Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dear Idiot..

Dear Idiot,

I am quiet; reserved and anti social. But that's for me to decide. You don't get to judge me. I am the way I am for a reason.

After meeting so many people of your kind (read:idiot), the filter between my mind and mouth has evaded over the years. So my speech now is limited to swear words, curses and it's relatives.

To compensate the loss of the filter, I now have a new nerve connecting my mind directly to my middle finger. So yeah, there you go. If you don't wanna regret your life hearing a quiet-reserved-shy looking Indian girl speaking her mind, stay out of my way.

And the hand action might give you sleepless nights unless you are used to getting that a lot, of course.

And my vocabulary now that is limited to eff sounding words when translated to Tamil will sound so vulgar that your ears might start bleeding. So yeah, now stop asking why I don't speak in Tamil.

And I don't want to have a conversation with you because I'm least interested in knowing what shit you had for dinner nor how sucky your life is. No matter how sucky your life is, I know I will win hands down having to tolerate people like you everyday.

And btw, mind you, I'm not open minded just because I speak only f words now. My mind is so close that it doesn't take in any criticism at all. So if you got stuff to say like I am weird or complicated, I only take them as compliment with a smile of victory. So if that's not what you meant, please shove it down you know where.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Whatte Surprise?!?

Today, my boyfriend and I both received a "box of surprise" at work..

He received the above and I received the below!

Not saying anything anymore!


P/s: whoever who still thinks there is god please go jump off a building today! kthxbai.

Men #22

After trying all the tricks up my sleeve; I finally gave up! Some people just don't get it. So I succumbed to this:

r u married?

I am single

guess u r single too

why do u guess taht?

just a guess
am i rite?


oh. so u are married then

soon to be married

my advance wishes to u

thank u

anyway i guessed it rite

U r still single
he he
only soon to be married


remember ar u r still single!

Sorry, I gtg

Talk to u tomorrow
see you
ta ta
bye bye
c u

No words!
(Anya, and you thought not yet will work? :p )


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Little pleasures of life..

There's nothing in this world that can beat the pleasure of:

- at the end of a very stressful day, walking into a random but familiar store and stuffing the basket with all the things that you don't actually need you will need in future

- and ending the sweet adventure by swiping that shiny little card that has been calling out my name each time I open my wallet and giving the best ever signature

Aaaaaahh, such bliss! :)


Sunday, 4 September 2011

New crisis..

As it is my list of quarter life crises are long enough.. Now I've got a new one to add..

I've just realized that once you have surpassed that certain age and as you near the big thirties; people, especially the less brainy men, no longer ask simple questions like "are you seeing someone?" or "do u have a bf?" like how guys used to ask back in those days..

Now, the golden question seem to be the one n only "are you married?" and full-stop.

And they go on making their own assumptions or probably they don't care less.

It's hard for a girl like me to tell without looking overly "perasan'ed" that "hey, I may not be married; but I'm not interested in you!" (and I already have or am seeing someone )

It annoys me that men assume if you are hot old and not married, you must be single and ready to mingle..

Being back in the men-dominated-engineering world this is my latest crisis that I am finding it hard to deal with :p

Anya gave me a brilliant suggestion to start introducing myself as "I have a boyfriend; and my name is.... "

I thought that was a good one ;)