Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I am wondering.. what do you tell a guy, very politely, who is head over heels in luv with you, that you dont feel the same way?

Well, for a start, I have said things like, I am attached to someone, I have a boyfriend, I dont think I can go out with you.. You dont know me.. things will not workout..

And he seem to realise that, I am not single, I am not interested, I will never go out with him, things will not work out between us..

So what do I do now? Ignore him just because he likes me.. or be his friend or at least try to be cos I think he's a good guy n he's fun...

decisons.. decisons... sigh....


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

n i said, YES!!!

- lilo -

Monday, 22 February 2010

Think again ...

Who says I can't afford a BMW?


Disclaimer: This Pinkscaler could afford it but hadn't sunk to such depths of desperation


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Go fly a kite!

On a totally irrelevant note, I asked a friend to "go fly a kite" last week and he asked me what it meant.. so for the benefit of other "dumbos" like him out there:

Idiom Definitions for 'Go fly a kite'
This is used to tell someone to go away and leave you alone.

not being able to secure movie tickets over the holiday weekend, my bf and I decided to do something different from our usual dates, to go fly a kite! ;)

it was a very lame but fun attempt.. for the record, i have never actually flew a kite myself before.. I shall let the pics be self explanatory..

my very lame attempt

and again!

to the rescue..

whoaaa, finally, we were up in the sky!!
(propably for 5mins, then it came back crashing :p)

and like every other kite-flyer, i blame it on the wind :p

Lilo :)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Valentine's Day 2010 (not!!)

When I was in school, I had a love-hate relationship with V-Day. I used to envy the popular girls who used to get bouquets of flowers while I got chocolates from friends. I used to wonder what it would be like to celebrate V-Day for real.

And than came university and I had a boyfriend and the V-Days that followed were always exciting. Mostly because of the anxious anticipation - I had no idea if I would get any gifts. But I did; I got the soft toys, the flowers, the perfumes, the chocolates.

Than came working life and all the "must-dos" of Valentine's Day started loosing it's allure.

This year Nic and I decided not to celebrate Valentine's Day. But ironically, the year we decided not to celebrate turned out to be the best Valentine's Day to date.

The day started off with "Happy Valentine's Day dear" and a smooch and nasi lemak. Than because the weather was so terribly hot and humid (the kind of heat that makes you lethargic and snappy), we decided to take refuge in the coolness of the rainforest. We packed a small picnic (McDonald's burger and Mister Potato) and headed to Janda Baik.

We claimed a spot under a huge shady tree and with our feet in the ice-cold water, he read the newspapers and I read Confessions of a Shopaholic (again!:)). Occasionally a brightly coloured dragonfly or bird would catch my attention. How blissful!

Later that night we went bowling with my brothers in Midvalley. It was hilarious because all of us were terrible at it. The bowling ball was going everywhere else except down the lane to hit the skittles. We were all laughing so hard it hurt to gasp for breath. I think Sashi broke all records for terrible bowling with a total score of 4 points for the first 10 throws in the first game. Now, that's a record that's gonna be hard to break!

Even worse than our scores were probably our display names on the score board - Sambar, Mariamma, Kuppusamy and Karupiah. Real typical estate, redneck Indian names. Every other Indian who walked in would point at the display on the LCD screen and snicker. I wonder if they were laughing at our names or our embarrassing scores! Thankfully our scores improved in the second game and I even managed 2 strikes!

I'm glad we did away with V-Day celebrations and had fun not celebrating V-Day this year :)


Thursday, 11 February 2010


It was already an hour past heavy traffic hours, but cars were moving rather slowly that day. It took forever for the traffic light to turn green. I was deep into thoughts, sitting behind my wheels; when I was awaken by this impatient guy on a motorcycle, vrooming away. Then I realised he was probably annoyed that there weren’t any space for him to squeeze in his bike.

With heavy hands, I swung my red Suzuki steering to the side and looked up with “you-may-go-now-look” on my face. He winked at me; before speeding his bike away. He was the first person to put a smile on my face that day. He caught me by surprise. Smile. And for the record, he was actually cute. Smile.

Immediately, I straightened my posture, placed both my hands on the steering wheel, and was excitedly looking at the light turning green when I heard the noise. It was a loud bang noise; made my stomach cringe.

Cars started moving slower than before, than I saw a group of people crowding right in front. Being extremely curious, I drove as slowly as possible looking out my car window. Then my heart went crashing. That guy; the same guy who winked at me a few second ago was lying flat on the road while a Samaritan hammering is heart. It was just like the scene I watched in Grey’s Anatomy. Waking up from what seemed like a dream, I realised, a police car from the opposite direction have rammed into the bike.

Damn. Why must life be so uncertain? One minute, a stranger out of the blue makes you smile. Next minute, he’s lying on the ground fighting for his life.

This is still surreal to me. I wonder if he made it. I said a prayer for him before I went to sleep last night. Sigh.

By: Lilo

P/S: Does this sound like a story? I want to write a book someday, so I am trying. But no, this isn't a strory. It happened just yesterday.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

the "urban" names..

have you ever used the urban dictionary? i did today, n guess what i found? :)

shucks, the image isn't clear.. just gonna leave it here to prove that i'm not making this up :) nways, the definition to my name was....

1. Bringer of joy,love, and peace. Universal healer and being of alchemical, transformational abilities. Related with the tripple goddess of the moon; mother, maiden, and crone; reminding us to embrace each season of life.

Lilo brings many blessings to this earth.

2. Totally rockin' chick from the midwest. Everyone loves a Lilo and wants to be friends with a Lilo. She is hip. She is cool. She rocks!

That girl is such a Lilo I wish I was like her!

3. One of the coolest chicks in the world. She knows how to party, and yet, has a huge heart and is deeply compassionate with her less gifted, witless Lilo friends.

The girl is such a Lilo, party on girl!

** (Replace Lilo with real name)

wohoooo.... the best definition ever... i have tried finding the meaning for my name for a long time, but never actually found one, cos its so yucky unique ;) n today, this urban dictionary made my day.. thank u to the one who defined me :p n for makin me laugh so hard for my friends' names definitions...

check out anya's , she's called a goat..

1. (n) Another word for goat.

"Hey, did you go to the petting zoo?"
"Yes, and I fed all the Anyas there!"

lol :p n this...

2. a foul disgusting ugly character. very self obbsessed and has no character. Will become a clone of best friend,then bitch about her and try to be a better version of themselves, and fail miserably.

"Ew! its a Anya"
"Oh my god I had one once, it wouldnt stop following me"

"Aww poor Anya..........NOT"

hehehe, really poor anya... and nemo was defined as:

1. someone who is smart and cool . speacily nice. Also it means god gift .

Tom : talk behind her back
Nemo : i know u were talking behind my back but i don`t really care and still being nice


Thursday, 4 February 2010

weirder me..

I have a strong urge to write today, i just dunno what to write about...

I'm so confused with everything that has been happening... I'm becoming way weirder!

some unusual things I have been noticing about myself..

#1 I'm craving for all the things that I hate or have never eaten in the past 20 somethin years of my life... I have actually been vegetarian for the past few days.... like seriously... anyone who know me well, would consider that as a sign to end of the world...

#2 I turn one simple sms from a friend to 20 follow up questions with the intention start a conversation... that's so pathetic ok? n one actually got irritated yest...

#3 I can never hear the alarm anymore... n i wake up late every single day, no matter how early i sleep.. i never really had this trouble before.. i wud usually be so hardworking to wake up n set a new time n go slp again...

#4 I walked into 7e yest hoping for them to sell cocktails in cans... sigh... n i had to settle with ice lemon tea instead of the long island tea or margarita that i much needed...

ok, thats long enough to post.. so there it goes...