Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Feels like an eternity

I've spent the last one month in an isolated island in Portugal. More like I've survived a month now.

I was worried if I will even make it through, I prayed for some miracle to happen and our client will suddenly change their mind and send me back home. But of cos I'm ain't that lucky, none of that happened.

I've been away longer, but this felt like an eternity. Let's see, so how did I survive?

I splurged on a brand new shoe when I had to walk some miles the first day and never did after that ;) I bought lots of blackberry cider and chips to get through the nights. I got creative with my food, attempted new recipes that doesn't involve cooking! Oh, and I actually bought a freaking kettle.

I watched lots and lots of drama and learned all about scandals involving top politicians. I played lots of CoC and CC :p

I made some friends. Maybe one friend. Despite the language barrier, someone that I can talk to and share some story with over lunch.

Just like that, I wish I can say that, but no; after a real long wait, time has finally passed! I'll be going home soon! Hallelujah :D


In case you are wondering, yes, I honestly do not know what is the point of this post. Ok thanks bye.