Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Despite having a sucky day at work, this one woman I spoke to earlier, managed to crack me up!

So this person I wanted to speak to wasn't around and the secretary wanted me to leave a message.

(in a stuttering tone)
Her : You name?

Me : Lilo

Her : Can I get number phone you?

(that's when I went blur!)

Me: Sorry?

(adjusted her voice, very slowly repeated)
Her: Can... I... Get... Number phone... you???

freaking god! thats when I did the malay translation in my head, "Nombor Telefon kamu?"

hahahaha, whoever u r, thank you for makin me laugh today! :)


Monday, 29 March 2010

On shaky ground

I always thought this would happen to me while I was in Jakarta. But I guess, when you least expect it, surprising things happen!

I experienced my first earthquake in Manila last week. It was not a puny one either. It was a hefty 6.2 on the Richter's Scale.

Whenever I asked people what an earthquake felt like, they'd always say they felt giddy. I didn't really understand until I experienced it myself. It was all over in less than 10 seconds but every second is crystallised in my memory - maybe because I was absolutely calm through it all and I thought it was almost funny! Let me start from when I got back to my desk on the 7th floor of my 22 storey office building after lunch.

Suddenly feeling giddy!

Me thinking to myself: Whhoooaaa!! What did I have for lunch? ~~giddy!!~~ Please don't embarrass yourself by fainting in the office!

Than I realise that I'm shaking, the chair I'm sitting on is shaking ... I turn to the Swedish guy beside me.

Me: Is it an earthquake?

Swedish guy: I think it is! (looking wide-eyed and laughing)

Me: Really??
A random Philippino in the office: Look, the blinds are swaying!

Me: So do we go downstairs?

Swedish guy: Yeah I think so.

Other Philippinos are already leaving the office. By this time the shaking had stopped.

So I get up to leave the office and see my friend from Malaysia returning from the Gents.

Fellow Malaysian: Where's everyone going?

Me: Earthquake la...we have to evacuate the office.
Fellow Malaysian: Earthquake meh? What earthquake?

Me: You didn't feel it??
Fellow Malaysian: No la...where got?
Me: Never mind.. we all have to evacuate - safety procedures.

We walked down the 7 flights of stairs and spent about an hour outside the office building, drinking Coke and making friends with other locals who told us that they hadn't had an earthquake this big in sometime. A group of men smoking opposite our office building told us they saw the building swaying slightly during the earthquake.

Finally after the security team deemed the office building safe, they allowed us to go back inside.

The next day...

I sat on my chair at my desk and it rocked a little to the side..

Me: Oh fuck! Earthquake!

... than I remembered my chair had uneven wheels at the bottom.

It obviously took sometime for the reality of the earthquake to sink in!


Friday, 26 March 2010

Stock Market Update

Wohooo... I got the answer to my last blog, so much faster than I expected... They called me at 8am in the morning, I take that as a good sign? :)


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Back in the market..

I had my first interview today.. after a very long break... I really dont know how I fared. I wasnt really prepared. Thanks to the HR Manager who claimed it was just a chat! (my foot :p) And since it was a phone interview, I couldnt really read his reactions.. So, now I got to just wait... for the phone call.. for the email...

I do badly need a job, but I dont know how badly I want this job... I still cant decide.. But i think the offer letter alone would make me feel good..

So yeah, I would like to see that.. I shall worry about the whole Singapore thing later.. if I am even hired...

I've got another interview coming up... That's in sydney.. sounds more exciting... I'm looking forward to that... Keep ya fingers crossed for me..

So yeah, that puts me back in the market.. Anyone know of any vacancy? feel free ppl...


Experiment #1

Report: Well, it was kinda hard to enter. I guess it's still tight.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

keepin mum...

My mom is in her fifties and has been a housewife for a long time now..
She used to work back in her twenties but after my younger brother was born, she stopped to take care of us.

When it comes to operating the washing machines, microwave, iron and other household modern appliances, she will diligently read the manual (which most of us Gen-Y people NEVER do) and follow the best practices.
This is a total reverse from my dad. He had the toughest time in trying to learn how to ON or OFF the telly or function the microwave.

Oddly, when it came to mobile phones, it was a different story alltogether...

For the longest time, she resisted mobile phone for herself. Whenever my dad or our phones used to ring and we would ask her to help pick it up, she used to panic and fumble on the buttons to press it. (by the time she found the 'green' button, it was always too late for the caller).

It took a lot of patience and time to finally teach her how to sms once she got the calling function right when she got her own phone sometime last year. (Yes, she finally relented).

But even then, sms from her was hard to come by...
Which brings me to the purpose of this blog...

** Preface: My mum's in India on extended stay while my sister and i headed back earlier. **

Nemo's Text to Mum Yesterday:
Tue, 9.35 AM: see if you can find the lilac accessory to match. If dun hav, its k.

Tue, 8.41 PM: I got employee of the quarter award in my dept today.. n got a laptop bag :)

Mum's Text to Nemo Today:
Wed, 1.36 PM: Congrats n now start to find a life partner.

(-_-!!) N.e.m.o

Monday, 22 March 2010


I was 15 years old. It was 14th February 1997, when I received my first rose (it was a single red rose, just like the way I like it) It was delivered when I wasn't around in class. When I returned to my desk n saw the rose, I quickly raised it up and ask whose flower is this? without having a slightest hope or clue that, it could actually be mine.. I guess I was less perasan those days.. hehe.. n yeah, the whole class ended up laughing at me. Then I saw the small card attached with my name on it. Needless to say, I was extremely surprised. Shocked actually. I was this nerdy gal in school, with huge glasses, long skirt, prefect, u get the picture..

Anyway, the sweet surprise came from a guy named N, whom I have never spoken to, had no clue of his existence until that day. My classmates did the huge favor in describing him to me in every tiny detail possible.. Then I started noticing him.. Then it made sense, why he prefers to spend his recess breaks at a really hot spot near one of my school building. I performed by prefect duties there, every day during recess.

We had more eye contacts since then.. But we never spoke a word..

Then our glory days started.. I started ruling the school politically.. I started climbing up the prefectorial ladder while he was forming a few gangs of his own.. Ppl were scared of him and me for very different reasons..

The final year of our high school was the climax.. He was getting too out of control, and I (together with the authorities of cos) decided to expel him from school... I actually initiated the whole thing... Felt really guilty when I bumped into him months after during the final exams.. (yes, thank god! he was allowed to at least sit for the final examinations, SPM)

Lot of times I have felt really guilty for doing that to him.. I took his final year of school away (we all know, that's our best memory).. I took his right from studying like any normal student.. I have wondered many times how did he score for his exams..

13 years have passed.. pheew.. n yesterday, he added me on facebook.. I was stoned for a min when I saw the add request... n today, he send me a msg.. a very sweet one asking how I am...

I cant help but to feel even more guiltier now.. looks like there are some nice guys around..


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Lilo is bored...

Lilo is tired...

Lilo needs a massage...

Lilo needs a break...

Lilo needs some alcohol...

Lilo needs a life...

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Somehow, I didnt join the bandwagon of watching 2012. I still havent watched that movie.

but anyway, I do tend to believe the end of world is coming soon.. with all the earthquakes in haiti and now chile, the snow in america, the heat in south east asia.. everything just seem to reassure the end of world is coming close... damn!

but no, i'm not sad or anything... if the world is really gonna end, like in 2012, I just have one thing to wish for... can the world please end earlier? pretty please??? like now?? seriously.. i dun think all these pain and headaches are worth going through if the world is really gona end like in the next 2 years :p

oh, god! if u r there, reading this blog, please fulfill this last wish for me... please....


Monday, 1 March 2010


Not long ago, when my colleagues asked me my age and I told them, they would say "Oh still so young!" And I would wish they wouldn't say that because young = inexperienced in my work.

Today is my birthday.

When my colleagues wished me and asked me my age and I told them, all they said was "Oh ok".



I should have been more careful of what I wished for.