Sunday, 30 January 2011

There is no formula.

Love takes the shape of the couple who possess it.

That has got to be the smartest quote about love I have ever come across.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sink or swim?

I'm attending my last ever conference today.. Just when I wanna give it all up, things are going great here.. Well, I just got to do, what I got to do I guess..

I'm pretty nervous about this whole resignation thing.. I still have not informed any of my colleagues.. Especially my team.. I'm planning to take them out on a nice lunch and break the news.. I'm sentimental like that :p

Even tough, I have been dying for a new job and all that; moving totally out of the industry to something brand new (at this age) is nerve wrecking.. And this new job is going to be a great combo of 2 things that I hate most in life: engineering + teaching :p

Somehow I always end up doing things that I have special hatredness towards, (just like how I'm always attracted to men as much as I hate them)

but anyway, hopefully I'll only swim and not sink.. not like I'm expecting to scuba dive or anything, so let's see!


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What's new for this year you ask?

  • Life is still a mess
  • Still sporting the fringe look
  • Still ‘in between dating’ the same person, still not committing…
  • Still looking for property (most of which I can’t afford)  
  • My Outlook now has 7++ emails that are not sorted
  • Like Lilo, not looking forward to turn 28 and nowhere near my childish ambitions of being ‘settled’ in life in all aspects.
  • Started exercising (hooray.. like twice so far)
  • In need of new gym pants
  • Another family vacay coming up next month, this time to the Middle East. Should be fun, i HOPE. 

N.e.m.o Reflects

A year of many events. Some happy, some sad.
For me, the year started off with Mr.Happy (who seldom visits) but ended with Mr. & Mrs Sadder (they love dropping by ever so often).
But that is LIFE. It goes on. The year gets replaced. People get replaced.
If there is one thing that 2010 taught me, it was Expect the Unexpected!

So here’s list of few key milestones/mishaps/events that are in no particular order: 
  • 2 best friends get married! and more batchmates get hitched, have babies yada yada yada..
  • Found new friends!
  • Managed to survive a family vacay to the Island of Gods.
  • Revisited Delhi and loved it this time round. The weather, the shops, the people and even the trains
  • Went to a place which held my childhood/teenhood/adulthood fascination = Hong Kong! And loved it!
  • My life was a mess
  • Didn’t perform as well at work as I could have but my boss thinks I deserve an Exceed even when I protested… HAHAHA, like that also can??!
  • A close family friend/neighbour passed away after battling his sudden disease for 3 months on my birthday…it was unexpected. Not a day goes by when I don’t pass his house feeling nostalgic or sad. Why do bad things happen to good people and low lifes get to live their lives lucky as ever and without any mishaps?
  • My Outlook still has 6++ emails that are not sorted..
  • Started dating again … weird feeling...
  • Had relatives from India and experienced the nightmare of being gracious hosts
  • Cut myself a fringe and there have been mixed response till date. Mostly good from non family members. Hate maintaining it though
  • Ate escargots for the first time .. ewww but not too ewww
  • Saw my parents worst nightmare came true .. :(
  • Attended a ghazal/sufi-like concert in Singapore and came back awed! 
  • Was part of another dog rescue mission (this time involving neighbour’s dogs)
  • Started looking for property like for real and realized I missed the boat
  • Planted trees for environment !!
  • Got proposed (no, not marriage) but didn’t say yes or no
  • Took part in my first marathon! 
  • Attended a youth camp after a long gap and had fun!
  • Re-connected with old friends!
  • Re-cycled more last year, extracting glass bottles, aluminum cans and plastic bottles in separate bags :)Yup, more households should start segregating their waste.
  • My past caught up with me and left me reeling in shock/despair And yes, I know im STUPID
  • Spent the new year’s eve at home watching 3 Idiots, not bothering to look at fireworks
  • My weight started piling up and ended the year being 60 kilos ! By the end of the year, I could not fit (without looking obscene) for about 70% of my clothes (I kid you not! Not exaggerating either!)
  • Bought myself my first sports shoes after 9 years (the last one being when I got in Uni) 
  • Got laughed at for my ass when I attempted to jog in the park front of my house! Motivating, i know :P


Monday, 17 January 2011

Turning 29 (Part IV)

I can't believe I am writing the 4th series of a birthday that I refused to celebrate :p Nevertheless, I probably had the best birthday celebration ever this year! I'm still very overwhelmed by the entire thing.. I cant thank my friends enough for making my day... Eventough it was a surprise plan that went haywire, (even my name on the cake, did!) eventually everything fell into place..  Sorry nemo, for making you panic, I just had to! :p And poor boyfriend was getting all annoyed with my questions and with his inabilities to lie properly :p lol.. that was fun!

All said, we had a great time.. I hope everyone did! and I was so touched that so many people attended, despite the rain, jam, and work... And was very happy to have those additions (plus 1s) to the family :)

The next day was followed with party for my boyfriend.. That was fun too! it's been so long since I clubbed, and must say had a great time... and this is what he got me! another one down on the resolution list! :D yay!

and its supposingly an automatic watch.. I've never heard that before, have u? It's pretty cool n thoughtful of him, cos I always have problems with my watches.. n today I read about it that it functions based on body energy... So yeah, I'm all impressed :D

Also got some extremely beautiful candles from The C-Club... courtesy of S & K.. I'm still figuring out how to use it though, but coming from c-club I guess it must be pretty pricey..

aahhh... I'm so blessed to have friends like this! :D

Love ya all, and may 30 never come :p


Men #16

I just had to share this.. came through some forward mails..

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN?

MENtal illness

MENstrual cramps

MENtal breakdown



When we have REAL trouble, it's a.. HISterectomy.

Lol! So true..


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Turning 29 (part III)

Only half a day gone, and my birthday has already been oh so fabulous! ;)

With beautiful cards lining up on my desk..

My 1st (n hopefully the only) cake for the day!

Beautiful ring on my finger..

And a extremely gorgeous clutch ;) Thanks to my juniors..

And no pictures can describe the joy on their faces when they screamed "surprise!!" on top of their lungs n made my day ;) I was truly honestly surprised as this the best I can ask from my colleagues :)

And all this happened on the day I was planning to resign! Gosh.. I've put the letter aside now.. Hopefully I'll have the courage to do it tomorrow..

But I don't think I'll ever be able to tell my juniors the news as they sincerely believe I'm such a super boss! ;) (they said that, btw)

Looking forward to more n more love from friends tonight ;)


Happy Birthday Lilo !

Happy Birthday to dearest Lilo !
Here is a poem dedicated in your honour:

A true friend is the one who picks you up when you fall
A true friend is one that won't lie
A true friend is there when you call
A true friend is there when you want to die
A true friend knows just what to say
A true friend won't care what other people think
A true friend will help you find your way
A true friend will make sure you don't sink
A true friend will help you choose your path
A true friend will know when something is wrong
A true friend has to sometimes face your wrath
A true friend makes you feel like you belong
~ Ashley Reese

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though she knows that you are slightly cracked.

And yeah, we are all slightly cracked somewhere. I know i am :P and yet, you're stayed on! haha :P (N.e.m.o)

Lotsa Love,

Monday, 10 January 2011

Turning 29 (Part II)

Then came 2011..

On the eve of the new year, my uncle threw a party and my entire family reunited.. Then came my sister to the party with a huge cake (red velvet cake to be exact! I really don't get the hype).. but anyway, they planned to cut the cake at strike 2011 n then it came to the question of who should cut the cake.. n of cos my sister's kids and every other kid started fighting for the cake and my smartass sister decided I should cut the cake, since my bday is the closest! like wtf.. n of cos no one bothered my  loud screaming of "Noooooooooooooooo!!!" (with the back of my left hand on my mouth ala hindi movie :p ) So I cut the cake, to my entire (I really mean) entire family singing happy birthday!! So much for celebrating new year.. Cis!

That's where it all started...

Then on the 1st of  Jan, I met up Nemo and S for coffee.. talking talking n talking, suddenly there was mention of, meeting up again soon, should do a party, lilo's bday.. n tadaaa... the masterminds decided my bday will be a good reason to get together n celebrate :) n of cos I agreed, would never ever say no to party with my friends, even if it goes to the extent of celebrating my bday! *drama* lol..

Then on the 3rd, Monday, 1st text I received was a very sweet Birthday wish from a dear dear friend, who thought  my bday was on the 3rd instead of the 13th :p haha.. then he went on to profusely apologising and insisted on making it up to me on my bday.. He says let me throw you a party?? *Faint*

Then on the 4th, two of my ex-colleagues, whom I used to be close to got in touch.. I have been avoiding meeting them up lately for stupid reasons.. Looks like they never gave up on me... They "decided" my bday will be a good reason to force me to meet up with them, n at the sight of some lame excuses from me, they say, they will throw me a party n I must show up! hahaha... *slams head on the monitor*

The next day, my dad announces that he will buy me a laptop as my bday gift!! Can u believe it??? The best thing is, I was not even asking for one, even tough of course I would love love one :) *glee*

The right next day, my mom goes out shopping with her friends, and comes back home with a new top for me.. for me to wear on my birthday! *sweetness*

Then on the 7th, I receive a sweet email from Nemo & Anya, officially announcing my birthday bash! :D which now I can't can't wait to attend :) *excited*

Then on the 8th, my mom cooked special lunch on behalf of my bday.. all my favorite dishes were lined up and I was stuffed like shit... *yumminess*

Then yest, I really got the new laptop as promised =) I'm totally in love with it now, after suffering with my old one at home for a long time.. *love*

So yeah, you see now, how tone down my bday is?? So much for wanting to skip the day.. I have been reminded of it almost everyday now...

But the good thing is, I'm no longer freaking out.. I feel blessed.. to be surrounded with such lovable friends and family.. It definitely seems like a great year.. It's like all of a sudden the number 29 has become so significant! I bet this year will be a year not to forget..

But of course, being the pessimist, I cant help but to pray to god, to eliminate the hidden T&Cs for all these.. I can't help but wonder what's gonna be the catch for all this kindness?

But for now, I shall stop worrying and start enjoying the moment..

My dear 29, bring on all you've got!! I'm ready to take you down! :)

- Lilo ~ totally blessed :)

Turning 29

In exactly 3 days time, I'll be a year older.. 29 to be exact.. I've been dreading this day since months ago.. I think it was during nov I really really started panicking.. Year end has become a torturous moment to go through since I turned 25 I think.. I dread year end cos as soon as the year begins, before u can even get over the new year n holiday spirit, it will be my damn birthday! I think it's the worst time of the year to be born... Sigh...

But anyway, I was totally not looking forward to this year's bday.. Especially because I'm turning 29.. I think it's such a weird age.. It's like the number 29 is so insignificant.. Besides the fact that I won't belong to the twenties group anymore after this.. sigh..

So yeah, I think 29 is such an insignificant number bcos, all my life I never plan to achieve anything while I'm 29.. Since growing up, I always say, by 28 I must do this, by 30 I must do that, but 29 was never there.. You see my dilemma?

So after dreading in nov n freaking out in dec, I sorta decided that I don't wanna celebrate my bday this year, or I will keep it as tone down as possible.. even got my bf to agree to it.. I stopped freaking out n embraced 2011..

(to be continued...)

iLilo ~ sleepy :)

Friday, 7 January 2011

Beware of the Douchebags

For the longest time, the PinkScalers had a theory...

Our theory was that people from a town called Klang were always:
1. Not trustworthy
2. Cheap
3. Shameless

In short, people who you don't want to have as friends.
This theory was true in some ways as we came across few other people who belonged to the town and were of the characteristic as above.
* after many years, i finally met one true friend who is a dear, dear person. Like a sister to me. And she is from Klang. So i guess it might only apply to Indians from Klang? hehe (and no, im not being racist. Its something only Pinkscalers will understand)

But today we stumbled on another freakish truth:

See while not all Aries are douchebags, those that have their birthdays fall between 29 to 30 March ARE certified DOUCHEBAGS + OXYMORONS to the core!
Why so harsh you ask?

Well let’s just say people of this category LIE about each and every thing and we have solid proof collected over years of observation and personally knowing and being close to them (not like we do on purpose, just that paths cross and we become friends/relatives to them and then after you have been 'HIT', you start seeing patterns).

People of this kind have huge EGOs. They think they are super rich, or super smart or super beautiful that everyone is out there to get them or get to know them. I am not joking.

P used to think she was the prettiest of the lot. God forbid should any man even glance her way coz she will then think 'he likes me'.
She never got sticking around in a worksplace for long as she always came up with same story:
This manager likes me. And he is married. Or something about sexual harassment would be her excuse to leave.
She used to copy from Lilo not only Uni Thesis stuff but up to Facebook status updates!!
Not once, not twice but freaking each time !! Again, not kidding.
Like who does that??
On top of that, she used to lie about the car she was going to get, how she didn’t manage to get it this time round, how some priest advised her not to get this color etc etc.
There was no stopping to her lies which were the same every semester, every year.

Then we have M. Now M have a special method about lying. He lies about things that we cannot find out immediately from. (A skill honed up after years of lying i guess). He used to lie about his financial status, claiming property which he never owned to be his, claiming to go places he never been, claiming his boss sucked and he was being framed by his superiors at work, making promises which he never intended to keep, etc. The list goes on pretty long.

In short, the Pinkscalers know total of 4 douchebags that are born 29-30 March who are a nuisance to the society, who have hurt so many people around them with their pathetic LIES and behavior.
1. They absolutely love to BRAG !! (even for things they don’t own/have)
2. They love MONEY
3. They always WHINE. Like constantly..
4. They LIE thru their mouth every waking second. Even for small insignificant things that don’t require lying.
5. They love talking about themselves.. whether its how im being looked at, to how successful I am, etc..

For the life of me, I cannot think why someone would be all of the above. Don’t they have fear for GOD? Don’t they know the laws of Karma? Don’t they know Truth always prevails in the end? Don’t they know people are not dumb and can actually see thru their lies?

Yes i know some of you may argue, 4 is not a number we should make our conclusions on.
So you are welcome to comment if you do know personally those born between those dates that are not douchebags.
But as Pinkscalers, we reserve the right to hold our own opinion and beliefts (it is our blog anyway :P).


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thank god!

So I got a job offer today! :) yeeehaaaaa... Finally..

Didn't expect my resolution to come true this fast, but yeah, this year do seem to be on a good track :)

Looks like tears do get answered sometimes..

Luv u god!

iLilo :)

ps: thank u Anya for the help! xoxo..

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sometimes when I'm driving, I wish for a big trailer to crash into mine out of nowhere.. Not because of anything.. It's just a temptation..

Sometimes when I'm working, tears roll down my eyes non stop.. Not because something happened, but it just happens.. I wipe my tears n I continue working like nothing happened..

So yeah, sometimes I'm sad..
Sometimes I'm down..
Sometimes I cry..

And I don't need a reason to do all that.. In fact, I don't actually have any reason for all that.. It just happens.. As simple as that..

Is that so hard to understand? Why don't you get it?

iLilo :(

Siem Reap 2010

My trip to Siem Reap was a resounding success! Although I've read that Angkor Wat is considered to be greater than the pyramids I wasn't expecting much because I've been to the pyramids and I couldn't imagine Angkor Wat being more spectacular. I was glad to be proven wrong.

Our guide was a really good story teller. His stories combined with the architectural wonders of the temples, it was like the history books from secondary school, the Mahabratha and the Ramayana came to life...

Since a picture says a thousand words, here's some...

Sunset at Bakheng Temple

Angkor Wat - early in the morning

Intricate carvings at Bantaey Srei Temple

Tomb Raider filmed at Ta Prohm Temple

Faces of Bayon Temple

Pre Rup Temple - built way before Angkor Wat

View of the main entrance from the top of Angkor Wat

:) Anya :)

Monday, 3 January 2011

Two O One One

Hola, people! Happy new year!

So its a brand new year and a brand new Monday of the year.. but some things don't change, so does the Monday blues.. definitely cant expect for it to be any less bluer after a week long break!

I see that many people feel the same way about 2010. It was a year not to be remembered, not many good things happened. Everyone seem to be glad its over and so am I. Really hoping for some miracles to take place in 2011. Especially if its true that the world will end in 2012 my ultimate dream come true  then this year better be a bloody good year! I see some good signs, fingers crossed, let's see...

So of course, I've got my resolutions more like the things I would need to spend for this year... So here are my 11 resolutions for the year 2011..

1. Always at the top of my list, to lose some weight this year! I really really absolutely MUST MUST lose some weight.. 5kg to be precise.. anything more will be a bonus!

2. I need to get myself a new JOB! like ASAP...

3. Buy at least two new handbags this year! :) If one of them can carry the "Coach" name, it would be extra nice...

4. I need a watch (note: need and not buy)

5. Go for a holiday out of Asia pac... tired of the Asian countries..

6. Get a new tattoo!! I really really want a tattoo on my ankle...

7. To be more adventurous..

8. Clear my credit card and loan debts.. How unlikely

9. Start wearing colors and dresses! How unlikely

10. NOT do anything to my hair and try to love it the way it is.. hoping for all the grey hair to go away..  again, how unlikely..

11. last and the least, err, get my bf to meet my parents? haha, tell me about it..

But hey, impossible is nothing! Yeah, I am positive like that this year!

Lilo :)