Wednesday, 27 February 2013


If there's one good thing that I've gained from my current working place, it has to be the people I work with.. One thing I find very interesting, something I've never really experience before is that, people here are some what so generous..

There's always someone giving something out.. To anyone and everyone, for no particular reason.. My desk is full of all kind of things that sometimes I don't even know who I get it from..

There's always someone buying coffee, picking up the bill on the lunch table.. And this are not just few bucks that you can close an eye on.. And this ppl are also not the kind of bosses who picks up the bill to impress the staff and claim it from the company.. And they are also not the ass kissers or simply sucking up since none of us bring any good to one another in terms of work..

I've noticed this for quite sometime, and today out of the blue, one colleague decided to buy us lunch.. So I just casually asked her, why is she paying, is she happy or celebrating something.. And she said, "I was out shopping yesterday looking for something, and I wasn't able to find what I wanted.. I think it's because I don't give enough that I don't receive".

She actually said it very casually, but I found it very deep.. "I don't give enough, thus I don't receive".. Interesting!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Conversation with my mother..

Me: Ma, do I look fat?

Mom: No, you don't..

Me: Ma, look at me carefully.. (Pull both cheeks wide, blow face) now, tell me?

Mom: *slaps forehead* you are not fat!!

Me: Ma, seriously.. Ok like this, what if I'm not your daughter, will you then think I'm fat?

Mom: god! Still no!

Me: what if I'm your daughter in law!! Will you then think I'm fat?? Think like an evil mother in law and answer!!

Mom: *slaps forehead twice* no!

Ma: I don't believe you

Mom: You will look ugly if you are any thinner than this..

Me: So I am fat right???! See, it's all your fault, you make me eat, now call me fat!

Mom: one thing I know, you surely cannot be my daughter!!

Me: But whyyyy... :(


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The end is the beginning is the end

Every year a new year begins.. You wait for the day for as long as you can remember, you stay up, you have a party, you do a countdown and welcome the new year..

Whether you say your resolutions out loud or keep it to yourself, or even if you decide not to make any this year, secretly in your heart, you know, you want, you hope, this year will be a better year.. And you keep your fingers (even the toes crossed)..

And then your birthday comes, without any delay at all.. And hey, you turn a year older.. whether you hide under your blankets on the day or run away to another country, you know, you still turn a year older.. and again, you go on telling yourself, hey, i'm wiser this year, this year it will all get better, things will change, finally I will see some light in the freaking long tunnel..

But hey, guess what.. That's whole load of bullshit.. It never happens that way.. No matter how hard you try.. It doesn't matter how hard you pretend it doesn't affect you.. It doesn't matter even if you keep running away and hide..

It only takes a month, for you to realize, nothing has changed.. Truth is, once again, you just want the freaking year to end.. Again..