Sunday, 6 March 2011

Day 6 Shenzhen – New Home!

So today I moved to a new hotel, where I was originally supposed to be and where I am going to be for the next one month. I like everything about the room, I don’t know why. It’s small but cozy. Probably because it has everything I need, including a weight scale. And I told myself while I am here I better lose some “kilobytes”. So yeah, that basically summarizes my new life. I am actually talking kilobytes.

Its day 6 today, did some walking alone and I told myself, I wish I don’t have to go back…  let’s see if that changes in weeks to come… but at the moment, I am enjoying the peacefulness… the fact that no one bothers me for anything and I am left alone most of the time is nice.. The fact that, I will never understand even if the person next to me bitches about me or curses me is nice... the fact that doing simple things that I always took for granted, or even just ordering a simple meal can be so damn challenging makes the entire experience even more interesting…. 

Resting in peace,

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Day #4 Shenzhen – Expect the unexpected

Yesterday was a wild day… Not that I did anything naughty, but I did everything that I will never do under any normal circumstances if I was still in Malaysia…

First – Out of desperateness for coffee, I actually stole a mug! Like seriously… and some coffee packets too…. But of course I rationalized probably it’s just some left behind mug etc, but only to find out later that the owner is in fact still around.. So now I’m feeling guilty like ever, and for some reason I am not in mood for coffee today….

Second – I actually allowed two strangers, whom I just accidentally bumped into, guys, who happen to be Malaysian Indians, to buy me lunch… I don’t know for what reason… I wonder why I can never trust/get along with people so easily like that when we are both in our own country… it’s amazing how I actually had conversation with them and shared phone numbers…

P/s: if you don’t already know by now, I am (or at least back in Malaysia, I was) people-phobic... I really am/was… when I see a group of my colleagues going into a lift; I purposely walk slow and skip the lift just to avoid having a conversation with them...

Third – I finally met and had a very nice dinner with my “online chat buddy” for the past 2-3 years in Shenzhen. Btw, he’s also a Malaysian. Like weird right? And this is one guy who have tried so hard to meet me for the longest time and I never agreed for again don’t know what reason… We used to work in the same area, btw... So yeah, and that went very well and I had good fun… it’s also funny to think how the world now has become so small and one should never give up! Haha…

Fourth – I actually gave directions in CHINESE (and lots of sign languages) to a taxi driver to take me back to my hotel quite late at night. And guess what, it was a smooth journey and I reached safely ;)

So yeah, the day was crazy, adventurous and full of unexpected experiences!


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy 28th Anya !

Anya (not her real name) turns 28 today!

Anya is a girl who has accomplished a lot in her short 28 years.

For one, she has a good head on her shoulders, not overly-emotional, is MARRIED!!!, have a good career and a good work life balance. Lets not forget she also has a great family, husband and friends (*ahem*).

Of course, everyone has their own problems and we are not saying Anya doesn't. Im sure she has.
But the bright side is, this is a bright girl (bright in every way) and she tackles them.

To Anya, here's a toast to more happy years to come. May the next year see another milestone accomplished in your life (*ahem*).

Something for kicks:
Anya is the Russian form of Anna which means "graceful".
Anya is also the Sanskrit word meaning "inexhaustible".


p/s: Sorry that im such a Dory (the fish) when it comes to remembering Birthdays. It took Lilo in CN to email to remind me. Jeez!

Lots of Love,