Thursday, 28 May 2009

New Theraphy..

I am now a new person who have just realised the power of alcohol.. haha.. yes, u read right!

in the past, we have attempted shopping, eating yummy food, starbucks, working out in the gym, or just catching up for girly talks whenever we were stressed..

but yesterday night, Anya and I, gave in to the call of alcohol, and I must say, nothing has worked better before! :D

- still tipsy lilo :p

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Hate Them Liars

As much as I can't stand 'Yindians', I hate Indians in politics!

They're always out to deceive. Always trying to figure out how they can gain from your loss.

In the Garden of Eden, they would have been the serpent, trying to trick Eve with it's lies. A smarter Eve would have been able to outwit the serpent, but unfortunately, we all know how that story ended!

I wish I could wipe the entire lot off the face off the earth. Than the world will be a better place!


Monday, 25 May 2009

Men #07

Men never fail to amaze me with thier stupidity... just after an hour long heated arguement with my subordinate on making him see a point, which im god damn sure, his thick scull wouldnt have absorbed even till now.. i received this email from him..

which said: "Everybody makes mistakes; that's why they put erasers on pencils."

i dont see whats the point of that email, but
if u were expecting me to say, "oh u poor thing" - fuck you! tats such a lame excuse...

all i can say is:
"y dont u try hanging yourself? thats why ropes were created"

or maybe,
"i should try killing u.. thats y jails were created?"


p/s: where on earth does all this idiots come from??

Thursday, 21 May 2009


one very boring day, i felt into the 'fb quiz world' trap and created one of my very own.. "how well do u know "lilo" quiz?".. yes, yes, very lame i know... but then it turn out to be quite fun actually...

all the people who love claiming "they so know me", realized they don't really know me after all.. i always thought of myself as a good example of the saying, don't judge a book by its cover.. i'm definitely not a open book... even when the book is open, i'm probably a book like the Da Vinci Code :p

the one n only proud champion who scored 100% so far, is NEMO! yay! Anya and my very own bf share the 2nd place... the rest didnt even get past 50% (including my very own brother :p shame!)

anyway, here's the lame quiz i created..

1) At a party, what would I definitely be doing?
a) drinking like there's no tomorrow
b) let my hair loose and dance...
c) stand at one corner and stare!
d) busy socialising and making frens
e) checking out on some hottie
** yes, i just hide myself at one corner n wait for the party to finish... i dunno y almost every1 chose, i drink like there's no tomorrow... i am no drunkard.. my fb pics must hv been misleading...

2) What body part would I like to get a tattoo on?
a) ankle
b) right arm
c) back, shoulder
d) lowerback
** not a easy one though... so forgivable :p

3) What color suits me best?
a) brown
b) white
c) blue
d) red
e) black
** easiest of all... i wear black almost every other day :p

4) How many times have I traveled out of the country?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 6
d) so many times
** dont expect every1 to know... but dunno how on earth Anya of all ppl got this wrong :P n yes anya, even if you don't count Singapore as a country :p

5) My favorite alcholic drink is ________.
a) margarita
b) beer
c) long island tea
d) pinacolada
** yes!! i absolutely love long island tea!!! 2 long island n 1 tequilla shot is all i need to collapse :p lol

6) What did I want to be when I was little?
a) doctor
b) teacher
c) lawyer
d) engineer
** this is more like a typical parent's ambition embedded into me :p but if i had the money, i really wouldnt have mind pursuing it..

7) Am I a good liar (I'll tell the truth this time!)?
a) yes
b) no
** this is a sad one... besides my frens, almost every single person thinks i am a good liar?? y people? y?? when did i ever lie?? im a very very bad liar/actor/ pretender.. i speak my mind.. or i just keep my mouth shut... i dont lie...

8) My favorite show on TV?
a) desperate housewives
b) heroes
c) greys anatomy
d) ugly betty
** yes, i absolutely absolutely lurrveeee grey's anatomy!!! I adore patrick dempsey!!! and i love the meredith's character....

By: 'lilo

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

We are coming soon... :)

By: -lilo

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Men #06

why oh why, why do they keep doing this... frm png and currently in s'pore..
pls add me...thanks.


p/s: maybe i should reply, whooaaa.. u r from singaaaapore!!! how cool is that??? isnt it like a dream come true??? wow! I would lurrrvveeeee to have u as my fren!!!

Just because I had nothing better to do....

When I was 14, I had the biggest crush ever on Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Of course I acted all macho and wouldn't admit it to anyone but I think it was quite obvious, considering I had his posters all over my room!

But looking back, seriously... what was I thinking?!

Kids these days who have massive crushes on Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson have better taste than me I think.

Thankfully my taste in celebrity crushes has improved since than. My McDreamy, my McSteamy, my McDrooly and my McHottie....... Hugh Jackman. It doesn't matter that he had that weird hairstyle in X-Men as Wolverine, it doesn't matter that he acts in movies with Tamil-movie like stunts (splitting a bullet with sword?...c'mon, catch up people...Bollywood already covered that stunt years ago) he's hot. Period.

Now, there's only one thing left to do... a compatibility test. A tiny little remote possibilty exists that in my next life I might come back as Hugh Jackman's neighbour in Sydney. So a girl must always be prepared for all possibilities.

A quick search in Google for a Love Calculator.

Choose one. This one claims " Yes indeed it is true, and there is no joke about the accuracy of our calculations. "

So enter the birthday of Hugh Jackman and moi.

Hit Calculate!

And voila! The results....

" 60% love compatibility. (not bad!) This match is a battle between intellect and emotions. Intellect of Libra (him) and emotions of Pisces (me) seems to find no mutual understanding (damn!), especially when Pisces keeps own feelings a mystery and Libra has trouble understanding them (don't all men??). Pisces require commitment, but Libra cannot give up the social life, and this may cause jealousy in the Fish. However on the good side, both individuals are romantic and love tenderness, so in this aspect they make a good match.(ngee!! :D 'Good match' :D) In overall, however, it's not the best match, because very often the two will not understand each other very well. (cis! got my hopes up for nothing ;p) "

Oh well, I'm sure I'll score 100% on a Crush Compatibility Calculator! ;)


Men #05

I made a man cry.. to be precise I made an "Indian" man cry..

I don't know if it is something to be proud about or to be ashamed of.. but I was definitely amazed and speechless.. never in my life I have come across such a childish, psychotic, 33 year old man..

I don't know if my current position has forced me to put on the evil cap, but I must say, I really can't be bothered about his tears, nor I have even a single drop of sympathy...

and he has the nerves to say, he's willing to sacrifice his job, by being my guinea pig, to teach me how to become a better leader....

he's such an adamant and stubborn basket who thinks he's always right!

according to him, his mistakes are resemblance of my poor coaching!! and he getting overly emotional is due to the pressuring office environment... he cant work faster because, for the past ten years, he's only able to type with two fingers...

hear me you idiot, rather than blaming everything else, why don't u blame the god for not giving u any brains? or for producing men without brains in general??

I cant be fuckin' teaching you common sense!! -lilo

Monday, 11 May 2009

Maxis Sucks!!

I used to be a loyal fan of Maxis.. (Maxis is our so called leading mobile operator in Malaysia) I used to recommend maxis to my friends and I almost converted all my family members to join the Maxis family although they were happily being served by other providers such as Digi and Celcom..

but now I am so disappointed with the service provided by Maxis.. My phone calls gets dropped off in the middle of conversations... even tough my phone reception bar shows full signal, my callers always get my voice mail.. messages don't come in instantly.. it will all compile and one shot I am receive like 10 messages.. its so fucking annoying!!

just last Friday, my boyfriend and I were waiting for almost 2 hours, at 2 different locations for each other both getting pissed with one another.. all because he was trying to call/msg me and i never received any... and vice versa..

and when u call up the customer service, the standard answer is, we are having some network issues, we'll look into this and get back to u in 7 days!!! and of cos, they never do..

great disappointment!! I'm seriously considering switching to another operator, thanks to the new Mobile Number Portability service, i don't even have to change my number! what a relief... only if my frens and family would change too...


p/s: and they actually charged me, roaming charges of RM67.60 for a 4 minute call!!!!!!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Old Folk's Home

Saturday night and I'm home watching Last Comic Standing, laughing to myself, and surfing the net.

No wonder my younger brother thinks I'm old!

He's six years younger to me and at that age where going to bed at 10pm on a weekend is horrifying; being at home on a Friday and Saturday night - a death sentence.

Earlier today I had coffee with a friend I haven't seen since graduation, three years ago. His girlfriend came along too. And ~~sigh~~, did she make me feel old! We're the same age but she's just finished her masters and has just started her first job. She was all perky and fresh. She reminded me a little of me, three years ago.

In comparison, the me now is cynical and tired. Three years in the corporate world has made me wary of people's motives for being nice. There's no such thing as a free lunch and the world doesn't owe me anything. At first it was a total culture shock to be thrown into the bitchy environment of corporate politics, hence our moanings about 'quarter life crisis'. In time, I've learnt to navigate my way around it, but it drains at my strength.

This quote I came across describs my state of life perfectly:

The great challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism after you lose your innocence - Bruce Springsteen


Friday, 8 May 2009

Men #04

I was searching for an old friend today which is why i logged in to a now-dying (in my opinion) social networking site, Friendster.

I came across this message in my Inbox:

The Visionary
05/05/2009 11:55 pm
why r u mixing around with gurls n stuff, somemore on a sunday on top of that, common la..there r alot of single guys around, make use of them la dude. apa la lu!

Firstly, even since the early days of being a member of social networking sites, i have never been a fan of "i want to add EVERYBODY and ANYBODY and NOBODIES to make my account have 1000 FRIENDS!".

The only friends i have on this account are genuine and ones that i actually know of comprising from old primary school friends up to Uni friends. If that was not enough, i have even added the a disclaimer on my profile that goes, "who i have on my list r ppl i ACTUALLY know & have some sort of connection(s). So There"

My profile is also limited only for Friends viewing.

Hence, checking on this MORON called 'THE VISIONARY', seeing that he is in my 'extended' network, i know that he can only see a thumbnail profile picture of me without the profile.

Now the thumbnail profile picture of me is this:

and the caption reads: Sunday with the gals...

Hence Mr VISIONARY with his super enhanced vision (to be able too see thru a miniature thumbnail picture :P) probably have felt offended that i am spending my Sundays with 'gals' instead of 'single loser pathetic guys' like him? And he is also mega-offended that i, a complete stranger to him, is NOT 'making use' of him or his other fellow loser compatriots.
Also, MR VISIONARY can't spell to save his life...

So i can't help it but to add another entry for Men = OXYMORONS series.

P/s: Anyone care to use him? :P


Men #03

and this is why i love men! they always make me feel right...

another msg in fb today..

hi there.......add me as simple frend.....
jokes/fun and cares will be given 100% to you as reward.....

i guess that was very much self explanatory... speechless!

By: 'Lilo

p/s: i cant help but to wonder, how does one become a "simple" fren?

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Men #02

i received this msg in fb yest..

Subject : studying

Message: Hi there, R u studying?Where about?Well I'm doing my degree in East London College in UK now.

like y on earth wud i care if he's studying in east london college now.. n seriously dun get wats d point of tis msg? if im studying too, then wat, we become frens?? or if it suppose to be a pick up line, then must be a real lame one..

this kind of msgs makes my theory stronger day by day that probably men are really born without a brain...


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My Pink Planner

It's about 2 months too late to say this, but I lllurrrvvvveeee my pink diary! I'm still showing it off to every person who hasn't seen it yet ;) I've never been this excited about a birthday gift before. I've never loved a birthday gift more or used it more than my pink wedding planner. Thanks gals!

p.s. I'm totally overlooking the pinkness because I know, me walking around with a pink diary makes you gals happy ;p

For a disorganized person like me, my pink planner is heaven sent! But what I enjoy most is writing down personal notes to myself like how I'm looking forward to going to the wedding expo with my fiance or that I think a photographer is screwing around about the price. And maybe one day I'll drive my kids crazy everytime I pull out my planner out of a dusty box from under the bed to tell them the story about how mum and dad got married ;)


MEN #01

i received an sms late evening yesterday..

HE: i'm still in office
(btw, i didn't ask)

ME: so?

ME: y u telling me?

ME: huh, never ask oso?

(i could have said all the above, but instead i say)

ME: haiyo, kesian... y la, still havent settle ur work?

(n then i hit my head on my car window)

HE: y else do u think im still sitting here???

(yet, some people dont learn!!)

ME: a lot more to do?


n then i become speechless... n my head screams, MEN!@!

By: 'lilo

Monday, 4 May 2009

Mayday Weekend!

Mayday weekend was a long one for me coz I took off on Thursday as we were traveling up North (Malaysia) to a town called Kulim in Kedah (the state where you see miles and miles of rice paddy fields). My dad actually closed his clinic for a day and a half.. (Another milestone) :P
Mind you, he didn’t close his clinic even when his own niece got married :P

So much happened over the course of this weekend that I feel I must write it down and share.. At the risk of sounding really: 1. Vain, 2. Flattered, 3. Perasan, 4. and the likes ;P (you get the drift..) But I don’t care… I am usually not a big fan of flattery/compliments (I HATE compliments!!) and am very pessimistic and negative but this weekend I am feeling so over the moon that I think I can throw caution to the wind and act like a selfish, egoistic Biatch that i sometimes am.


Meet SS finally.. The naughty boy all grown up and now a doctor! :D we had like 4-5 hugs (not just on me ofc, mum and sis too) on the course of the 2 days we were there haha..

At Kulim, re-united with one half of the old “Hardy Boy+Nancy Drew” gang from the Sg Besi army camp days, SS.
SS kept gushing over me without any reservations during our stay there. He even said he regretted not flirting when we were younger and I said, “Boy, I must have been really ugly back then LOL”. (and yes, i was). And i lost count how many 'Gorgeous' he used :P teehee... i guess sometimes compliments can do you good too ;P
According to SS, he was being asked for my number by a bunch of other guys who were at the wedding (he refused to name them and hinted one of them was his own friend) haha. *puke, puke*
Did I mention I saw my ex’s (current) girfriend’s brother there? And he obviously don’t know who I am otherwise he too wouldn’t have been staring at me so blatantly :P Ah.. somehow I found that a sweet consolation for the pain that his bimbo sister inflicted :P call me sick, I don’t care :P

I have a crush on a boy younger than me :D

SS introduces to his BFF, Alex who came down from S'pore the night before.. Alex is good looking and another smooth operator after SS.. Between the both of them ‘taking care of me’, I had fun :D
The best part was we shared the same table as Alex’s parents and we all had so much fun poking fun at each others parents..(yes, my parents were there too) as well as cracking up on jokes about the wedding singer.. and of course my sister and I decided to enlighten Alex about some funny Punjabi wedding customs that were observed on that day and we had fun.. did I mention Alex have this perfect white teeth set when he smiles or laughs? Ngee (I cant stop imagining) haha.. oh and over the course of this weekend, I’ve found myself replaying our conversations & laughter and that’s when I realized, im officially having a crush on this young fella :P
no harm :P harmless flirting only lah :P

Before heading back, Alex and I shared some small talk and that’s when he discovered im a year older than he was… and I swear that disappointed look on his face was so obvious and I couldn’t stop laughing… Just writing bout it, and im having this huge grin on my face (I shall stop now, lest the guards observing me from the CC camera think im loony)

Great company, even greater food @Bukit Mertajam, Penang

En route back, we had to stop over BM. Uncle CO (I call him that since I was 5 because he was the Commanding Officer back then in 7 Ranger camp, Mentakab Pahang) and his wife made us stop by their house.
What’s special about Uncle CO (his real name, Colonel Harbhajan) is that being in his position, he had this huge bungalow atop a hill (only his house on that hill btw) and he and his wife used to host numerous parties…I lost count the times I went there in my frock for parties :P
They had a batman (batman is male servant in army terms) and a driver. Back then my dad was still a Captain and we lived in a really LONGGGGGGG house on stilts (to keep the snakes away, no kidding) down the hill. (That’s where we had our 1st dog, called Mary.. No idea what her/his gender was, but we stuck to that name haha). Mary died bitten by a scorpion btw :(

Recalling the days when we were based there was fun. 7 Ranger Camp was full of Ibans (indigenous people of Sarawak, East Malaysia) and their big harvest festival called Gawai was a much celebrated event in that camp those days.. The Ibans made up for the soldiers and lived in a colony like area, where all the officers and their families were invited and we used to from one house to another… I remember eating lotsa corn and the men drinking the famous Iban homemade rice wine called Tuak. Uncle CO told us, he used to come back horizontal carried by his soldiers back to his house when Gawai ended.. haha.. (he still drinks a lot btw) :P

Dinner, we at Alma, BM.. Not a fan of Bak Kut Teh (pig liver/intestines/what-nots broth), I tasted the one here and LOVED it. And how can I be in Penang, without eating Char Koey Teow.. and oh boy,,, the BEST one I’ve eaten in a long, long time. Delicious.. and cheap too.

Sat Night @ Kay EL
Back in civilization (KL!) as I call it, next day was ET’s birthday.. We went to this really nice, secluded (hidden actually) Balinese Restaurant with an equally lovely name, Bora Asmara near TTDI.. Heard the sexiest rendition of a birthday tune… where else, but from a saxophone played by the live band.. and the “pom,pom,pom” added by the waiter was hilarious..

After dinner, we headed over to the Asian Heritage Row… went to
Heritage Mansion (never been here before.. ) The cover charge was RM 389 *gulp* (covers the price of the JD multiplied by 3).
Danced to house music till the club closed at 3.30AM :P got drunk a wee bit as this was my first time on hard liquor (gee Lilo, I dunno how u do it hehe)..In between, got a card from the SHY man next table..who asked for mine thru another lady.. (such a pussy Rina said)..
I replied “I have a boyfriend” *yeah right, I wasn’t that drunk to give my number :P*

At mamak after the club closed, (Malaysians go for mamak to cure hangovers, to water down the alcohol as Malaysians DRINK & DRIVE back as yours truly), Rina who was clearly drunk kept saying “gurl your countrymen gave u a card yo” haha.. The same Rina who said “he was a pussy yo” for not passing me his card on his own.. LOL..The same Rina who was calling after a strange man walking with umbrella saying “Bang, I nak pinjam payung” LOL
It was my first time seeing my colleagues pissed drunk and hearing all their ‘what goes here, ends here’ drunk stories.. Not to mention the camwhoring session we did. LOL.

All in all, it was a weekend of adulation.. And im sticking with my stand for the root cause of all this: The BROWN hair!

Vain N.e.m.o

p/s: Did you know car wash in Kulim cost like RM 2 per wash? And in BM, RM 4? WTF??!!