Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hate that I have to do this!

Oh God..I did it. I finally did it!

I've been thinking about it and postponing it and dreading it.

But yesterday, I decided - Anya, grow up!

So I went and did it.

I made an appointment to see the dentist on Tuesday...Oh God...I hate dentists...and needles...and that horrible antiseptic smell in clinics.

If you think I'm freaking out over a dentist haven't seen anything yet. Wait till I start on my pap smear appointment! ;p


Friday, 14 August 2009

Lilo's Little Updates..

I can't believe I have been abandoning this blog... so tight up with work that I never get the time to blog...

Anyway, just thought of listing down everything that's running through my mind right now..

1. I so bloody want a nice designer HANDBAG!!! I have been thinking bout it for a long time now and I think its about time I treat myself with a good one...

2. I have been wondering if I'll get to go for my much awaited trip to hanoi.. my boyfriend is having some immigration issues and I doubt it will get sorted by then.. my trip is 2 weeks away and I have planned absolutely nothing :(

3. I need a proper working shoe.. current one looks so old and crappy.. not making it up ok, its true! I bought it two years ago!!

4. I am very annoyed with a colleague who pretends so well in front of me and bitches behind my back.. Get the hell out of here pleaseeee....

5. I have started working out again.. all excited now... and now only I realize how much I miss working out... I'm on a trial session in gym now... really really want to become a full time member.. but i dunno why on earth the membership must be so damn bloody expensive!!! I can afford it if I really want.. But scared I'll fall back into debts like what I was going through last year... been thinking and thinking! cant decide.. shucks!
oh yeah, I had a bet to reduce 5kgs in a month... but i'll be happy even if i loose 3kgs for now.. n yes, i need to get back in shapE!

6. and also thinking bout the personal training session I have got later.. hope he wont drill me too much.. i need my strength to enjoy the weekend!

7. i'm also sort of dieting right now.. im glad I have lasted 2 weeks.. hope i can continue this for at least another 3 months..

8. also missing him.. fridays are boring without him.. sigh... but yeah, i'll be meeting nemo darling later! yay!

thats all la..


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

finding fault is very easy.. blaming someone is very very easy.. starting a fight is even easier..

but its not easy to put up with someone..

its hard to accept someone despite of their weaknesses, faults and mistakes...

its really hard to love someone with no expectations and just the way they are..

i guess that makes me a better person.. n i want to be that better person.. hence, i'm gonna stop my tears now..

i love you the way you are.. i love you in spite of all the flaws you carry within yourself.. i love you today and i know i will love you even more tomorrow..

i hate it that i love you the way i do..

but i still do..

The Dress Search

In a few days time, I'm going to the boutique to choose The Dress. So I've been surfing the net for wedding gown ideas and I've some across so many gorgeous designs.

But some really makes me wonder what kind of taste the bride has!

But I think, this one really takes the cake for the most bizarre wedding dress ever...

Why, oh why ??