Monday, 31 March 2008

The Pay Day..

Everyday I’m excitedly waiting for this day to arrive. The pay day. I’ll start my countdown 2 weeks prior to the date. Since then, every 2 days once, I’ll calculate my debts and plan on everything that I can do for the month. It’s starting to be day I look forward the most in my life now.

Just like every month, the day arrived again this month. It’s today. With the latest technology of online banking, I have been checking my account every hour since 8 am. At 12 pm, finally I saw my account blinking with some money. I clapped to myself a little and over excitedly starting clearing all my debts. This bill, that bill, that loan, this loan, this card, that card, name it, I owe everyone in this world.

And again thanks to online banking, I’m very much depressed now looking at my bank balance. It’s all gone. To be exact my pay was just transferred to my account 15 minutes ago.

Here I go again, waiting for the next pay day!

p/s: but there is a little satisfaction that I don’t owe anyone at least until next month : )

By: 'lilo

Chocolate, women, depression ...

I finished a whole Cadbury bar today ....
By : Anya

Friday, 28 March 2008

Work is haunting me!!

Not long ago, as soon as I shut down my laptop at work, my brain would switch automatically from work mode to relax mode. Within the few minutes that it took to walk to my car, I would have forgotten about work that day, my clients, my colleagues and the office gossip.

But these days, thoughts of work stay on my mind constantly. When I’m driving to work, when I drive back from work, during commercial breaks on TV … I try to shake of these thoughts but after a while they come back again. It’s not like I’m actually doing any work after office hours and it’s not even that I’m thinking of any solutions to problems.

So what is it that I’m thinking about? Well, I just found out recently myself, when I stopped to think why I was thinking about work. I was thinking and wondering: “What the hell does my boss want from me? How do I understand what his expectations are?” He wants me to exceed his expectations, but he can’t even tell me properly what his expectations are for me to meet them in the first place. The experts have all given this stage in life a pretty name: “Quarter-Life Crisis”, but it doesn’t make it any less confusing!

People say, if you don’t understand, ask. Well believe me, I have and still am. But I’m nowhere near understanding what he wants than before I asked. Maybe I’m not asking the right questions to get the right answers. So I keep thinking of different ways to ask a question to get a light-bulb moment answer. At the moment it seems to me, all his answers are in some secret coded language that I have to decode.

Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me (Am I so dense? Is my EQ that low?) but the others here assured me that my boss does speak in codes. They say, the longer I work here, the better I will become at decoding and understanding what he expects from me. I guess that will happen later rather than sooner.

By : Anya

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Grow up...

You go into working life and suddenly you feel so adult. The way you dress, the way you speak, they way you carry yourself, everything changes. Eventually we become more matured and laugh at our own clothes we wore before or things we used to do back in school, campus and etc.

But I just don’t understand why some people, even after working for some time, still could be so small minded and act so childishly at times. I am not saying, you shouldn’t try to be cute or do back the crazy things you use to do once in while for fun. But I’m talking about people who just stop growing mentally. Yes, that’s the word.

Recently, I bumped into one. Been meeting a lot, but anyway I’m gonna write about the most recent one. I am now working in a new company and it’s been like a month here now. It’s just a small company with just about 20 plus people working. People here are friendly and there’s lots of interaction among us since it’s pretty small.

There is a girl here called Ashka. She keeps to herself and doesn’t hang out much with the others in the office except for a HeShe person who used work here. That particular person just left the company two weeks ago. Since then, Ashka initiated in being my friend. Most people here can’t get along with her. Since, I am new there I welcomed everyone with open arms. She used to follow me for lunch and etc. Once, she came to me after work and asked me for my hp number and I gave. Then during the weekend she messaged me asking for some advise on her personal life and I also gave piece of my mind. That’s when I actually had her number, supposedly her new hp number.

She was becoming closer and she’s a very funny character by nature and only yesterday, I thought to myself, that I have actually made a new friend, which I rarely do in a short period of time. Oh btw, Ashka and the HeShe fought recently and Ashka has been avoiding her since.

All of a sudden, yesterday, when I was on my way back, Ashka called me and sounded very angry. She was questioning me if I gave her number to that HeShe. I was really blur and said I did not give to anyone and no one even asked me. She was arguing saying that there’s no one else has her number and I must have done it accidentally. Ridiculous isn’t it? Yet, I didn’t see it as a big issue or anything till I came to office today.

The moment I entered she gave me a “how dare you?” look and has been totally avoiding me. And one of my colleagues came and told me, how Ashka is so mad at me, how she feels that I betrayed her and etc.

Gosh! When I heard that, I was so speechless. Are they just stupid or are they born stupid? 1st of all, I did not ask for her number. She gave it to me. 2nd, she has never said that do not give it to anyone its top private secret. (Not like I did, anyway) 3rd how on earth am I suppose to find a person who has left the company, go and give the number? Not like that person is my friend or anything.

Now tell me, shall I just go scream at her face, WILL YOU PLEASE GROW UP?

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Cheated Death

I’ve never come so close to death as I did last Sunday evening. It was a normal day. Well it was actually a happy day because I was spending the day with my boyfriend. We had a good lunch and then headed over to Low Yat Plaza because he needed to buy an external hard drive.

When we came out of Low Yat it was already getting dark and we were having an affectionate squabble about what to have for dinner. Hand in hand we started walking to Lot 10 where our car was. As we reached Sungai Wang Plaza, we checked for traffic on the right, the road was clear and so we crossed and stood on the divider. At this point, I can’t remember what we were talking about but I remember we were laughing about something as we checked for traffic on the left and since it was clear, started crossing.

We had hardly taken two steps on the road when, from the right, there came a blaring car horn. I clutched at him as we both jumped back unto the divider. The speeding car swerved past us, barely missing us by a few inches. More cars followed that first car, all coming from the right.
We stood on the divider, hearts thumbing loudly. My legs were shaking like jelly. We had just escaped death by a few inches, a few seconds because we were careless. We totally forgot that the roads between Sungai Wang Plaza and Lot10 were all one way.

We had forgotten the basic rules of crossing roads – left, right, left. If My-Friend-In-High-Places had not been looking out for us, I dare not imagine what would have happened. I learnt an important lesson; when it comes to safety, never assume – it makes an ass out of u n me.

By: Anya

Monday, 24 March 2008

The Internet..

One of my friend came upon some show on sex,love, relationship and marriages and has been so hooked on it since. So she has started doing more and more research on it, in having fears of her relationship might not work too. And of course she has opt for the best research tool over, The Internet.

One would be truly amazed with the things we can find over The Internet. I just did some discovery myself recently when I searched for more details on brain injury. I was amazed to find out so many websites dedicated to care givers of brain injury patients. And to my amazement there was even a few websites dedicated to the sisters of a brain injury patient. And name the rest, mothers, fathers, relatives, everything is there. At that point of time, I truly felt so relieved that I am obviously not alone and there's so many people who's going through what I am going through. I was so thankful to The Internet and I even recommended it to my friend.

But today, I am changing my perception of The Internet. As mentioned earlier, my friend who has been researching about relationships has been finding so many articles about what are the major causes of divorces, break ups, true stories of people who have went through similar problems. She, who is currently not having any problems in her relationship, is freaking out in the thoughts that her relationship or marriage will never last. And thanks to The Internet, she now thinks its perfectly normal and she's preparing herself to take things more practically.

That made me think and realize, Internet is not really the place for happy people. When someone is happy, they don't sit and write about it. They are so happy with their life that they care less to announce it to the world. Only when people are sad, or when they have a problem, they tend to look for alternatives, such as The Internet. Then, they sit and write and blog about it hoping to find someone else who's going through the same shit, to make them feel normal, to comfort themselves that they are not alone. (I take myself as one of the best example, when I have something to complain about, I cant wait to blog about it) So all the millions of articles, although true, might only show the bad or negative part of an issue rather than the good ones. Hence, they produce some miserables souls, as my friend, who is in attempt to spoil a good relationship in fear of her future.

I don't know what I am trying to prove here. Maybe, don't rely on anything or anyone to make you happy. You should rely on your self and yourself only!

By: 'lilo


... sucks ... big time... in capital letters... with a capital S.. bold.. yes, life SUCKS!

i wan to write so much.. but i'm wordless... theres so many things running in my mind.. but nothing seem to form a sentence... when i look at myself in d mirror, i can only view a big question mark... oh damn... life sucks so perfectly...

nway, dun bother asking me why.. cause i don't know why... maybe i'm just sick, up in the head.. or maybe i'm just paranoid... ignore me..

i have just become a whine baby.. ignore me.. even reading the word 'cry' can make me cry now.. oh wow.. am i suppose to be proud of myself or what?

all I wish i can do now is, to bang this keyboard so hard!!!!!!! damn, but this place is just too quiet for that...

anyway, just ignore me..

By: 'lilo (what a stupid nick)

Friday, 21 March 2008


I’m sitting at the last row in the training room and having a bad case of Friday Blues.
I can’t even think of anything proper to blog but I need to; I can’t disappoint our fans or eerrrrmm, maybe just fan. :)
My brain is just numb from all the abbreviations swimming around in my head and even more that’s being bombarded at me. SP, SLC, NI, DPC, OPC, CIC, MAP, ISUP, BSSAP, RANAP, bla, bla, bla, yadaa, yadaa, yadaa ….
It’s not just technical terms that has been abbreviated. Even normal everyday phrases like Scope of Work (SoW), Way of Working (WoW), WTF ??!! (Figure that out yourself) :)
Why don’t we just start speaking in monosyllables? Y= Yes, N= No, F = Female, M = Male, L = Lunch, T = Toilet, B= Boss … we can just make up the list as we go along.
Either speaking full phrases is going to waste seconds of our life, or we just want to sound like we know more than we do or we’re just too lazy … I’m too brain-numbed to think of any other valid reason…
As you’ve realized by now, I’m so bored but TGIF! :D

By : Anya

Educated Litterbugs

First world facilities, third world mentality.
By : Anya

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Shopping : The Hidden Truth

I’m sure we’ve all received this picture before – the difference between how men and women shop. And we’ve all giggled, identified with it and sent it to the friends on our address book so they can have a bit of fun too.

I’ll be the first to admit that being a girl, shopping is fun, especially when I’m with my girl-pals or depressed – nothing like a brand new item of clothing and Starbucks afterwards to make everything seem right again. :) In fact, some people are convinced that girls are born with a shopping gene. I’m one of those people who can go into every shop in One Utama or Midvalley and only buy one item or something else that I totally didn’t plan to buy. Like when I go to buy a pair of jeans; I think I try on every pair they have to offer and decide nothing fits just right and end up buying a pair of sandals to make me feel my shopping trip wasn’t a waste.

Well guess what? There’s more to shopping that meets the eye! Did you know that women have 12 body types? Yes, that’s right, 12! – Apple, Hour Glass, Skittle, Vase, Cornet, Lollipop, Column, Bell, Goblet, Cello, Pear and Brick. Is it any wonder that women find it so hard to get a pair of jeans that gives the perfect fit? I bet you jeans are made to fit body type Skinny, perfectly (if you noticed, it doesn’t exist). Guys on the other hand have it so easy. They’re either Athletic, Fat, Thin, Tall or Short.

So we keep trying to get that perfect top or that perfect jeans. Most of the time, we wouldn’t get it right the first time, so we try again – a different brand, a different shopping mall and maybe even in a different country. We may have a cupboard full of clothes and claim to have nothing to wear. But don’t worry, we’ll keep on trying till we find the perfect fit … and then we’ll stop (I hope). ;)

By : Anya

The Others...

I think this blog is becoming rather sad.. lots of mourning.. lols…

Well, im feeling happy today.. n im itching to write.. but I just don’t know what to..

So I’m just gonna publish some gossips.. Remember, the C gals that we used to hate? Until today, I don’t know why we were like enemies actually. Btw, for this blog they gonna be known as ‘The Others’ (*Just like in Lost*). Being a more matured person I am now, I think it’s us who were being mengada. I still remember the day P coming to our house to borrow some saree or something.

Anyway, d gossip is, remember our Mr Vain (*topless & white boxers*) and his gf, the ping pong gal? : ) She has changed her status recently to “Its complicated” and she has removed many of their together gether pics :p hahaha.. tats y ppl say, don’t over do with you’re my baby, my world n crap in frenster :p im being so mean…

N one more news is, P who shares the same name as our ex housemate, has got this absolutely gorgeous tattoo.. im so jealous! She has got guts! Honestly, its beautiful..

see, im not so mean after all : ) but then, she has got this real ugly tongkang bf.. n I remember hearing recently she’s getting married.. I hope not to tis fella though…

hahaha.. lols..

By: 'lilo

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Yesterday a friend of mine told me he has only 90bucks left in his bank. So I casually asked, pay not in is it? I was amazed when he replied, pay came in an hour ago and I just finished paying all my bills, loans and stuff.

And yesterday too, on my way back home, my mom called me n requested me to buy her porridge since she’s not feeling very well. So I dropped by McD, to buy a bit standard bubur la.. When I was there, it seemed quite ridiculous to buy just one bubur.. So I added on some extra stuff to munch.. like fries.. nuggets.. n a burger.. nothing much actually. However, I went blank for a second, when the cashier sweetly told me, “thirty seven twenty”.. I must have given her the WTF look, that she rechecked the bill and assured me with a giggle, Yes, thirty seven twenty!

Damn! I had one 50 bucks note to last me till end of the week. And yesterday was Monday huh?

And its not the 1st time this has happened to me.. I wonder.. Is money loosing its value? Is things getting too expensive? Or is it just me, on the way to becoming Becky Bloomwood? : )

By: 'lilo

Her Smile

Her smile uses only seventeen muscles
But twice as many when she frowns,
Science says it’s easier to smile,
Science knows nothing about emotions.

When she’s had a bad day,
Or week or month or year,
When all she wants to do is cry,
She keeps smiling for those she holds dear.

When she wants to hide from her troubles,
And run far, far away,
This smiling girl soldiers on,
Saying, ‘Come what may’.

She draws people to her with her smile,
But with her smile keeps them at a distance,
Because of the charming curve of her mouth,
No one knows her heart’s real condition.

Many of us are like this smiling girl,
Our smile building prison walls,
Holding us captive,
Keeping the ‘real’ us hidden from all.

Lucky is the person who finds,
The key to unlock the prison gates,
Or explosives to tear down the prison walls,
I hope she finds it before it’s too late.

By : Anya

Coincidence? Sign?

This morning, I was comforting and motivating myself while driving to work. And the weirdest of all things happened. Seriously; when I looked at my watch, all the numbers started falling off. I am not making it up, and it really happened. I have my numberless watch as proof. And it happened the exact time I turned to look at it cos the clock stop moving and the time was exactly what my car clock showed. I don’t know why would such a weird thing happen to me? Is it a pure coincidence or Is it a sign? But of what?

By: 'lilo

P/S: note, the 3, 6, 9 & 12 places are empty and there's one number hanging on the pin

Putting on a brave face...

... and acting to be in control.

One Sunday morning, when my parents announced that they are going to India for a long vacation, my brother and I was overwhelmed by joy. We were jumping up and down imagining the freedom we gonna have. Immediately we started planning our one month of freedom. We planned to be out all day n night. Or sleep like tomorrow never exist.. We planned to throw a party to all our friends. We even planned on what the menu should be.

After six months, today, right now, my parents are up in the sky flying to India. My brother, who rely his life on a walking stick now, has been put into my aunt’s house for an adult care, and here I am feeling extremely sad and miserable.

And we say things don’t change. Unfortunately they do.

Reality hit on me last night. When I was lying down thinking what am I gonna do all by myself for the next one month. I decided all I’m gonna do or I need to do for now is, to cry. Yes, seriously. I wanna sit and cry everyday till my tears go dry. I am sick and tired of putting on a brave face and acting to be in control. I am not the brave one. Seriously; I am just any other girl who needs to let go of her emotions.

Looking at my mother packing her bags as if she’s forced to go didn’t help as well. Telling my mother I’m gonna be all fine and would take care of my brother didn’t help as well. I’m just tired of faking a smile and hiding my tears in front of my mother everyday for the past few months.

So there I was, lying on my bed and crying all night. And I decided that’s what I really need to do to get over this. Everything has been so tied up inside me. It’s time for me to let go. I’m starting to forget I do have a sister. And I have a boyfriend who hates people crying. I am tired of putting up this act on, “hey, look at me.. I’m cool, I’m tough, I don’t cry”. I have friends whom I rarely meet and get a chance to share all this. Sincerely, I don’t blame anyone but myself.

And yesterday, when my eyes were soaked with tears, I was thinking to myself, what would really make me feel good at that time. At 1st I thought of beer. Since, many believe alcohol takes away your pain. Then I moved on to some hardcore liquor. Then I thought maybe starbucks. Then I moved on thinking maybe Baskin Robins would do the magic. But nothing seemed to satisfy me or fit into the picture that I needed the most.

Then a weird thought came to my mind. And I know that’s exactly what would make feel better. I longed for the 2 big cushions Anya brought from over d sea, and I wanted Pikachu to be there. Yes, really. I just wanted to be in that living room with the 2 big beany bags with pikachu by my side. I miss her.

By: ‘lilo

Monday, 17 March 2008

And so Margie writes...

Certain cows of the pink clan have been pestering me to 'contribute', hence here goes my very first blog entry! (wohoo! yay!) :P
Its 4.00pm, am at the office in a dull, dull faraway god forsaken land which some call the MSC :P
Am having the usual Monday Blues... my immediate thoughts?
"What's for dinner" (and this is barely 2.5 hours after my lunch with Anya) and "whats on tv tonite" (not that there is anything good on StarWorld these days, at least Monday nights are no longer comedy marathon since E.L.Raymond left, sob, sob). Oh wait, i just remembered ANTM is on tonite! :D
So here i am.. doing a pig test, yes you heard it right.. a lame pig test that my sister (who btw, a few buildings across just emailed). Lame, lame.. i know :) We were not only in the same skool since stone-age, but also uni-mates, course-mates (yeah, i had no direction then) and were even once (gasp!) roomates!

(Caution to Reader: if you haven't noticed by now, you should.. i tend to ramble on and on)

Anyway...........back to my entry!

Since this is my first entry in a PINK blog, i decided to dedicate it to another PINK creature we all know and love (well some hate i guess) called the PIG! "spidey pig, spidey pig la la la.." and so Homer (my idol) sings in Simpsons The Movie. And yes, i am named after Marge Simpsons (not that i have blue hair or high buffo-hair or screechy voice) :D
So, i take the pig test. Its a fun test that demands you to choose the pig shape, the eyes, the shape of the ear, the tail etc. In the end, it generates a result of your "type".
So i've learned that, among other things:
  1. i have GREAT memory for remembering birthdays and other dates -> i can think of 1 fellow blogger who would disagree with me on this :)

  2. i (unfortunately) chose a short curly wurly tail for my pig, thus i will have a not-so-great s*x life :P

  3. i am pathetic and lame to be even writing this ramblings

Peace Out till i finally have the courage to write something decent next time!

My thoughts on Love...

Just to add on to Lilo’s thoughts on Love… What is love? It’s a word we use so freely now, more than ever.
“I love McDonalds. I love my family. I love reading. I love traveling. I love coffee. I love American Idol. I love my boyfriend. I love dogs. I love weekends. I love beaches. I love you.”
There’s so many definitions to love. It ranges from something that brings a little pleasure to something you can’t imagine living without. Almost everyone has their own definition for love. My definition may be different than yours but I think it’s because each of us understands love differently. I think when we find someone who loves us in the way we understand love and vice versa, we stay in love and if we’re lucky enough, keep falling more and more in love with that person.
To me, love is … being able to be myself with that person and not get condemned for it …. doing things together that either one of us enjoys, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing as long as we’re doing it together…being able to laugh together and at each other … doing something for the other person even if it’s inconvenient… allowing the person to follow their dreams… finding little ways to let the other person know they’re important…being very careful with my words even when I’m extremely pissed at them…

I’m no expert on love. I don’t know if soul mates or even true love exists. I only know that I’ve been blessed that there is someone in this world that loves me the way I understand love. I hope I’m doing the same for him ….

By : Anya

Every gal has a bitch in her life, Part II..

Every gal has a bitch in her life.. I was no exception.. I had one to.. more like I lived with one.. honestly, I have never hated anyone in my life as much I hate her.. I despise her.. I just so don’t like her!!

Ok, calming down.. Yes, I lived with this bitch.. She was my course mate, housemate then even roommate.. She’s just a piece oh shit actually.. She loves to brag like nobody’s business.. If u have something to brag, then its at least acceptable.. This is a perfect example of empty can makes the loudest noise.. She brags n lies about everything.. Its either she thinks we are damn stupid or we r just plain stupid.. Seriously, I cant find any other reason.. n d thing with her lying.. I always think, its ok to lie, if u r really good at it.. But if u gonna lie to me in d morning n for me to find out d truth at nite.. come’on.. gimme a break.. she never gave me one though..

She tortured my life.. She sneaked on my stuff when I was asleep.. Never letting me to rest my eyes peacefully.. She took advantage of me in many ways.. To get things easily done for her.. n I yes, I was stupid enough to please her.. n never once I complained to her.. Told ya, I can stand a lot of shit… only towards d end, I started giving her a silent treatment.. I’m not sure if that worked, but at least she left our house..

It’s been almost 2 years now since we graduated.. From our phone calls once in a blue moon, n recent date she had wit my frens.. We could summarise that, some things just don’t change… n of course she hasn’t.. Even a bit…

D worst thing of all is.. She was competing and comparing herself with me no reason.. She tried to up-do me in evtg.. phones, car, guys, studies, n evtg.. Honestly, she didn’t manage even on one of that… n from what I’ve heard recently, she is still competing… I wonder why…

Seriously… I don’t mean to brag.. but we are really incomparable.. we are really not in the same league to compete with each other… we r so different and I dun put myself anywhere near her..

In lay man’s term, its like comparing a Ferrari with a Kenari.. They r both cars.. hey, they even rhyme.. but can they actually compare or compete with one another?

And I seriously don’t mind being d Kenari, cos I am pretty sure she thinks of herself as FERRARI : )

By: 'lilo


"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”

Life is so easy if u were single.. but I’m one of the person who just cant be.. Somehow I tend to fall into love quite fast.. maybe cos I can tolerate lots of shits.. trust me.. even I am amazed with my own patience.. Whether it does me good or bad, that’s the question..

Well, talking about love.. even after being into a few relationships.. I haven’t been able to define it.. yes, I was also one of the girls who believed in true love and finding ur soul mate and shit.. but at this point of time, I think love is just about tolerating.. the longer u tolerate the longer u stay in the relationship.. so falling in love, is finding the right person u can tolerate longer or maybe for all your life..

I have had weird experiences being in relationships.. 1st when I was very much na├»ve bout all this relationship thingy, I was in love with this one guy who claimed to love me so so much.. who constantly proved it with his tears.. this guy, who loved me more than anything in this world (or claimed so), was even willing to die for me.. yes, he wanted to suicide if I was to leave him.. then he wanted to kill me when I decided to leave him.. at the end, he was seen with a new gf in less than a month since we broke up.. funny isn’t it?

Then there came another guy.. Who was a every gal’s dream come true.. Showering me with flowers n gift.. The oh-so-romantic guy who opens the car door for u n who never lets the gal open her wallet.. yes, they do exist! Unfortunately, not for long though.. After being into the relationship for 3 years, suddenly he decides, maybe commitment is not my-kind-of-thing.. the guy who used to surprise me with whole lots of new things chose to surprise me with his msgs once in a blue moon.. now he prefers, hey, hows work? statements than saying, hey, I miss u….

There’s also this another guy.. I wasn’t officially in a relationship with him.. but he was there hanging onto my life for d past 7 years now.. its love at 1st sight - then don’t c each other at all – but I still love u story.. this guy who claimed to love me since the 1st time he saw me back in 2001, is getting married in 2 weeks time.. yes, to his ex-gf.. which until today I don’t ustd how tat could exist if he was so in love wit me.. nway, until today, he still claims tat he still loves me and will always do.. now, he says “hey, I love u, but pls come for my wedding k?” haha.. weird eh?

But u think all this would have thought me a lesson to stop finding one? Nah..

Now there’s another guy.. well, this is my present.. a guy who is a total opposite of me.. not 180 but 360 degrees different.. who doesn’t believe in P.D.As.. who I fight with at least ten times a month.. who I’m sure my parents would never like.. who I also find weird at times… but somehow I think he’s d one who will show up with THE diamond ring ;) lets see..

“I love you. It's not a weight you must carry around. I love you. It's not a box that holds you in. I love you. It's not a standard you have to bear. I love you. It's not a sacrifice I make. I love you. It's not a pedestal you are frozen upon. I love you. It's not an expectation of perfection. I love you. It's not my life's whole purpose (or yours). I love you. It's not to make you change. I love you. It's not even to make you love me. I just love you. It's as pure and simple as that.”

By: `lilo

Quater-Life Crisis Explained

Girls, we're not the only ones who hate our jobs and miss our campus life :)

By : Anya

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Every girl has a b*t*h in her life

I tried to understand what Margie was talking about when she said there’s one girl in her office that really gets on her nerves. I mean, yeah, people get on our nerves all the time don’t they - that car that refuses to give way or cuts queue, that customer service person who thinks you’re a moron or that person right in front of you at the cashier who forgot to weigh and put a price tag on his carrots.

It wasn’t until I encountered a girl like that in my office that I finally understood what Margie was talking about. I was new to this office and this girl seemed nice and sweet - but the thing was, I often found I was struggling to match her niceness. Anyway, I just brushed off the feeling, thinking that I was being anti-social or something. It wasn’t long, however, before her true colours showed. She was the goody-two-shoes that played dirty. There’s no need for me to go into details, but it’s enough to say that her sweet act is just that - an act. It’s an act that totally fooled my immediate superior into thinking that she’s an angel but the rest of us mortals knew her to be a b*t*h. But the funny thing about girls is, we might hate the sight of each other, but an outsider watching us chatting would never know. If we bumped into each other in the washroom, we might appear to be really good friends, talking and laughing, but right after that we’ll go to our own group of real friends and b*t*h about the b*t*h.

I realized that this was not just confined to the office or adult life. I’ve had at least one encounter with girls like this since I started attending kindergarden. There was this rich little girl in kindergarden that bragged about her new purse- one day the purse mysteriously disappeared. There was another girl in school that lied through her teeth about everything - even after the truth was revealed, she insisted her lie was the truth. All these girls had plenty of things in common - they were all quite pretty, geniuses at sucking-up to authority, appeared to be models of obedience, seemed to care about you but all they cared about was themselves and they were all my ‘friends’ at one point or another.

I know I might sound like a fake or ‘plastic’ but I’m not an exception. I think it’s safe to say, every girl has a b*t*h in her life. It may be even that, I’m a b*t*h to someone else. Guys will never understand the relationship dynamics between girls. If a guy hates another guy (or girl),he’ll end the friendship. Well, here’s another thing to add to that list of ways how guys and girls differ - guys ditch, girls b*t*h. Deal with it.

By : Anya

Friday, 14 March 2008

What's a Pink?

So what’s the deal about ‘pink’?
Isn’t it just another colour?
Nope, it’s not what you think,
It’s not the colour, it’s the behaviour.

It’s how she walks,
With a certain swish to her hips,
It’s how she talks,
A feminine smile on her lips.

When she eats,
She takes little bite-sized portions,
And daintily she chews at it,
While carrying on, an intelligent conversation.

She has at least one soft toy,
Placed strategically in her car,
Car fragrance, she will always buy,
Potpourri, Lovely Lace or Ambi Pur.

She has a collection,
Of bangles, bags, shoes and earrings,
She pays attention to fashion,
As long as it’s feminine, it’s her thing.

So now I hope you know,
There’s more to pink than just the colour,
Some girls are less, some a lot more,

But it’s cool ‘cause to this world, we add some flavour.

By: Anya

The name...

Pink scalers.. haha.. *tapping on my shoulder* I must say, it’s a nice one.. so how did this name come about? Well, we used to live in this beautiful apartment once upon a time.. maybe not so beautiful, but anyway, it carried a lot of memories for us… we had a pink scale drawn on d wall of our so called living room to highlight the level of pinkness each of us stand at tat point of time.. We just had something against pink… or at least I did.. n I still do.. Though I know some of them lived in denial and until today they still do… well, PINK is not only about d colour.. its beyond tat.. I have argued this a million times so I'm just gonna drop this topic for today :)

n btw gals, speaking bout pink.. I have a confession to make.. remember for one of my bday, u gals bought me a pink top.. I STILL HAVEN'T WEAR IT.. I'm sorry ppl.. I’ve tried it on few hundred times.. Its sweet.. its nice.. yeah I know.. but I just haven’t been able to step out of my room wearing that.. I'm really sorry… But at least I'm still keeping it..

By: `lilo