Tuesday, 30 December 2008


So I am back to work today after a long five and a half days break... long but not enough definitely.. I have to work another day before I go on a four days break.. I really don't see any point in working these two days.. anyway, since my boss insisted, here I am doing everything else but work! *grin*

I believe a lil makeover is necessary now and then to make life more interesting... (at least to keep me going) So, I just gave this blog a new look.. it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, since it is not a standard template and I had to manipulate some coding.. Margie would have done a better job in this, but being the freak I am, I always had a thing for programming, so I kinda enjoyed it :)

And of course, I'm planning on a small makeover for myself too.. only if the banks would stop sending me exclusively written letters, I would have considered a new wardrobe.. now that is out of the question.. So I am thinking of a hair makeover... I haven't decided what I want to do, but constant reminders of friends and family to not cut it short like I did last time still running through my head.. My hair is really really long now.. the longest I have ever had... as much as I want to keep it long, I also feel it looks so blah!

The best option would be to curl or color it.. and again both needs MONEY! lots of it.. and curling would require lot of care and attention for which I have no time.. the last option remains as to cut it short.. to which I am contemplating.. lets see, if my adrenalin pushes me to do it.. I have less than 48 hours left to decide as I need a new look before the new year...

I wish my friends are around now to give their two cents worth... Margie is currently going through a miserable holiday back in India.. Poor gal.. And our new engaged women, Anya! is floating on cloud 9 planning her coming soon- wedding!! Did I tell u all that she has a shiny rock on her fingers already? Lucky lucky gal ;)

By: 'lilo

Monday, 22 December 2008


Compiling a list of things I achieved this year...

1. Started this blog! Halleluiah!

2. Changed jobs... (From a shit hole to an ass hole :p both equally sucks!)

3. Got promoted :) (which led to dealing with some weird creatures!)

4. Went on my first self paid trip to CAMBODIA!! (aaaww, it was awesome ;) need another next

5. Bought a brand new car!!! My first investment!! Luv my car… :)

6. Got rid of a bitch from my life.. Finally!!

7. Opened account in almost every well known bank in Malaysia! (No kidding, now I have accounts in CIMB, Maybank, Standard Chartered, HSBC, OCBC, Public Bank & Ambank)

8. Attended one of the sweetest weddings of the year! P & V’s..

9. Cleared one Credit Card! Many more to go :)

10. Made two new friends!! (the only 2, who has the privilege to read n comment on this blog :p)

11. Joined GYM :D

12. hmmm… running out of ideas already.. Does starting a FB account count? ;)

By: ‘lilo

Thursday, 18 December 2008


The year is coming to an end.. while counting the few remaining days, I have been just thinking through of my life this year.. all my days of the year were either spent at work, working for/with someone else, or else, constantly trying to please others, social obligations, etc etc..

...feeling very empty inside...

undeniably, i have had some good times with my friends, made some new friends and lost some old friends.. have made some progress in my career and have also had my share of working pain with some weird creatures..

somehow, i am still feeling very empty inside.. don't feel like i have achieved anything.. its a real weird feeling that I have so many people around me yet I feel so lonely... its a weird feeling that I work so hard but everything turns out to be just doing my job.. its so weird that I sacrifice so many things yet no one appreciates it..

sigh... is every year gonna be the same?

By:'lilo (still)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Anya has been too busy lately being busy to moan/complain/bitch about her busy life. But thinking about it, most of the busy-ness was good busy-ness so I guess that's good. (Uhhh duhhh ~~) . That's a lame conclusion but hey, that's to be expected since it's way to early in the morning to be thinking logically.

So anyway, last night Anya was thinking about some of the weird things that happened recently - the kind of things that all you can do is laugh. As Shakespeare said, life is a stage and we are all its actors... and here are the bloopers:

#3 Anya was feeling on the verge of falling sick one Friday - sorethroat, flu, slightly feverish and that sick taste in the mouth. But she had a lunch date with a good friend. So she decided to meet her friend for lunch and than go home, take some medicines and sleep. During lunch, everything felt so hazy and at one point, while her friend was telling her something (can't remember if it was interesting or not), [Anya used to think this only happens in America's Funniest Home videos!] : Anya fell asleep!

#2 Anya's brother was hungry late one night but was too lazy to go out and get a burger or something to eat. So being the kind (*ehem*) big sister, Anya volunteered to make pancakes. Anya's brother was a bit suspicious because he's been tricked many times into thinking Anya knows what she's talking about or doing (*winks*). Only after mixing the batter, Anya turns to her brother and says "This is the first time I'm making pancakes". Needless to say, the pancakes turned out to be a disaster - they looked like a glob of overcooked oatmeal mush [they tasted nice though...really, they did!]. Anya thinks next time her brother will go for that burger no matter what;)

And the mother of all bloopers....

#1 Anya was on work assignment to Zambia. And what's a trip to Zambia without visiting the Victoria Falls (the largest curtain of water in the world). This was the picture in Anya's mind that kept her excited while she endured the incredibly long journey(8 hour bus ride, the last quarter of it felt like an off-road adventure) :

But this is what she saw when she got to the Mosi-O-Tunya National Park:

Victoria Falls during the draught!


Tuesday, 16 December 2008


okay, i have finally realised that my nick for this blog LILO sounds really stupid.. to think bout it, it doesn't suit me at all.. i'm so not the cute charming gal.. the only resemblance i would have to the real Lilo would be, I always like stitch-kind-of guys.. if you are wondering who they are, they are the monstrous, real jerk types... yes, somehow i do like them..

anyway, back to my point.. i need to get a better nick to blog.. with my birthday around the corner, i realise i'm catching up on age.. n a 27 years old Lilo so doesn't click :p oh fuck, i never thought i would one day say i'm 27... seriously, that is the most sucking feeling one could ever have...

so i'm on a mission now to find a new nick.. (something more matured, bitchy, negative, angry or anything else i could be at this point of time) please suggest if you can think of something..

By: 'lilo

Thursday, 4 December 2008


One rainy day, a mother went to pick up her girl from school, thinking that the girl will fear the lightening. On the way, she found her child smiling at the sky for every lightening. She asked her why she smiled. The little girl said “God is taking my photo, so I have to look good. That’s why I smiled.” So smile when problems threaten you and don’t fear anything for God is always with you.

Whoever who thought that was “aaaw, so sweet” please do not continue reading. Cause all I had to say was WTF??! Seriously..

I received a text message on that this morning. (I’m sure my friends would have got it too, coming from another annoying friend :p) I’m just so sick of all these quotes and books on being positive, good and shit. What is life if you don’t fear about something? What is life if you have to avoid all problems?

Fear the fear! And move on.. Face the problem! And move on.. Don’t fucking avoid it..

For god’s sake, stop living in D.E.N.I.A.L!

By: 'lilo

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

i heart this week!

one of the days when i feel blessed :D

1. Have just celebrated one of my best buddy's wedding on Sunday.. it was such a happy feeling to be present that day...in the 567,255 weddings i've been to, this was one of the most romantic and nicest wedding and one that i could actually relate to... the rest of the weddings are usually cousins or worse, parent's friends' children which i dont even know or care much for :P

** apart from my horrible, sucky speech and losing my hp pouch (its a big deal coz apparently Nokia doesn't sell the pouch on its own !! :( , the wedding was a brilliant reunion cum massive gossipin session for moi :D )

Oh and P's speech about his wife.. sigh.. some day, i hope i meet a guy who will love me as much as P does to his wife.. (my pessimist side tells me "that is never gonna happen") hah!

2. I have not worked much since Monday and yesterday :P

Being awfully sick with flu yesterday, i met this one lady manager whom i rarely chat with but have helped her with some support isssues before... We bumped in the loo and while both of us were peeing in the next cubicles, she says "hey dear come to my desk and take the vitamin C.. it will help with your flu... "

i said okay.. but being me, i forgot all bout it..And so today morning she meets me and tells me again.. and we rarely speak exp when its work related which is also rare as she is in different department and different level.

I dont know about others, but to me small kind gestures like this esp by strangers really touch me :P

3. Last night after yoga, met up with my aussie cousins and we all, the malaysian cousins on my mum's side and them went for our favourite roadside hawker restaurant and had a blast.. 3 rules applied for the dinner outing:

a) Not to touch stray dogs --> this was because the last time we went this place, i had to touch a dog which nearly bit my wrist off :P

b) for our aussie cousin A, not to drink the HUGE iced milo glass (even tho its absolutely delicious) --> coz he puked soon after the last time.. who wouldnt puke if u drank 2 huge MILO glasses and mango juice in between? hehe

c) cousin J cannot drive (coz he nearly ran over a brick wall) :P

And last night we had a blast...i didn't touch any dogs, and cousin A didn't order that drink but we had incidents of flyin cockroach hovering on our table which resulted in all of us screaming and other tables staring at us, prolly muttering "loony bangalis"

Its moments like these and many others that i love to reminisce about... There are days when i wish i was far away from here but when i think about all the various activities i have with both my paternal and maternal side of families i tell myself, am i willing to let all this go?

Family ties are important in anyone's life.. i know many people who dont speak to 'this relative' and 'that relative' etc. I am lucky that in my family, both sides are talking to each other and are not having any major issues... i know in the early years of my life, there were many problems but im glad, with time and everyone getting wiser all that is healed...

People come and go, shit happens etc. I do hope though, foolish as it might be, that no untoward incidents happen to any of my family members be it close or distant...

-M, who just got back from lunch with 5 cousins + 1