Tuesday, 29 December 2009

What a year!

i'm on a week long break, finally!! i just wanted to relax like how i truly deserve and didn't wanna open the blog nor my work mail.. but i'm starting to forget how to relax these days... i'm still spending hours in front of my notebook... nway, in short i just wanted to join the bandwagon and write my last blog for 2009...

i dun know if it was a good year or bad... had my share of laughter, joy and buckets of tears...

January - started off the year with a road trip to Singapore with my bf.. that was fun... then followed by a surprise birthday party arranged by my bf... that was really sweet.. n nemo showing up for that party was my biggest gift :) also received a gorgeous gorgeous bouquet few days after... probably the sweetest month of the year..

February- insignificant month... really can't remember a shit..

March - finally celebrated my long postponed bday wif my best buddies... n they got me a voucher for a hair make over ;) haha... luved it... n thats when i got my curls!! and it was absolutely a love-hate relationship wif those curls...

April - was my trip to jogja!! it was a trip to remember for all the wrong reasons :p but bein with my other half, made it all fun n i have absolutely no regrets :) was a well deserved break in an unknown city... we still laugh to this day thinkin bout the incidents that happened...

May - another useless month... oh, i got my 2nd nephew.. and my boss went on a maternity long leave and I started ruling :)

June - hmmm... nemo's bday... had a small celebration at ole ole, pyramid...

July- Perhentian trip!! yayayayay!! the best trip of the year... was fun fun fun!! miss the blue blue sea, cute cute fishies n those colorful corals... the month that I learned to snorkel and enjoyed it to the bits!

August - got rid of my curls... and back to straightened hair... needed that extra 10mins morning sleep... the curls weren't worth my slp :p

September - that's when I was "suppose" to be in hanoi... sob sob... a trip that never came true... i cant remember exactly now, i guess somewhere around this time is when the gals and I went to melaka! that was another fun & FULFILLING trip... the food... oh my ;) hmm, or was this early in the year?? cant remem now..

October - it was diwali! the day that I look forward ONLY because, its legal to SHOP ;) luv it when everyone keeps askin, if i have done my shopping... hehe.. and the month that i got my TAT!!! btw, its all done now.. i am luvin' it ;)

November - anya's hens night!!! it was a fun day/night to be wif the gals all over again... went on a road trip to pahang, that was fun too...

December - month full of work, work, work!! day n night!! sucky month at work... everyday of cursing n swearing... on a good note, i got my 1st ever ipod ;) a surprise gift from my bf... besides that, this unexpected one week break!! blessing in disguise... n probably, a new hair-do in the next 2 days before the year ends :)

so yeah, that was my year... reading it again, i just realised, i've only listed the good stuff... can't be arsed to remember the bad ones... that's a gud sign, i hope! cos my resolution for next year is "screw/fuck/ignore the world"... i'm gonna learn to live for myself...

so, let's cheers for a better year! 2010, here i come...

Lilo :)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Unwanted advice

As the clock to my wedding date is ticking faster and faster, I find myself becoming a victim of well-meaning but unwanted advice from so many people. Some people even take the liberty of planning out my life for me.

And these are not even people that know me very well! They don't know my birthday, my hobbies, my tastes in clothes and worst still half of them don't even know my fiance's name until I give them my wedding invitation (why I have to give these people my wedding invitation is another story all together about weddings and Indians!)

I just thought I'd list down the advice I've got from all this wonderful people:

1. Have a baby next year
2. Have another baby the year after that
3. Send your babies to your parents/in-laws to babysit while you're at work
4. Send your babies to a nanny if you don't want to trouble your parents/in-laws
5. Move in with your in-laws after the wedding
6. Buy your own house after the wedding
7. Ask your husband to leave his (well paying) job (that he loves) and move to the city
8. Don't move away from the city
9. Don't get married until you can afford a house
10. A church wedding is not a church wedding until you wear a huge gown with a long, looonngg train
11. Why honeymoon in Phuket? Why not Koh Samui, Krabi or Bali?

I really don't see how me taking any of the advice above will enrich their lifes....or mine!


Thursday, 10 December 2009

2010, here I come..

Being the very ambitious person I am, I have come up with a list of things I would like to achieve in the coming year.

1. Chanel handbag
2. Issey Miyake perfume
3. Nokia N97 or iPhone
4. DKNY or Guess power glasses
5. Giorgio Armani sun glasses
6. Play station 3 or 2 – over due gift for my bf
7. Fossil wallet
8. Trip to Hanoi (better work this time!)
9. Trip to Bali/Cambodia (again! :) )

and maybe a…
10. new job

and some…
11. peace

By: ‘Lilo

** The list is in no particular order

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I never thought I'd feel this way, but these days, work is my escape, my sanctuary of peace.

Work itself is crazy, busy and sometimes I feel like I'm going out of my mind. But, amazingly I'm at peace.

Unlike home. Hmm...can I even call it home? Isn't home somewhere you can unwind after a hard day's work and relax? If that's the definition of home, than where I'm staying isn't home.

If I could wish for one thing and have it come true, it would be that I can move out of my house and have my own home.