Thursday, 26 June 2014

When nothing feels right..
When I feel all down..
When life is no fun..

I just want to buy a handbag..
And look at it all night.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Body entangled between wires..
With the machines dictating your breath..
Alarms reminding you are alive..

After-all life is only a heart beat away from death.


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Partners vs Parents

I don't (maybe I do), believe in signs. But today's breakfast talk on radio was, well let's just say, a high coincidence. It was about choosing partners or parents? Of course in the situation when you can't have both.

Was an interesting discussion. Although, all the problems discussed seemed so tiny compared to mine.

Gist of it:

- follow your heart
- too attached parents and too attached partners are the same, get rid of them both
- fight, fight, fight. You don't have to choose, don't give up till you have both
- buy a car, fall in love with it instead ;)
- eventually parents will accept you, try having a kid! :p
- it's ok to be selfish
- it's your life, no one knows better what's best for you than yourself

Hmm.. Time to rethink.. Is it really ok to be selfish?

Decisions.. Decisions.. Sigh..


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Life updates..

I've been neglecting the blog way too long. I apologize. I have been wanting to write a update of my life for sometime, and now seems like the best time.

Honestly, nothing has changed. Life still sucks. It's still hard. Getting through a day not crying seems like a big achievement now. Still going through the same "single-thirtysomething-indiangirl" problem. Maybe at full swing now.

Work is ok, but all the people I called friends left. My nicest boss left. So I'm kinda fighting the battle with the Chinese all by myself. Definitely not fun. At least pays my bills. And then there's the wanting to move, but don't know what to do problem.

On the men side, I still hold my ground. They may come in fifty shades; but they are all the same shitty grey. Enough said.

Hope everyone else is having a good life. Till next time.