Thursday, 22 November 2012

Good things only happens to good people.

True story.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The keys of trust

Situation: The cleaning lady that came in the morning accidentally locked the master bathroom from the inside. When checked with the husband on where he's kept the keys, he assured me it's in his desk drawer in the third room - which of course I couldn't locate when I went looking for it.

So now, the husband is rummaging through all the drawers in the house looking for the full set of our house keys. He's even taking out all the boxes from the store room with the mad hope that maybe the keys lost themselves somewhere in there.

Rewind to a few months ago..

Me: Where you keeping the house keys?

Him: In the last room lah, in the drawer

Me: Hmm, where? Cannot find..

Him: It's there lah.. [exasperated at all the questioning]

If there's one thing the girls and me know, men hate it when we make them feel like we don't trust them - in matters big or small. So to avoid an argument earlier, I kept quiet.

So that brings me here now, watching silently the hunt for the keys. In my mind, thoughts are racing, fighting to be vocalised - You should have given it to me to keep in the first place. How can you be so careless as to loose the house keys? What if it was the baby was accidentally locked into the room?

But I suppress all of them and say instead - Does the landlady have another set?

It turns out she did and she was kind enough to drop by last night with her set of keys for us to make a duplicate.

This time I'm keeping the keys.

Men complain all the time that women nag them but seriously, all you men out there should be thankful for all the times that you deserve to be nagged but we women spare you.


Friday, 2 November 2012

Making sense

One of my colleague just bought a new headphone, its some canggih-fied headphone that cost RM1500. So a few of my other colleagues were all excited and discussing over it; and everyone giving their opinion on how freaking expensive it is and some thought he was crazy.. I wasn't interested in the conversation and was keeping to myself and was deep in other thoughts. But of course, they wont leave me alone and wanted my opinion. One of them asked me, "tell us, does it make sense to you?"

And I instantly replied/yelled "Some things don't have to make sense, if it makes you happy!"

I don't know where that came from. And all of them were taken by surprise. They all went "whoa!" and kept their mouths shut after that..

But seriously, that's true isn't it?