing to the sky. “Traffic’s gonna be deadlocked with this rain. Here you go.” She thrust a piece of paper at Jenna.
            Jenna took it, puzzled. “A map? For the restaurant?”
            “I know. So old school, right?”  

            Jenna stared at it with blank horror. A real piece-of-paper map! The only kind of map that she knew how to follow, talked.

Call It Fate (Part 2)

Jenna squeezed her Ford into an empty slot that took her twenty minutes to find and exhaled. When would this day end! First, her phone getting lost. And then losing her way three times, trying to figure out the map with the nightmarish rush hour in the pouring rain. She was exhausted. And an hour late for her date. Please, please, let him have given up waiting and left already. She really wouldn’t mind a quiet dinner by herself. She was craving a huge chocolate mud cake slice after the day she’d had.
            It was still drizzling. She shook out her umbrella and hopped out of her car. Her feet plopped into a puddle of muddy water. Fuck! Her heels were soaked! Well at least no one would notice in the dark. She squelched her way half a block to Poco Vino. The sidewalks were crowded with people trying to avoid the rain.
            The restaurant was unexpectedly lovely. A little place tucked between a hair salon and HSBC bank, smelling of heavenly wood oven pizza. She waved away the maitre’d, assuring him she was meeting someone, all the while wildly hoping the guy wouldn’t be there. She peered into the dim interior. It was almost empty. There was an elderly couple at the table on her right and behind them a family of four with two young children. Then at the last table at the back, she saw the guy with his back to her. Her heart sank. She knew it was him because his last text to her said he’d be wearing a grey stripped Polo t-shirt. Obviously she hadn’t asked for his photo nor given him hers. God forbid, the loser took it as a sign that she was interested in him.
            She squared her shoulders and approached the table. Oblivious to her, the guy was tapping at his laptop, a plate of half eaten pasta next to him. Hmm, I can’t fault him eating first when he’s been waiting for so long. She stuck out her hand. “Hello, Jenna. Prabu right? Sorry I’m late. I lost my phone and…never mind, it’s a long story.”
            Jenna almost smiled at the startled look the guy gave her. Good! I hope I’m not his type and he tells the stupid broker he’s not interested.
            She sat down across from him, dumping her handbag beside her. “Oh, I guess you were told my formal name – Janaswari.”
            He had the gall to smirk! “Janaswari? Jenna. Well, hi.”
            There was an awkward silence. She hated this. Prabu broke it first.
            “Where’s the waiter? I’m sure you must be hungry.” He shut down his laptop, turned around and signaled the waiter.
            Absently mindedly, Jenna noticed he had a very nice nose. To be fair, he was actually quite good looking, in a rugged sort of way. Sort of like Gerard Butler. The waiter came over and Jenna ordered a lasagna and chocolate mud cake for desert. Ha, let my gluttony scare him off. She glanced at Prabu and noticed an amused smile playing on his lips. She suddenly wondered if she had lipstick on her teeth or mascara smeared down her cheek. If she had her phone with her, she could have discretely checked. Damn it.
            “So Jenna. What do you do?”
            Here we go again. “Didn’t the marriage broker tell you everything about me?”
            Prabu raised his eyebrows. “Only the boring parts and who remembers those right?” His face was deadpan but the twinkle in his eyes gave him away.
            Jenna chuckled. “I’m in event management. What about you?”
            “So I’m not the only one who wasn’t paying attention.” He grinned at her.
            Jenna smiled back. She found herself letting down her guard a little bit more.
            “I’m a pilot.”
            Jenna folded her arms and sat back, staring at him suspiciously. “Pilot huh? You must have hot chicks throwing themselves at you all the time. Why are you doing this?” She indicated the space between them.
            Prabu gazed at her meaningfully and Jenna felt the beginnings of a blush creeping up her cheeks. “I’m looking for a real woman.”
Jenna rolled her eyes, letting the exaggerated remark pass. “So what was your scariest flying experience?”
“Ah, let me see… couple of years ago, I was flying to Vietnam and halfway through, one of the engines began to leak oil.”
“Shit! And then?”
“I can’t lie and tell you I wasn’t afraid, but we have standard operating procedures for things like this. So I said to my First Officer….”

Jenna licked her spoon. The chocolate mud cake was everything she needed. And Prabu was turning out to be surprisingly interesting. She glanced at her watch. Almost midnight. That was a record as far as blind dates went. Usually she wrapped things up within an hour.
            “I have to leave soon. Excuse me while I pop by the ladies first.”
            “Sure. I’ll call for the bill.”

What just happened? Here I was minding my own business and this beautiful woman appears in front of me. I know she’s talking but I don’t hear a thing. All I see is sparkling eyes and those legs in that short skirt. Before I know it, she’s sitting across from me. Then I realised she’s mistaken me for someone else. This was when I should have immediately said, “Sorry miss, I’m not the guy you’re supposed to meet. My name is Ashok.” And then she would have left as fast as she had arrived. Only a fool would let a woman like that leave.
            So I kept talking and she didn’t seem to notice anything amiss. Once or twice though, I caught her studying me, like I wasn’t what she was expecting. But we made each other laugh and I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying this strange woman’s company.

            Anyway, she’s gone to the ladies now and I’m telling her the truth when she gets back. And then I’ll ask her out on a proper date. I hope she’ll forgive me for fooling her and say yes. I don’t know. She looks like the type of woman who would either dump that glass of cold water on my head and slap me or collapse laughing on the floor.  Ok, here she comes. Damn, I can’t believe how nervous I feel.


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Turning a year hotter ;)

"The best thing come, when you least expect them to"

I've read this quote many times in many forms. Maybe it's true. I believe today.

My birthday this year has to be one of the best I've ever had.

I was least bothered about my birthday this year, nor I was freaking out like I usually do before my birthday.

I planned nothing. But everything happened. And it was all perfect. Simple yet full of surprises.

And for once, after so many years, I got to spend my birthday with my dearest friends.

Truly humbled by all the love shown and overwhelmed by the very thoughtful gifts.

Thank you Anya, Nemo & Beast for making my day very special. Love ya all! <3

Totally blessed,

Friday, 2 January 2015

Twenty Fifteen

If last year was not the rock bottom, I don't know what is. Hopefully it only gets better and better from today onwards!

My resolutions for this year are to:

1. Give more and expect less
2. Love more and hate less
3. Eat more but gain less
4. Earn more but save less
5. Shop more and worry less
7. Exercise more and age less
8. Travel more and fear less
9. Learn more but work less

And last but not least

10. Live more and regret less!

May this year be a awesome possum one for all of us! x