Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Found my calling..

Have you ever had this moment, when you hear someone/something calling out your name, without actually calling your name?

So I had this moment at Dubai Airport the other day.. I was innocently walking around looking for coffee and wifi, when I heard something calling out my name without actually saying my name.. I ignored it at first.. But I kept hearing it loud.. When I turned around, I could only catch the word "Burberry" on my sight..

I toughened myself, tried to ignore the calling.. But after three back n forth walking around, I became weaker.. I had to go acknowledge the calling.. Cos it just didn't stop..

When I entered the shop, everything finally made sense.. I found my calling! There it was, the most beautiful thing ever, sitting there watching me from the shelf.. Giving me an evil grin! Aaargh!!

One look at it, I knew I'll never afford it.. But I couldn't walk out on it either.. After deliberating for a bit, I thought I should at least find out how much it was worth.. So I braced myself and took a step closer.. I just wanted to see the price and walk out immediately..

Before I could even touch it, I saw a small key chain on sale next to it.. That had a clearer price tag.. It said USD $300!!

I stopped right there.. Quickly turned around and walked away.. Before the actual cost of "my calling" can break my heart!

Bought my coffee and shed a little tear.. And flew back trying not to think about it :(

And failed miserably, of course!


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Annoying Facebook status updates

1. Spamming your Facebook wall with cam-whoring pictures of yourself. Yes we all know what you look like. That's what profile pictures are for.

2. Spamming your Facebook wall with cam-whoring pictures of yourself and your gf/bf accompanied by vomit-inducing mushy captions. Worse still, if you break up and take us all on the torturous journey of your break up and emerge with even more cam-whoring pictures with your new gf/bf with similar annoying captions.

3. Posting how long you've been in a relationship with someone. Bravo! But obviously no one is as excited as the two of you that you've lasted this long. Why not just Whatsapp privately instead of posting your smugness publicly?

4. Updating your baby's/children's accomplishments and pictures of how they look like everyday. Yes, I know to you, they're the most beautiful/talented/wonderful person in the world and we would agree if only you didn't parade them on Facebook like a zoo creature.

5. Attention seeking/sympathy seeking posts
True story.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lemonades & Margaritas

They say: "When life gives you lemons; make a lemonade out of it"

It may have taken 30 years, but I think I have finally learned to make lemonade out of the lemons that life has given me..

All I need now is a pinch of salt and a little tequila.. And I'll be making pretty good margaritas soon! ;)