Saturday, 30 October 2010

Diwali is here!

It's time of the year again, when it's legal to shop :) n of cos i wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything.. So I totally optimized it last night at pavilion..

Loving all my new findings.. Especially the jeans that assured me I'm still the same size :) n the sexy little black dress that I'll probably never wear for another year.. Haha..

But unfortunately none of my new clothes went past the black, greyscale..

My bf's attempt to make me look more "feminine", failed miserably..

Anyway, mission accomplished.. Now it's time to figure out how I'm gonna fix the damage on my credit card.. Hmmm..

iLilo :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


This morning, somehow the word 'snooze' appeared like 'success' in sleep.. So I kept pressing it and continued sleeping :) haha!

I even made a mental note half asleep that iPhone is so cool, it motivates you early in the morning! Lol!

Yeah, sometimes I'm just dumb like that..

iLilo :)


I know I am going crazy, when I decide to do something like this..

iLilo :)

Monday, 25 October 2010

Revisiting resolution..

Since this year is running on a super high speed, I decided do to a rain check to see how far have I come.. I sort of made a list early this year on things I need to achieve, this. So I'm just revisiting to see, what else I need to buy achieve before the year ends..

So this is what I had in my list:

1. Chanel handbag - not gonna happen for sure :(

2. Issey Miyake perfume - can, can, working on it

3. Nokia N97 or iPhone- got my iPhone :)

4. DKNY or Guess power glasses - after years of wearing glasses, finally bought one that I like :)
5. Giorgio Armani sun glasses - forget it laa

6. Play station 3 or 2 – over due gift for my bf - now its iPhone4 :p

7. Fossil wallet - can do without

8. Trip to Hanoi (better work this time!) - it worked :)

9. Trip to Bali/Cambodia (again! :) ) - booked Bali for December! yay!

10. new job - this is the sad story of my life... ishk ishk, still hope I'll find one before end of the year..

11. peace - hmmm, where do you buy that?

crossed out only 4 out of 11?? oh no! this is bad! sigh... only have 2 months left...

- Lilo high on monday blues..

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Laughing out loud

Hahaha, my bf send me this today!

"Its actly nt susah to b my gf u kn0w! its so susah to b ur bf."

iLilo :)

Friday, 15 October 2010


I saw you on Thursday..
I can see you on Saturday..
But it's never like seeing you,
on a Friday..
So, is it Friday?
or is it you that I like?

Hmm, I can't decide!

iLilo :)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

smellllllyyyyyy !!!!

I'm having training in a room not far from where my colleague let go of the rat yesterday....(Yes! At the office!)

And there's a dead rat smell in the room!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

In the name of love 2

People do lots of heart warming, weird, crazy, stupid and unbelievable things in the name of love.

Heck, I've watched football matches in the name of love and I don't know anything about the game except if your ball goes into your opponent's net, it's a goal. Unless it's an off-side - a concept that I just never understood.

Today I witnessed a display of love which just left me speechless. On the way to lunch....

Colleague:  Oh shit, I've left the rat in my car!

Me (driving my car-thank God!):  What the hell do you mean you've left a rat in your car??

Colleague: My house has got this rat infestation problem recently. So I've been catching rats almost every week..and I let them go somewhere else.

Me: What? Why? Kill them!

Colleague: Cannot la...wife's instructions. She'll kill me if I kill them. So I have to let them go away from the house.

Me: Like we don't have enough rats, you're helping to keep their population growing...

Colleague: What to do....that day she cried cause I accidentally broke a rat's legs...

It's rats we're talking about here people. Smelly, disgusting, diseased rats! Not fluffy bunny rabbits!


Friday, 1 October 2010

In the name of love..

It all seems like a little deja vu.. Last year I actually went to watch the 1st screening of transformers, in the name of love of cos.. This

I cant believe I'm doing this, but yes, today I'm going to watch the 1st screening of Enthiran The Robot..

So much of hype, and so much that I have heard about this movie!!! It better be nice n better be worth of my mc :)