Monday, 26 March 2012

A dedication

The second you arrived on 17th Feb 2012, you've completely turned our orderly world upside down, inside out.

Daddy and Mummy are taken by surprise by this unbelievable love and protectiveness we feel towards you. Of course there have been many days when we've been so exhausted and it seems like the feedings and diapers changes are never going to end and we wished you obeyed the word - SLEEP!!! But than when you smile, with your eyes shinning with innocence, we realise how blessed we are to have a healthy miracle in our arms.

Love you always my little angel.


Sunday, 25 March 2012

The relatives..

I had a "rebonding" session with the relatives today.. Being away most times has helped me in tolerating their nonsenses better these days..

I've also got used to "finally you are back, and that sarcastic where you going next?" questions.. Rarely got any, "oh, we've missed you or anything like that" :( a gal can hope, no?

But anyways, I am always more popular among the kids.. I adore my nephews and nieces.. Do you call them nephews and nieces for kids of your cousins? #justwondering

Anyway, point is, one of them made my day today..

Him: Atte, (Tamil for Aunt and the only Tamil the kids nowadays speak), Are you getting married soon?

Me: (in my head thinking, not him too) No, I'm not.. Why u ask?

Him: If you get married, then I can't play with you like this.. (followed by a soft kick)

Me: Awww... Don't worry! for your sake, I won't get married (kick him back hard)

Him: and he pretends to be hurt and rolls on the floor laughing :p


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Home soon!

I'm down to my last four days in Australia, and I feel time is moving so super slow.. It's like the whole universe is playing some kind of trick on me.. The clock never moves!

Anyway, as exaggerated as that sounds, I'm that excited to go back! Not that I'm suffering or anything here, life is good, had good share of fun, spent good share of money but nothing beats the feeling of being home, no?

Plus, there are two brand new cuties that I wanna go see badly when they are at the best period of life; all bundled and only smiling, sleeping or crying (and not talking :p)

That reminds me of my last conversation over skype with my 5 year old nephew. "you only say you are coming back, but you never come back! Can u just show me here what you bought for me at least?"