Monday, 13 October 2014

It was an ice-cold chocolate smoothie weather and I was getting mine to go. While waiting, I was mentally calculating how fast I could zip through my next two errands and make it back in time for dinner and the baby's feeding. I barely took note of the few other customers in the cafe.

Slowly though, a thin ready voice floated at the edge of my consciousness. 

"Hello, miss. Hello..."

I wasn't paying much attention, waiting impatiently for my smoothie.

"Hello, miss..siapa nama? Boleh kawan ke?"

Now, from the corner of my eye, I noticed a table of skinny teenage boys grinning at another table somewhere behind me. And trying to look all smooth and cool (but in reality looking like fools but I had to give them an A for effort). I turned slightly and saw the objects of their fascination. A couple of pretty, long haired, teenage girls. The girls had that "I'm just going to ignore your annoying like a buzzing mosquito flirting tactics and not give you the satisfaction of a reaction" look. 

I know how you feel girls, I felt like telling them. Can't even enjoy a quiet drink with the girlfriends without some pimply faced boys barging into your personal space. 

And suddenly, I almost laughed out loud as a thought dropped into my head. When was the last time I had to fend off unwanted attention from some eager guys trying to wheedle a reaction out of me? I can't remember!

What a liberating feeling!

Also, a little sad.

Most likely if it happened to me now, I'd be too flattered not to flash a smile at the silly boys, thinking, hey, I still got it! Yes, super pathetic I know. But I'm not fussy about where my ego boosting comes from.

So as I take my smoothie and walk away, I felt like telling the girls, "Enjoy the attention girls, it only lasts a few years."