Friday, 30 April 2010


I don't know if my company's corporate social responsibilty is to hire all the phsychos in the world.. I really wonder sometime how is that they are able to attract all the phschos in so many shapes... even after 3 rounds of interviews, I tend to end up working with one of that kind...

I don't even wanna get started on the all the psychos I have worked with... but there is this new girl now who just joined few days ago... looked totally saint although I maintained my distance...

So last night, while I was driving back.. i received a text from her..

"Txxx honey, you are so good to me.. I love you!"

period. i have nothing else to say.


Thursday, 22 April 2010


this guy, that i wrote about some time back, the one that wouldnt get it...

he send me a msg on IM yest, but i didnt have time to reply.. so today, i said..

me: hi.. sorry missed u yest..
Sent at 1:54 PM on Thursday u misss sweet.. dont have to be sorry abt it...i feel the same way
Sent at 2:29 PM on Thursday

me: lol..

Lilo - Speechless!


They said my Philippine experience wouldn't be complete without Balot.
The instructions were simple.
Peel it and pop it.

Step 1: Peel the Balot

Step 2: Pop the Balot into the mouth

But I would have to be unconscious or deranged to put that --thing! into my mouth!


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gone nuts!

you know your work is driving you crazy, you know you are half nuts,

when your colleague tells you a really funny joke, you look at him/her with a straight face and literally say the word "lol" and you continue working..

sigh... that is me.. yes.. lilo...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Blonde moment..

Situation: my bf went to check out something in an auto part store while I chose to wait in the car.. I was sitting there watching cars on the road when I saw my bf running out of the shop with a huge smile on his face.. thinkin he won a jackpot or something, i looked up n asked

me: what???

he: did u see THE car pass by just now??

me: eeerr, what car???

he: it was a LAMBORGHINI!! it just passed by...

me: SO?? Ohh....

he: Don't tell me u didn't see the car... it just passed by in front of your eyes...

me: eerr, no la.. i didn't realize... why? was it nice??

he: helloooooo.... its a LAMBORGHINI!!!

me: err, are all lambors suppose to be nice??

he: u know what, this is the point I end the conversation.

runs back into the shop, leaving me all speechless :)

Confession: did feel a bit blonde there for a moment, but wth, it seriously isnt my fault :)

- Lilo

Friday, 16 April 2010

Career path..

People keep saying, in order to have a career that you would enjoy, you must first identify what your interest and build up a career based on your interest..

I have had lot of people who have questioned me whether I like this, I like that etc whenever I complain about my current job.... Well, I have never been able to answer that question...

after giving it a lot of thought.. years n years of thinking... I now have decided... I know what I want to be.....

I want to be an ambulance driver!! yay!! yes, that's exactly what I want to be....

No, no.. I don't like saving people's life.. don't get me wrong... I just like driving really really fast and I would even more love it, if I can do that in a hectic traffic jam when everyone would squeeze out to give me way... wow... wud absolutely lurveee that....

So yes, thats what I wanna be... I wonder how much they pay an ambulance driver these days....

gone kuku due to mental and physical torture at work

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


How do you tell a guy that he is such a big turn-off?

So there's this one guy.. He's very nice, sweet and all.. also good looking... I dunno if he likes me or wat (that's something im still trying to decipher) but anyway, recently he is alot into wanting to talk/sms/chat/meet up etc...

nway, the thing is, even tough he easily fits into all i need in a guy criteria, but the fact that, each time we have a conversation, he ends it with these real "caring" tacky one liners that are a big turn off for me!


Promise me that you will take care of yourself, ok?

make sure you get some rest, k?

Please go and eat, you are working late.

You must drive safely k?

Text me once you reach home safely k?

You go and sleep now, make sure you sleep tight..

and all I wish to reply him each and every time is....

fuck u la!

and because of these silly lines, I never want to speak to him again... aarghh...


Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I had a horrifying, freaking, fucking atrocious dream last night... of all things on earth, of all things that I wish to dream of sometimes, of all things, why god? why??

So i dreamt of giving birth! fucking hell, yeah I did! to make the dream even worse, it was a baby boy!!!! fuck!!

it was a long, detailed dream that I really really hate... it freaked me out big time.. eventough I know that the dream actually originated from the movie I watched last nite, but still??

I woke up the moment I saw the freakin baby's face and the moment I knew it was a boy.. went to the loo, washed face etc and continued sleeping..

and the freaky freaky dream continued!!! only it decided to rewind back to the moment I was pregnant and was in hospital about to deliver!! freaking shit!!! i totally forced myself to wake up and never slept back!

damn it!


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Men #10 (i think, lost count..)

Yesterday while I was having dinner in front of tv, my mom in a cheerleader tone, happily announced to me "hey, guess what? your good times have come!"

Choking on the food a little, and smelling something fishy, I didn't bother looking up or asking what in the world that suppose to mean...

But of course, she being my mom, didn't get it!! So she went on with her story... "you know, since last week, one by one proposal keep coming!"

taa daaaa... so the game or war is back on now...

but as usual, i didn't react or retaliate! i did what do I best, ignored and pretended like I am deaf and dumb..

but i know, the bomb is waiting to explode... the clock is ticking.. and its fucking annoying...

and I blame fucking BONELESS, BRAINLESS & IDIOT men for all this!!! why cant they fucking find their own girl and get married to??? why the fuck, someone from the great men species would let their mommys find them a girl?? are they born without balls or what???

Go find your own fucking girl or go fucking die! period!