Monday, 29 November 2010

So pissed!!

No word to describe the level of pissness I am at right now.. Aaarrgghh!! Pissed kali sepuluh!!

My mom is so annoyingly naive n dumb at times..

It doesn't help that I am at a unarguable situation right now!

But yeah, fucking hell.. Next year is already looking so super bright!!


Bali - The Island of Gods

On a positive note, in less than a month, I'm off to the Island of Gods, Bali =) to kickstart my one week break... the week we all wait for for the whole year is finally here...

looking forward to these..

Yes, I do know that pictures can be deceiving.. but I have just heard so much about Bali that I must go see it with my own eyes..

so yeah, something to keep me going for the remaining few weeks :)


Pay Day is the New Pay Bills Day!

Pay is coming in tomorrow, but instead of joying over the fact, here I am thinking how on earth am I gonna survive another month.. this is becoming too common now.. no matter how much I earn, it just doesnt seem to be enough.. pay is merely enough to pay bills :p

I dunno when will I ever recover from this financial mess aka deep shit.. its been 4 years of working and nothing has changed.. besides the credit cards that are constantly going off the limit...



Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The world revolves around me, of course!

"I spin my head right round, right round, when I go down, when I go down down..."

This year has been a very sickly year for me.. Besides the flu, cough n their entire family that will never leave me.. I've also been getting all kind of weird sickness throughout the year.. And the freaking doctors have so not been cheap, okay??

1st it was my wisdom tooth that just cant be extracted normally but must be surgically removed.. N the unbearable food-less week following after.. Aaahh...

Then it was the weird discovery of a bald patch on my head.. N of cos the normal GPs were totally clueless n I had to get 2nd n 3rd opinions.. Mind u, opinions don't come free!

Then it was my non existing womanhood.. n my continuos affirmations to the GPs n even pharmacist that, "yes, I know I am not pregnant!".. Yet, no one as diagnosed me to date!

So anyway, back to what I was singing just now.. Do you know that my head actually spins right round every time I go down?? Freaky!!! No?

So yeah, it has been 4 days now.. Each time I bent down n look up my world totally spins around me.. Sigh... I really don't know why.. As much as I am delaying the doctor's visit, it's also so annoying.. I am darn sure the docs are gonna 1st give me a blur look n then tell me, it's normal, you just need some rest, n give me a hundred dollar bill.. N so will the second doctor..

So now I am thinking, should I really go through all the trouble or shall I just sit back n enjoy the world that is revolving around me? ;)

iLilo - of course! :p

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


U see that?? A lil upside down, but yeah, that's my friends car.. Not any proton saga but a freaking 4 wheel drive after taking THREE 360 spin in the middle of a fast moving highway.. Scary, no?

But thank god my friend got out of it with just one scratch on his knees.. That's bout it, really..

Although, I just called n reminded him how he could have died, n how this could just be a sign that he is gonna die soon etc etc.. And how I think it would be so cool if he really did..

Honestly, I am blogging about it now, because I'm so glad you didn't.. If you ever bump into this blog one day, I want you to know that I truly thank god that you are alive today!


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Annoying Relatives

Another social obligation last night. A relative invited my family for Deepavali dinner at his posh condo in Mt Kiara. I don't know who this person is so I was reluctant to go but I didn't have the heart to protest too much when my Mum was asking really nicely, so I went.

Another reason I wasn't looking forward to going was all the nosy grannies that would be there, asking annoying questions such as :-

~ Where is your husband?
~ How long does he have to be there / When will he be transferred back to KL?
~ Why don't you go to Sarawak?

Actually, that's not the worst part. The annoying part is the look which varies from pity to disapproval that they give me when they realise we're going to be living apart for a while more. I know it's no point explaining to them that I'm perfectly happy with my life right now. Of course I miss N but ever since I got the department transfer, the longest we've gone without seeing each other is 2 weeks. It used to be 2 months.

I still get to do my own thing without having to check with N's schedule like hanging out with my friends, spending time with my family, being a bum and lazying around...and I can say it would be the same for N as well. At the same time, when N is around I enjoy doing wifely things for him like cooking for him, going for dates and getting him to fix things around the house. Obviously the grannies have not thought of marriage as being happy together and not just living together.

So grannies, buzz off! I don't need your pity, your advice, your disapproval. Go and annoy someone else.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Top 15 Reasons to Move On..

You know that you deperately need a new job, when:

  1. You snooze your alarm that rings at 5.50am up to 6.50am, every 5 minutes....
  2. Yet, you catch a sleep sitting at the toilet bowl until you hear some noise outside...
  3. You stare at the wrinkled pants for 30 seconds, say fck it, and wear the wrinkled pants to work..
  4. You also match it with a wrinkled shirt..
  5. You actually start driving at 80km/h..
  6. You accidentally reach office 10 minutes earlier than usual, you rather take a detour to McDonalds at other side of the world to grab a coffee..
  7. You only remember to open your outlook 40 mintues past working hours..
  8. You go to the toilet more often than you need...
  9. You sometimes take your iphone to the toilet to catch up on some game you paused last night..
  10. You read every single article on the online newspaper..
  11. You read every tom, dick & harry (sometime even their family's) blogs..
  12. You have at least 5 chat windows open, and at least 2 game windows minimized..
  13. You have read every single update on fb, yet you keep clicking on recent news...
  14. You pray for someone important to die, so you will get a day off..
  15. You write crappy blogs like this..
I thought 3 reasons were good enough to do anything new, now I have 15,
yet I can't bloody find a new job :(

- Lilo

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Needless to say, work has been busier than ever! But whenever I need to destress I know exactly where to turn to. Our "favourite" PDA couple on FB...

Gal fwen: Looking forward for a relaxing weekend and catch you in less than 48 hours lover boy!

Bfwen likes this.

Bfwen: 2 hours gal fwen

It's mild compared to all their previous posts but it did make me gag smile..


Monday, 15 November 2010

Men are funny!

and dumb :p
Since I'm having the bluest monday,
below is a sms conversation between me n a guy, S, a family friend whom I only meet during weddings and functions.. he hits on me everytime we meet n that's bout it.. I ignore his calls following the occassion.. so anyway, i got his sms recently..

S: hello there, how are you today? had ur lunch? how was deepavali? hope you had a great time. Hows life? everything alright? Simply thought of dropping by your inbox. Cant avoid, miss u! ;)

Me: Hi there, I'm good, diwali was fun! how was urs? Have a great day! :)

S: The real fun is being with your family members. I had a superb deepavali too. Long time never meet you, im missing you silently. What to do, I can only see you whenever there is a function.. Anyway, you take care..

Me: Haha, come la my house for deepavali.. Anyway, c u soon, tc!

S: I'm not a person who bothers about what people will say. Because end of the day its all about you, you & you!! But then, among the family members that I know for a couple of years, its hard for me to take my own step and come and meet you, unless its with them again. Hope you will understand my situation. We'll see how ok? Im sure our time will come.. be patient k? take care dear..



Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lolo gets hitched!

See what I found??

Yes, thats my ex boyfriend going on his knees on a halloween night ;)

Not that I am stalking him or anything.. he just happens to be on my fb..

As much as I love the whole proposal drama idea; I think this is so weird....

or maybe I am a lil jealous, usually I am jealous of anyone who gets proposed.. (really, anyone!) but definitely not jealous of him or them.. just like the pic, he has become a total alien to me...

So anyways.. wish them all the best in life.. Congratulations lolo! :)


Monday, 1 November 2010

Men at gym..

Guys you meet at the gym, are the one you should marry. They have definitely seen the worst sight of you, no make-up n all sweaty..

"if he still smiles; he's a keeper!"

And I just bumped into one :)

iLilo :)