Thursday, 30 July 2009

Weekend @ Perhentian

After what seemed like endless waiting, we finally made it to Pulau Perhentian! It was everything we ever wanted and more.

We snorkeled!

We swam with baby sharks, our very own Nemo got acquainted with her fellow nemos and we fed an assorted array of colourful fish with bread right from our fingers. And lucky us - we even spotted a turtle coming up to the surface for air.

We ate, drank and were merry!

As soon as we arrived, we asked the locals where we should head to that night for a lil partying and everyone pointed us to Tuna Bay. So with our expectations high for a wild night, we headed to the rustic little beach cafe. Well, there was no partying to be found. Instead we found the coolest bar tender ever - Uncle Bartender.

I would have expected him to be wearing a Pagoda Singlet and shorts, serving Kopi Aik Cheong in a Kedai Kopi instead of serving up cocktails. And his cocktails were pretty good actually - although he did seem to be a lil bit colour blind and couldn't really differentiate between the Green Scorpion and the Blue Ocean - but it was all good! Apart from being the cashier, Uncle Bartender was also the DJ, playing today's best love songs.

We checked out loads of hunks although most of them were there with their partners.

No harm in admiring and appreciating God's wonderful creations right?

Most importantly, we left our mark - literally!

So although our accommodations were quite dingy and our guide was quite a sleazebag and we're all not as fair as we used to be, I think all of us agree that the whole weekend was F.U.N !

I'm already looking forward to our next trip!

~sun burnt Anya~

Men #09

I have received many of these.. but this particular one definitely topped them all!

"bumped onto ur profile pic...u look so beautiful. Like a million bucks..awesome..stunning.. I am stunned now..add me pls.. Dave :)). "

- Lilo (Men never fail to amuse me!)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Men #08

Can anyone please tell me why are men so freaking slow????

They are worst than sloths!!! They can never do anything fast unless they are rushing (more like running far behind deadline) or when they are in deep shit!

They think slow, they write slow, they type slow! aaaargghhh... i'm having a tough time with my male colleagues who make me want to strangle them each and every time!!

This is a fast paced business, u idiot! move, move, move or get the hell out of here!!


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Pigged Out!

I had an interesting dinner yesterday.. the meal that we ordered, comes with a story and some rituals.. so we had to perform those rituals too...

thats the spanish guy, telling us the story...

they were things like, u have to wish for something then have to cut the meat served using a plate.. yeah a normal plate.. the meat was really tender.. then the guy tells another story, and you have to choose between two options, for love or money? then you have throw and break the plate.. the more the plate shatteres, the more the "love" or "money" you are supposed to get..

and of course, he chose "love" ;) *grin*

the only sad part is, this is how our meal looked like...

actually it wasnt that big la.. It was probably just as big as a keyboard

yeah, it was a poor little piglet!! it looked so pitiful that I didnt have the heart to eat... im not really a pork or pig lover, and having the pig served as a whole was a turn off... but of cos the rest of my gang totally enjoyed it... they were all finger licking and bone sucking! :p

but anyway, it was indeed an interesting dinner.. I opt for some salad and pasta, and they were all yummy... we even got mushroom soup for starters and tequilla shot for dessert as complimentary...

unfortunately, cant remember the name of the place now.. but its in Jalan Changkat Raja Chulan, opposite Ceylon Bar and twenty one. Go check it out, if you want a total "pig" out session!

By: Lilo

Friday, 10 July 2009

My wedding!

I came upon a very silly quiz in fb yesterday.. it was so silly that I had to take it.. but the result was indeed very interesting ;)

Lilo took the What date will you get married? quiz and got the result: Nov 25, 2009..

how cool is that?? see, toldja!

I have less than 4 months to prepare and now im seriously panicking!

1. I have nothing to wear (more reasons to go check out the megasale)
2. I havent book the flights for my honeymoon (more reasons to travel again)
3. I havent decide if I want a english wedding or a indian wedding.. a garden wedding or a beach wedding..
4. I havent got a date for my hen's night..

but at least my frens have suggested a great solution to my least concern on how to find a groom for the wedding...

we gonna party hard on my hen's night and collect numbers of candidates to be the groom :) heeeyaa!

- a lil too excited Lilo

Thursday, 9 July 2009

I forgive you..

(X is the person who "accidentally" hit may precious car (a red, hot Suzuki Swift) in Sunway Pyramid car park on 7th July 2009, approximately around 7.30pm to 10pm)

Dear X,

I just wanted to say, I forgive you! I am sure you have been regretting your actions and haven't been able to eat any proper food since that night. I am sure even when you force yourself to eat, you always end up getting choked. I understand how you must be feeling, thus I forgive you.

I know it wasn't really your mistake. Probably, your car reverse sensor was no longer working because you just got fired from your job and have no money to get it fixed. Its ok, I understand.

Or maybe you were born deaf that you couldn't actually hear the reverse sensor beeping. Not your fault, i blame it on the god.

Or maybe you did realize when you accidentally hit, but you have a bad injury in your leg that you couldn't come out to see how bad the damage was. It's ok. It wasn't that big anyway.

Or maybe, you were in extreme rush, cos you just got a call from home saying your cat is dying! house caught on fire! or maybe your partner got robbed! Whichever the real reason was, it is indeed bigger and more important than the small damage on my car.

So yes, I totally understand and I forgive you. Please don't worry about it.