Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lil brother!

I have a little brother.. I'm sure I have mentioned before.. In fact, I think wrote about him when I first started this blog, back in 2008.

Wow, time flies. That's more than 5 years since this blog has been up.

I digress. Just five years ago, my little brother was like a new born baby handed over in my hands. He had a terrible accident, where he almost lost his life, or maybe he did. Thank the mighty lord, he is alive today.

Not just alive actually, my little brother is getting married in the next couple of days.

I don't exactly know when he grew up. Or become what he is today. As he has always been my little brother. And I have been too happily playing the role of a big sister.

My brother and I share a special bond. My mom used to say I never left his side when he was born, although I am only slightly older than him. I put him to sleep singing songs for him, and he would happily eat everything I fed him.

As he grew up, I remember helping him with his homework. I gave him private tuitions. I shopped all his clothes. I make all his decisions. In short, he has always been my little brother that I look after.

He has been the sweetest thing in our family. The best to be bullied. And when we almost lost him six years ago, our worlds stopped.

Let's not go there. Point is, he is getting married in couple of days. Hopefully it wouldn't mean I'm losing my lil brother again. I know that might sound really childish and stupid, but really, you can't blame me.

For the very first time, in both our lives, he just said to me.. "Just answer my question, I don't need your suggestions!"

And my heart crashed.


Friday, 15 November 2013

Glasses Day!

Like any normal human being with not so perfect eye sight, I wore glasses to work today.

What's the big deal you may think, apparently it is.

I don't know whatever happen to 'if you don't have anything nice to say; don't say anything at all' attitude. Is it just me or it seem to be lacking or even extincting these days.

So I received a lot of unwanted attention. And mixed reactions.

The Ever-So-Concerned said: 
"OMG, what happened? Are you ok?"

Dude! I'm wearing glasses! Not a bandage over my head! I can't see. That's what happened! 

The Always-Trying-To-Be-Nice said:
"Hey, you have nice eyes"

Seriously?? You finally notice my eyes on the day its hiding behind thick glasses and sans make-up?! Really now? Thank you, but no thank you. 

The Rude-Dumb-Ass said:
"Oh, you don't have to show you are aging!"

WTF?! I "aged" when I was 12 you idiot! I've been wearing glasses since then! 

The Not-So-Nice-Neighbour said:
"I'm not used to this look. Can you not wear glasses?"

Seriously! The world revolves around you eh?? 

And to every other dumbo out there who was curious, I said:
"It's wear glasses to work day! Didn't you know?"

And they believed.


p/s: totally out of context, but I think the color combination in my post creates some 3D illusion! or maybe it's just my glasses :p

Monday, 11 November 2013

Count your blessings!

Here's me, counting my blessing! (before I start whining in India next week)

My typical day at work.. at 4pm..

Me: What did you do today?

A: I sent one email! You?

Me: I sent twooo!!

A: Waah, let's go coffee?

Me: Let's!


p/s: work started at 10am, lunch from 12-2pm, quick shopping outside at 3pm



Friday, 8 November 2013

Ending the year in (my) style!

And I have a brand new phone!

An iPhone of course ;)

And I'm officially done with the year! maybe with the budget for the year

2014, bring it on! ;)