Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Good to be back..

I am back from Hanoi :)

I guess the best thing about going for a vacation, more than the vacation itself, is how it makes the crises at work seem so much bearable..

Even when I have got a consultant who's supposed to deliver a huge project having an heart attack n is admitted in some icu in France... somehow I just think, nah, he wont die on me.. he'll be back to work next week..

When I have to face an angry client jumping up n down demanding the world, especially on my 1st day back at work, I just look at her, smile, n think of deep blue ocean n smile again..

so yeah, my holiday was good like that!

Lilo :D

Thursday, 24 June 2010

the story of my birthday...

So i turned 27 on Monday...without much fanfare i might add.
I secretly used to look forward for my birthday every year except last year and this year.. I guess nearing 30 is no fun at all :P
Not with the big M being cropped up in conversations/warnings/death threats (kidding) every now and then.
Not with the new lines/wrinkles you spot and freak out upon.
Not with the growing number of grey/white hair making cameo appearance.

Nope, not fun at all :)

Anyway, on my birthday eve, all i wanted to do was sleep in early as i'm getting older and can't quite stay up like i used to.. no wait.. i never was the kind to be able to stay up even from uni days.. tehe

But this guy who recently i met 2 months ago, insisted i keep talking to him till midnite (i guess he really wanted to be the first to wish me and all) :P by 11.20pm, i called it quits and said "i really, really need to catch some sleep". I did feel bad for the poor fella but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to keep dark circles at bay. (kidding)

Woke up Monday morning to prepare for the all dreaded Monday blues, when my mum barged in the room to announce someone close to us passing away.. Major blow.. Shaken i was and sad too. Went to the bathroom and kept crying.

Till today, i can't quite believe the person is really gone... :(
So the rest of the day was a daze of activities surrounding the funeral etc. Took emergency leave but did some office work from home and by 9pm on my birthday night, i decided to go to bed.

And then i got frantic office calls and turns out my service went down.
Forced myself to log on and did firefighting till 1 am. And i remember looking at the clock when it was crossing 12 am mark and saying "so much for birthday.. will never forget what turning 27 is like :P".

Heading back to office the next day, a few colleagues wished me. I felt odd somewhat. Still in mourning i didn't even login to my Facebook account to check on the messages.

Yesterday, i finally logged in and saw all the wallposts. 3 pages long. It's the greetings from those far away that really touched my heart. I must say it did brighten up my mood a bit.
And then a colleague treated me for lunch for my birthday.

Last night i finally went out with this guy (lets call him Shortie) as i have stood him up a couple of times. I was surprised he gave me a gift all neatly wrapped up. It wasn't a cheap/funny gift either. Hmmm...

short detour here: when a guy who is a FRIEND (strictly) gives you a gift even though i didn't for his birthday, what does that mean? :P But let's discuss that some other day. Men, i don't quite get them either.

Anyhow, so that is my story on turning 27...


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Pink Day?

Did you all know that its International Pink Day today? Like wtf for right?? So I just thought I should write a blog today as one of the Pink Scalers.. No, not to celebrate, but seriously why does one need a Pink Day?? why not a black day or a purple day?? What's with people and PINK?? Even a colour can be so overrated these days.... sigh...

Anyway, on a totally different note.. I'm leaving to Hanoi tonight :) finally its happening.. after having to cancel my last planned trip... Hoping it would be a good one...

wish me luck, cheers! Lilo :)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Men #13

Sometimes I do wonder if I'm being too harsh on the whole "men" thingy.. But somehow they always end up comforting me that I am not wrong..

so recently, I got my tooth extracted n all... n today is the 5th day, and I still havent been able to eat any good food.. I'm mostly on liquids and semi solids makes me puke.. Im dying for hardcore food!! But somehow, no'body' gets my pain.. (body=men)

Theres this saying in Grey's by Meredith n Christina, "your heart lies in your vagina".. they always say this to Lexie, who deperately needs sex to help keep her going, when she's up n down n for evtg... And for me I've realised that "my heart is actually in my mouth"! I need to eat and talk constantly.. without these I become a very boring, dull n grumpy Lilo...

anyway, back to men, from just looking at how all the men (that matters to me) have been behaving or reacting to me recently, I am not surprised but amazed..

Below are some sample conversations I have had recently:

1. The love of my life
me: the surgery just finished, oh my, it was the freakiest thing ever...
he: did u get mc for today?
me: yes
he: are u ok? go back n rest well! take care Great, come join me for lunch, my frens went missing, I'm bored..
me: fu, fu, fu!

2. The guy who swears by the god that I am the love of his life
(phone call)
he: I called you on monday, there was no answer..
me: yeah, i know.. I couldnt talk..
he: why, what happened?
me: tells the story (refer to my last blog entry)
he: oh ok.. but, why do you sound so sick then?
me: fu, fu, fu!

3. A recent close friend, who's trying very hard to please me to get me..
he: hey sweetheart, saw ur status, what happened?
me: tells the story (refer to my last blog entry)
he: hahahaha, been there and done that! catch u soon babe, bye!
me: fu, fu, fu!

4. My father (see, I am really being fair)
(living room)
he: what happened?
mom: tells the story (refer to my last blog entry)
he: (looks at me) didnt you bother asking how much it would cost before you go and do soemthing like that???
me: continues staring at the tv...

5. My only male best friend
he: how have u been? havent heard from you in a while
me: (lazy to explain) I havent been well, thats why..
he: why la? whats wrong with you?
me: sigh.. tells the story (refer to my last blog entry)
he: oh ok.. thought u said u not feeling well?
me: wtf?? what did I just tell u??
he: u having a bad day, eh??
me: fu, fu, fu! yes, gud nite!
he: so rude!
me: speechless...

I rest my case.. everything else is self explanatory..


p/s: I must acknowledge, only my 'ash dahling', have been sweet to me through these days.. the one man, that I havent met.. mwah! :)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Always single, happy that way: 'Shut up about it!'


NEW YORK: Not all older single ladies want a ring on it, and they have a message for relatives, co-workers, neighbors, friends, acquaintances and life's random buttinskys who think they need one: Shut up already!

They have other messages: We are not all sad. We are not all divorced, unlucky in love or unlovable. We are not all gay (and even if we were, have we not evolved as a culture, even just a little, to stop making that assumption? Don't answer that.)

Singledom and a massive case of "singlism" are red hot right now as short hair, softball and being single at 50 swirl around Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, and Samantha Jones cracks menopause jokes at 54 as she romps in the desert with her three fab friends in "Sex and the City 2."

For women, say 45 and up, who are living single and always have, it is a chronically sizzling subject as they face down the seemingly unstoppable tangle of stereotypes that has plagued them forEVER: Old Maid. Desperate. Quirky. Cougar. Incapable of committing. Workaholic. Bitter. Damaged goods.

"There always has to be something wrong," said Rose Clayton, 48, who works in the tasting room of a winery in Alexandria, Virginia, and always has been single. "It's always, ohhh, what's wrong? I always go, 'With me you mean? Or other people?"'

Imagine being happy and nobody believes you, she said. "I have plenty of friends, family. I go out and do things. I travel, go to dinner and parties, socialize."

Social psychologist Bella DePaulo is 56 and happily an always-single near Santa Barbara, California. She has been trying to turn off the stereotypes and end the stigma, first through a book, "Singled Out," and now a blog called Living Single for

Older, single women often are painted as what DePaulo called "quirkyalones" when really they're "singles at heart" and wouldn't have it any other way. Even more important, perhaps, she asks why we're still desperately trying to suck them into the "Matrimania" vortex?

"The single at heart are not looking for long-term coupling, whereas quirkyalones still romanticise the quest for The One, and that makes the quirkyalone less threatening, easier to understand," DePaulo said.

Over-the-top hyping of marriage and coupling, including "wedding porn" that includes TV ads selling everything from muffins to motor oil, was not necessary back when everybody got married, when they divorced less and when women had little opportunity for financial security or having children outside of marriage.

In 1970, 28% of the U.S. population was divorced, widowed or never married.

By 2008, it was 45.2%, with single women 45 and older 27 million strong across those categories.
According to a 2009 census report, 11.5% of women between the ages of 45 and 49 had never been married, up from 10.7% in 2005. For women 50 to 54, it was 10%, compared with 8.7% four years earlier.

Negative assumptions about living single and older do not pack the wallop of other "isms," like racism, DePaulo said. "There's no consciousness raising. The stereotypes are so rarely challenged."

Betsy Robinson, 59, is madly in love with the single life she's always had.

"I remember really lighting into my grandmother when I was in my 20s for referring to a time when I was going to get married," said the writer in New York City.
"I told her never, and I think she went into shock. She was the sweetest person in the world, and I got really mad at her."

Not so much has changed in nearly four decades, said Robinson, who has been following media coverage and commentary on Kagan's single status and coded speculation about her sexual orientation.

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (the one who resigned over hiring a high-priced hooker) is Kagan's friend from Princeton University. He went so far as to tell Politico, a Washington insider political newspaper: "I did not go out with her, but other guys did."

Living happily single without hunting for a mate, or living happily single while dating, especially outside one's age range, the stereotypes never end.

Take the cougar craze. Kim Cattrall, Samantha in the Sex and the City movies, recently questioned the term, for herself and her character in the movies.

"I think cougar has a negative connotation," she told Extra, a show biz television show.

"I was asked recently by a significant magazine for women over 40 to pose with a cougar, and I refused to do it because I felt it was insulting. They took away the cover because I refused to do so."

DePaulo said friends, family, colleagues and the world at large sometimes can more easily get their minds around an older single woman interested in younger men, or any man, than a woman who makes it clear she is not and really likes her life without that goal in mind.

"I think there's really a belief that if you get married you are actually a better person than a single person," she said.

Like Cattrall's Samantha, 45-year-old Lori Goodwine in Las Vegas, Nevada, has her own public relations firm.

She loves how her life is "really focused on me," but falls somewhere in the middle on the issue of a long-term relationship.

Ideally, she said, she would love to have "a great guy around," so long as he does not live with her.

"If I hear one more time, 'You're not married? You don't have a kid? Are you gay?' I'm going to scream," she said.

"My life is pretty fabulous, a 'Sex and the City' story with the occasional pair of $500 shoes that I get on sale. I feel great about my life."

Copy n pasted by Lilo - I'm not alone!!!!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Less wiser...

So hear me now! I got my wisdom tooth extracted!!! not one, but TWO freaking tooth! (or teeth or whatever, I'm in too much pain to be bothered about the grammar)

My upper one, which had no problem at all, which was super strong n steady, was forcefully pulled out!! The dentist (whom I hate like forever n ever, not her in particular, but I just hate any dentist for that matter) actually used a freaking PLAYAR to pull it out!! maybe its the norm, but it's my first time ok!!! and of course it didn't help that, i was holding on to the chair tight n the dentist had to shout at me to stop retaliating :p like whatever... You take a piece/flesh/tooth out of me, n I'm suppose to sit there n smile? GO TO HELL!

My lower one, the problematic one, had to be removed surgically.. which also meant, the dentist actually used a electric saw to cut few bones around the tooth, or at least that's what I understood... n this took even longer, but somehow, according to the doctor, I was more calmed... Yeah, like it matters anymore... and after screwing, and drilling and whatever not, the tooth, my wisdom tooth, finally came off... in a pool of blood...

sigh... does that make me less wiser now? I dunno... but it better fucking stop hurting!! I cant deal with this pain anymore...

And I actually had to be stitched up.. i dunno how does anyone stitches your teeth gums, but here I am, with few stitches, some threads and cotton inside my mouth... n of course, it taste like shit!!

besides the never ending instructions on how I need to take care of my teeth now, I also have a bill now that says RM750!!! no, your eyes are not wrong.. u read right.. it was freaking that much!! all for somone to pluck my own bloody teeth out n give it back to me... (I'm still wondering why on earth the nurse wrapped my two teeth and gave it back to me?)

So I'm at home now, instructed not to sleep (supposedly I need to be conscious to monitor my bleeding, oh yeah, that is on going like period :p) haven't got over the trauma... it was the scariest shit ever.. my hands were shaking even before the whole thing started.. I couldn't even send a text to my bf.. who is laughing at me now, of course!!

in pain n agony,