Tuesday, 17 July 2012

This afternoon..

While I was buying bananas from a stall at the local pasar, I overheard this conversation from the stall next door..

boy: Makcik, beli kuih?
another boy: Ya..ada donut..ada karipap..
 mum: Itu bukan Makcik la...
boy: Habis?
mum: Itu Kakak
another boy: Bukan Aunty ke?
grandma: Bukan Makcik..bukan Aunty..bukan Kakak...itu Miss

I turn my head to see this family having this very serious discussion among themselves and the grandma staring at me with a toothless smile.

That entire conversation what about how to address me.

Face palm!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Life lessons!

One of the big lessons I've learnt recently is to keep my bloody big mouth shut. All the time. No matter what.

I was going through a real sad phase, and I ended up sharing my problems with some people whom I considered to be my friends..

Although the phase hasn't over, I have given up being sad. But it turns out, these friends only like me when I'm sad.. It's like they need me to entertain their life with my sad stories.. They find my life to be very amusing, that annoys me! Like I belong to some kind of a museum..

Even tough the morons will not be reading this, just ffs, when I'm busy and I haven't had time for u, it means I'm having a life!! If I'm quiet and not entertaining you, it's because I'm sick of you! I'm not smiling to hide my sorrows, I'm smiling because I'm happy!

Get that, dumbos!


Monday, 9 July 2012

Confessions of a coffeeholic

I have a silly confession to make..

Have you noticed how when you drink coffee, the mugs are usually stained?

When I was growing up, I never used to drink coffee, cos I was afraid my internal organs would be stained too..

I really believed in it, and little part of me still does.. I'm just in the age now that, I tell myself, fck the stain, no one can see it anyway! ;)


Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I remember when we first started this blog..we were smack in the middle of our quarter-life crisis. The working world was a rude shock, compared to our comfy university life. Living with Indian parents again after being independent for 4 - 5 years, took some major getting used to. Only being able to meet a couple of times a month due to work and family commitments, we missed each other and this blog became an avenue to vent and to bond.

And now I can hardly believe almost 6 years has gone by. With it, our crisises has evolved and doesn't involve the bitch at the office or curfews by parents. These days, we're moaning about parents who think the world will end if we're not married by 30, once you're married they don't waste any time hinting about grandchildren, once the grandkid arrives they start talking about the next grandkid...and on and on it goes. I do wonder if it's just Indian parents or are all parents the same.

What's the rush actually? If I don't enjoy the here and now, I'll never be able to enjoy what comes next. Yes, I'm guilty of marrying and having a child before the age of 30 but I was happy even when I was single. So marriage and a baby wasn't the magic fairy dust that suddenly transformed me from a sad, miserable person into a happy and contented one. Sadly, our parents' generation don't see things this way. So for our generation, it's constantly the tug of war of how to keep both our parents and ourselves happy.

Our quarter-life crisis has passed and we're entering our 30's crisis (for lack of a better word) but together my dear Pinkscalers', we'll make it through. We will always have each other and this blog.