Thursday, 26 August 2010

On why i am seriously thinking of quitting my job

10 things I hate about work
  1. I hate the long commute (distance is roughly 50kms one way)
  2. I hate the traffic (Im always late to work!)
  3. I hate some of the people in my organization
  4. I hate the fact im not good in the technology I support
  5. I hate the fact there is so much to do, and impossible deadlines
  6. I hate fearing that one of my team members will leave earlier than me
  7. I hate not having the drive (mojo) to come to work everyday
  8. I hate the freaking un-ergonomical chair that is causing me carpal tunnel syndrome and neck/shoulder pain!
  9. I hate the lack of direction the management has over the service I support
  10. Nemo on a good day
  11. I hate the variety of tasks i need to undertake and still be expected to complete them in shortest time. (some of the tasks bordering consulting/architectural expertise, WHICH btw, i am not trained for, nor have the luxury of time to research and come up with detailed plans! Heck, we have a so called 'architect' who does NOTHING technical and earns shite loads sitting in Europe)
Nemo on a bad day...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I would have thought that after being with N for 7 years, being married to him wouldn't be very different. But it is! Very different! And very nice.

I've actually started thinking about house buying and having a family. I guess most people would say it's what you're supposed to think of once you reach a certain age but I never thought I would be one of those people. When I see my friends' adorable babies I think to myself  'It would be really nice to have one of those one day - a mini me'. That thought only lasts until the babies start screaming their lungs out and start puking and pooping.

So anyway, it's not surprising that I've been on the look out for a job that doesn't require me to travel so extensively anymore. I've attended a couple of interviews but with disappointing results. Either the job sucks or the pay sucks. However, yesterday I got news that maybe..just maybe, I might be able to get an internal transfer.

So after months of agonizing and false hopes, is the wait finally going to end?


Monday, 23 August 2010

2010 Q3 Nemo Updates

Long time since i last blogged.

Some updates:

1. I am putting on weight :P
2. A friend of mine introduced me to his friend and we started hanging out.
It's been 4 months now...
  • We started off being able to chat long hours (either phone or chats)
  • Towards the end, it started to fizzle out for me as i was running out of topics/interest :(
  • He likes me and i like him
  • He likes me more than a friend and i err, don't see him as 'the one' yet.
  • He flirts and i don't flirt back (because i don't like building hopes or being one of those cheapo girls)
  • So i did what i best do.. I pulled back. Built up a wall.
  • He says he will wait. And i was glad. Thought his persistence will pay off some day and he will 'grow' on me.
  • But alas, last Friday he gave up.
  • Didn't feel good thinking i have hurt him even though i never wanted that nor gave him false hopes. If anything, i've been extremely direct with this fella (too direct to the point, i think i have hurt him a little..) :(
  • Last night he rang and said he wished he could turn back words. So he proposed we be friends again.
  • I gladly accepted
  • I am still wondering if what just happened on Friday was a 'break up' or ... since we were never in a relationship. Made that clear from the very beginning. I would call what we had as a 'casual dating' period. But still.. it never is easy...
3. My sister got married! Was a busy period but fun nevertheless. I had a hair malfunction (i chose the wrong style & make up) on one of the days. 
Kind of dreading the photos :P Ah well 

4. I bought a Coach bag ! :D

5. My big project for this year at work finally completed and paid off.

6. To celebrate that and the fact that 'new fella' called it quits, i decided to have a fringe again. What is it with women and changes and making statements? :)

7. I am now even more confused with what i want to do in life.
The choice of career? Should i stay with the current technology i support? Or should i stay in IT line or switch to another field altogether?

8. I need to start applying jobs

9. I want to take a break from work and finish up all the 'home' projects i've neglected.

That's about it all i guess.

Till the next time i'm inspired again to write,
Peace Out

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Love is..

So nemo asked me an interesting question today.. She asked if I think what I had with lolo as an epic love? (btw, lolo is my ex, I was lilo n he was lolo, pathetic I know, but anyway) my 1st response was, what's an epic love? :p she told me, it's the great one, that will never come by again..

Hmmm.. I didn't take too long to answer her, but now that I think about it, yeah, maybe it is true.. It was one that will never come by again.. It was a fantasy, it was so beautiful.. It was like living a sweet dream.. A dream that you sometimes wish will never end.. But you do wake up eventually, n realize that was just a dream, u smile n move on.. That's exactly how I feel..

He was everything a girl would ask for, like a character taken out from a beautiful love story.. He showed up at my door with beautiful roses.. He showered me with gifts.. He opened the car door each time.. Never let go my hand whenever we were out.. Loved Public display of affection.. never let me open my wallet.. massaged my feet when I'm tired, peeled my prawns, cut my meat.. Pulled my chair.. Did everything I said.. He even said I love you every single day..

No, I didn't make that up, he really did all of that..

Then came the distance.. Everything felt apart.. And I woke up!

So yeah, it's true, it was an epic love, one that will never come by again.. but nah, I have no regrets, I woke up, I smiled and I moved on..

I am now with whom is known as "the great one".. He's probably the total opposite of lolo in every possible way..

He doesn't say I love you everyday, he doesn't shower me with gifts nor show up with roses, he hates holding hands, he makes me cry every other day..

But I am now more in love than I could ever be.. What I have now is real! As real as it could ever get.. Simply because he loves me his own way..

We talk, we share, we care, we do everything in our own way.. Nothing that you can find in novels, nothing of those u find in movies..

We are few mins drive away, but we don't meet everyday.. We r just one call away, but we don't talk every day.. He lives his life his way and I live mine my own way..

But somehow I love this bond, I love this commitment, I love this trust..

This is what I call love, because it's so real...

iLilo :)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Loving my new toy!

I just upgraded my phone to os4, n I must say, I'm totally impressed n satisfied! I dunno why were a lot of ppl talking bad about it..

N I've also just got myself an app to blog from my phone.. Since I can never find time at work to write, so hopefully I'll be updating/whining more often now ;)

I've been totally hooked on to the phone, since the day I bought it.. No regrets so far, hopefully it remains that way.. Cheers!

iLilo :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

all i want...

all I want and all I need, at this particular moment of my life is...

the most finest....

the most funniest....

the most sandiest....

and life will be a bliss!
Wishing upon the stars, Lilo!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Today my baby brother (he's got a week more till he turns 21;P) flew an Airbus 320 for the first time! ;)

I'm so proud of him!


Friday, 6 August 2010


One colleague of mine, has this habit of checking other colleagues emails (the ones that she hates).. as much as I hate them too, I just think checking others' emails are so wrong... and I kept telling her not to do it, or dont forward to me, but she just dont get it!

me: please stop sending me, I dun wanna know bout their sicky and sucky life...

her: OK. I get what you mean. Aren’t you curious about the juiciness of their stinking mindset, especially X?

me: Nope, not at all ;) Even if curious also, checking other people’s mail is very wrong la… It’s really like stooping to their level.

her: You’re so good at psychology :) kudos to you! I will still check and continue to check. I know I am of different level with them, regardless what you think about me.

me: I am no judge of anyone la… and no saint :p but its just I believe, I wouldn’t do anything that I wouldn’t want others to do to me.. That’s all! :)

her: That’s true. So I guess I just have to expect someone else to read my mails next time! :)

wtf?? she still didnt get it right??