Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Vee day!

To the two gorgeous ladies I love the most, happy valentines day babes! There's no reason not to show your love, let's celebrate! <3


P/s: to one person, I love on this blog, happy valentines day to you too! :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

its so last year, don't even ask :P

Ye' ol 2011 updates:

  • Some normalcy came back to my household after a depressing year especially when brother got back. Was a good change to see some smile on parents faces and have their attention diverted to brother's homecoming, operation, food and studies.
  • Witnessed a minor part of the Arab Spring movement (in Bahrain). Cool stuff
  • Ended the 'so called relationship' i had with G. But it was all good. We are friends and always will be friends.
  • Updated my darn CV but didn't get any job or any interview calls (hard to swallow this but looks like no one wants me :( or they are cheaper resources out there) ~ sigh
  • Had the MOST AWESOME surprise birthday party ever. I had no idea even up to when i was at the restaurant. Like totally gobsmacked. And seeing all my near and dear ones, with the gifts they bought me was truly touching. And i got an iPad! double yay ;D
  • Lost mojo for work (nothing new, nothing new)
  • Ran 3 marathons (an improvement from 1 last year) and did 5 KM without fainting :P
  • Discovered the gym in the office and started gym'ing
  • Lost 2 kilos! yay!
  • Started dating again and this time I'm not doing it for the sake of my parents. But more because I'm into him.
  • Bought a property!

p/s: Haven't blogged in aeons because I'm lazy and too busy. Loads to write but I'm just writing a very short blog post to sum it all up (now that I'm already signed in as PinkScaler. SEE? Thats how lazy i am!). So yea, i like to kill few cats with one stone.

and yes, im still alive and kickin. Still prefers 2012 to end so my 'duh-lazy-to-live' tendencies are still there.

From the person who has 5 albums due on facebook to share out,

...and Manic Mondays never leaves me

Pre-@#$% Monday

  • Arm hurts like hell went for a massage but still didn't help
  • Work emails and tons to do come Monday (which made me not look forward for Monday at all or the coming months)
@#$% Monday

  • My sister (carpool mate) bails out at the 11th hour (despite me checking with her the night before if we were to carpool) forcing me to look for parking lots frantically from team mates while having my morning toast.
And i don't even want to get started on my carpool and sister problems. Or the carpark problems. And yes, i still haven't found that job yet.
  • Texting my ‘sorta boyfriend’ to inform him our plans will have to change YET again.
Not only i was seeing him after almost 2 months (he was supposed to be back 2 weeks ago), i had to re-arrange the whole arrangement of 'logistics'.
  • Lost my good mood of anticipating to meet him :(
  • Arm hurts like hell and great, now I'll be driving total 100KM and more 
  • Can't take Emergency Leave (EL) or Sick leave or work from home because i know one guy has already applied for today in advance and I'm already short on people.
Running 4 people for a team that works on 24/7 shift is really NOT a joke. Especially when the team members tend to take ELs and Sick leaves like they are doing the organization a favor by even showing up to work.
  • At one point between tea and ironing my once perfect but now ruined after a cycle in the machine new Gap trousers, i must admit, i was very tempted to take EL but i decided to do the responsible thing.
  • Halfway dressing up for work, get a text from my team mate who is regular in taking sick leaves.
Text: "I need to take EL to take care of my girlfriend bla bla bla bla...."
Note: this is second time he used such excuse. 

Over the 3 years of managing this team, I have lost count the amount of times I get text messages of this nature. And best part is, they come from everyone except me in the team! I have even started to guess the contents of the SMSes each time I receive one.
  • So now I am down to 2 pax (another girl and i). Lucky thing she is on the night shift this week and I’m on morning shift. Big PHEW!
  •  Then of course, as my bad luck would have it, its bad traffic all the way.
  • While driving, I remembered, I need to pay cash at the 4 tolls today. So much for getting to work fast :P
Why? Because it’s my sister’s turn to fill up the SmartTag and I put it on the table since Friday for her to fill it in. So yea...

Huffs & Puffs,

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Aaarrgghhh!! The suspense is killing me!!

The big question running through my mind and everyone else around me is: WHEN?

I know millions of women go through this everyday all over the world, so my experience is hardly unique. But still! All the unknowns and how-will-it-bes are nail bittingly thrilling and scary at the same time.

My gynae seems to think the baby will arrive anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. Lots of people are asking if I'm ready. Eeerrr, no!

I don't think anyone can ever be truly ready for their lifes to be so radically changed.

My mantra:

Stay calm.

Think positive.



Will someone please remind me of my noble intentions when the time comes?


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Millionaire in making!

I've been thinking what would I do if I suddenly turned a millionaire, multi-millionaire to be precise.. Will I quit my job? hell, yes! or will I just go on a long long holiday but, eew, I don't wanna travel anymore so it got me thinking..not like I've anything else better to do here

Anyway, this started when a taxi driver I met in Perth, out of the blue told me, I should buy a lottery.. He thinks I've a 'lucky face' and the draw for the week was going for 30million!! I just thought that was a random nice thing to say and ignored it.. And on my last day stay in Perth, I got a text from him reminding me to go buy the lottery before 5pm that day.. Let's just ignore the part about why the taxi driver is texting me :p but that's what made me think.. Been doing that for days now..

I have made a list in my head.

1. I wanted to help solve all the problem and buy a Ferrari for certain someone :p but then I know he might not accept it.. So crossed it out of the list..

2. I wanted to quit my job and go for a really nice holiday and maybe travel around for months. But knowing it's so not fun going alone, I was thinking of getting nemo to resign from her job, (she's working too hard :p) and travel with me.. Of cos I'll totally pay her to do it.. Salary + holiday, nemo what say you? :p I've left Anya out as the baby would need mummy to be around.. At least for now :p

3. Then I thought I should do something totally useful for myself with the money.. Like doing what I love for a living.. Which of cos I don't know what.. Then this brilliant idea came about.. I should totally take up and study medicine! I can go to a real cool country, be all student again and have fun for 5 years.. And I still could work for another 20 years or so, so it's not too bad to start, right? But then, when I really analyzed the thought, I realized it could be biased due to watching all those greys and private practice that I love :(

4. And this morning doing some programming sort of thing during my training, I rekindled my love for programming.. I really did enjoy the subject.. I loved playing around with the commands till I get something I want and seeing the results on screen was so joyful.. So now, I'm considering a Masters in Software Engineering.. or IT.. or whatever.. Just can't help feeling so proud of myself :)

All smiles,

P/s: I never bought the lottery! :(

Friday, 3 February 2012

Did I mention, I have successfully crossed out my very first resolution?

Loving my 4s <3

I saw this on a friend's facebook status and thought, 'How true!'

Scientists say the universe is made of protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention MORONS