Friday, 20 November 2009

Since 6am today morning, I am wondering, what will happen to me if I choose to resign today?!

Hopefully I would find an answer and have the courage to do it before 5pm today.

God bless me.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Road Trip ;)

Recently my bf and I decided to take a day off from the hustle and bustle of working life and head on a road trip..

Destination: Kuala Gandah, Pahang – Elephant Sanctuary

It was a beautiful journey with roads and views like this…

And some funny images like this…

And some scary moments like this…

Admiring all these beauties, we forgot to take note of our final destination and we ended up at Kuala Lipis, Pahang. Close name, but it was farking 2 hours away!!

So we had stop here and there and find our way back… after 2 more hours of driving, searching, munching, and google mapping, we finally arrived at the elephant sanctuary at 4.45pm.. And guess what, the place closes at 5pm J

Anyway, the elephant feeding/bathing/picture/video session were all over by then.. But I was glad we were still allowed to enter and see the elephants at least..

They were all eating their dinner already by then..

This was such a cutie baby ellie.. is that what they call baby elephants?

And luckily, one kind worker allowed us to touch n take some pictures wit these elephants.. so that was at least worth the journey….

They also had an interesting museum with things like these..
That's an elephant scull..

And some bonies..

And we drove back all they way again, with beautiful sceneries like these..

and these.. i luv clouds ;)

Overall, it was a much enjoyed and well deserved trip =)

By: -Lilo

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

After a long hiatus, nemo writes...

Warning! Just another emo rant. u'll be bored.

Title: Things i want to try to achieve in 2010

i want to try and 'attempt' to pray more and meditate more
i want to sit still & smile more (ketut liyer style) - to find 'peace'
i want to get an awesome car (2nd hand or new, i haven't decided yet.. )
i want to try be vegan at least twice a week and eat less meat
i will try to lessen my carbon footprint more next year !! (fyi, i've been starting on this since years ago but this year i got more aggresive and have achieved somewhat tangible results.. yes, i lecture my mum each time for taking plastic bag from the stores.. and my colleagues for taking them from the cafe in office.. when i shop, i usualy put them in 1 plastic bag if i can help it or put the tiny ones in my handbag..been practising this for a while now.. and in office, i re-use plastic bags until i tear them out (happened twice) and i use paper very minimal..print on both sides, i try to walk more to lunch places, i pack food from home VERY often too, i throw my perfume bottles, plastic bottles in the right containers for this past 1 year, have been donating my old clothes in the charity bins, i lecture my family for using air cond and i never use unless its necessary etc)
oh did i mention about my job? oh yes, i will try to be more good at it and try to lessen the stress :P not sure how but i'll figure that out soon.


Friday, 13 November 2009

Uniquely Jakarta

I'm a nomad again. This time in Jakarta, Indonesia. It's my third time here but the city is still the same - large, sprawling, smoggy and horrendous traffic jams. But still, I would rather be here than in Dhaka anyday!

I've been meaning to post this blog about a few things that I think I'll never find in Malaysia but I haven't had the time until now, a month since I've arrived!

Firstly is of course earthquakes. Well, I haven't personally experienced it - thank God and neither do I want to. But this notice was stuck behind my apartment door:

I don't suppose the person who stuck this on my 16th floor unit inside my 29 floor building realised that it's not a one-storey school building. So I don't see how hiding under a table is going to help me!

That's Mee Tek Tek. I've had it for lunch a few times and it's quite nice. Tek Tek in Malay means breasts. However, I don't think it means the same in Indonesian because it's pretty much a vegetarian dish.

That one is Sup Buntut. If I were to directly translate it to English, it would simply mean Butt Soup. It's not as exotic as the name implies. It's just Ox Tail Soup.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009


it's surprising how some strangers can make me go speechless so often.. like how the other day, when Anya & I went for our meni & pedi session, the lady in charge delayed our appointment, and instead of apologising, she gave a smart ass suggestion by asking me to go upstairs and buy myself a new pair of sandals.. (i was wearing a closed toes shoes, and since she delayed the appointment, she was scared there wont be enough time for my toes to dry up, thus the smart suggestion!) i was seriously like wtf!! im sps to get a new pair of sandals cos u delayed my appointment?? but i really had nothing to say to her at that time.. thank god, anya was there to save the situation... or i most probably would have burnt her to death with my stare :p

anyway, so yesterday i did my usual toiletries shopping at the guardian store.. they were advertising all over the store for their latest "batik" calendar and you got to spend over RM100 to redeem one.. n eventually my bill came up to above hundred, and I did the most natural thing by asking the cashier gal for the calendar.. she smiled and ignored me.. still thinking she didn't hear me, I asked her again "can I get the calendar, please?" she gave me a very surprised look as if this is the 1st time she has ever heard the word "calendar" and I'm the inventor... for one last time, i pointed to the fucking ad on her counter and asked can I have this, please?? I would have accepted if she told me, they were out of stock or something.. not like I was dying for one.. instead she does this, "ooh, that one! you got to buy things in guardian to get that!" at that point, i lost it... so i ask her " where do you think I am right now??" she becomes all gabrah and start reading the flyer over n over again.. then she asks me a few questions but i just stand there with my most annoyed look and silliest smile ever, for her to get back to her senses... At that point I couldn't be bothered bout the line growing behind me, and the lady who was sighing behind me...

then she calls her manager.. another smart lady comes there to rescue and looks at me expecting me to explain the situation to her.. instead i continue with my annoyed look and silly smile.. so she gets the story from the cashier and looks up to me n says, "oh miss, you got to spend over hundred for the calendar". God must have blessed me with more patience, cos I almost laughed at her... still not speaking a word i stand there looking at them both panicking... after a solid few mins, the manager tells me to go collect it from their store at the back..

the highlight of the day was, i go there, and i say calendar, the store worker picks up one hands it to me.. not asking any question whether I even bought things there, or if it came up to 100 bucks..

ridiculousness!! i dunno why ppl get on my nerves so much these days!


Monday, 9 November 2009

Q & A

What do you do when, the love of your life, the guy you thought you will end up with, the guy who has been with you through thick and thin your boyfriend of a few years, says he doesn't intend to commit himself in a bond called wedding anytime soon, and doesn't know when he would finally decide to commit himself? and he gives you an option, to either wait or leave.

a). Do you leave for good? (after all, he says it's your life, you decide!)
b). Do you be the very loyal one, wait for him to change his mind? (You trying to change his mind is now out of the question as he has said it very loud and clear)
c). Do you live in denial pretending the conversation never took place and life is good as ever?
d). Do you keep hoping and praying for some miracle to happen? (either to your parents who are dying to see you married, or to your boyfriend to change his mind?)
e). None of the above

- Curios lilo wants to find out what would others answer.

P/s: For the caring souls who choose to answer, please answer on your behalf and not mine, please. Thanks! If you are a male, just switch the Boyfriend to Girlfriend

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Boys #1

I thought of continuing the countdown for "Men" but than I thought, this particular person doesn't even deserve to be called a "Man". "Boy" suits him so much more... and I can name at least 3 people, that I know, who belong to this category.

They're sssooooo immature...sssoooo needy....sssooo attention seeking......sssooo irritating!!

This Boy, unfortunately is my colleague. This is what he's done for the past 3 weeks to get on my nerves:

#1. He's just started amateur photography and he's specializing in portrait shots. That's fine, good for him - except that since the moment he met me (and my other friends), he's been literally harassing us to pose for him. Ok, let me break down my thought process here:

a. I hate taking pictures for no reason (so not a cam-whore)
b. I hate being forced to do anything
c. I barely know this guy
d. Why the fuck should I do him any favors??

Despite me repeatedly saying "No, I'm not posing for you" this...freak (for lack of a better word)..hasn't stopped asking! I find that to be extremely rude! What part of "NO" doesn't he understand? All my other friends grew so tired of his pestering that they finally agreed to pose for him. To be fair to him, he's not a bad amateur but he's persistent to the point of being a pest.

See what I mean by "sssooo immature"?

#2. He broke up with his ex-girlfriend of 4 years and is now with another girl whom he claims he's head over heals in love with. Oh, wonderful! I would be genuinely happy for him if he wasn't a self-proclaimed love guru and start dishing out unwanted love advice. He goes around telling my married friends and me how to have a good relationship with your significant other, without us even asking. After one long "how I met the love of my life" story from him, I asked him, "So, how long have you been going out with her" and he said....(wait for it)....(drum roll)....2 months!! Later on he also adds that he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend. See, I don't want to be cynical but please, sort out your own life first before you even think about giving others advice. Better still, keep all your advice to yourself, because I didn't ask you for it because frankly, I don't care!

See what I mean by "sssooo attention seeking"?

#3. He thinks I'm being paid to keep him company in Jakarta. He'll just pull up a chair to sit beside me and start chatting. I guess he's too dense to see that I'm b.u.s.y. I try to maintain my professionalism in the office and so as professionally as I can I tell him, "Please don't disturb me now, I'm busy" or if I'm really irritated it's down to "Talk to me later - busy". I tell him this at least once a day.

See what I mean by "ssssooo needy"?

But thank God this Boy is from a different country and he'll be leaving tomorrow to return home. Good riddance!

-an irritated Anya-

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Men #? (lost count)

**this post contains some many "vile" words.. read at your own risk!**

and i wanted to stop writing bout men.. bout their dumbness n how they drive me up the wall all the time...

but the last couple of days, the freakin male species have been totally pissing me off...

Case #1
this male=idiot, bastard, asshole, who is supposedly an high profile, educated piece of shit is a consultant I was considering to work with. He didn't keep up to his promise and deliver the work I requested on time. When I questioned, this piece of shit became overly defensive n started lashing out at me. My only words to him was, "if you are incapable of doing something, just let me know, I will find my own way".. For that, this guy got all pissed off and reacted in the most silliest way possible. He ran complaining to my boss like a small kid reporting to a school teacher n worse, his FB status was updated couple of times throughout the day commending on how arrogant some people (I) could be... so the childish, no?

Case #2
some trainer at my gym had some issues with a colleague of mine.. Just because I am the unfortunate gym member, and he has seen me with her in the past, I guess he decided I should have some kind of responsibility for everyone and anyone who sometimes just happen to be walking next to me.. so he did the most smartest thing by, bringing a group of guys, harassed me with unnecessary questions, and that piece of shit gave me his piece of mind... wtf rite? given the fact that, I am pretty sure unlike the one in case #1, this male version is surely an uneducated dumbo.. therefore I assume, his logic was to make me miserable so that I would surely pass the message across to her or that sort of crap...

so there goes my week... thanks to some assholes... all the 1st one had to do was to say "sorry, can I have more time to deliver this?" and all the later had to do was to ask "can I have your colleague's phone number?"

but no!!their tiny brain cant think of that? but instead they must create a drama out of nothing... they must act like they are some kind of super heroes... they must fucking irritate me with their bastard'ness... dumbfucks!!


p/s: thank you god, for ensuring I don't speak like how I write...