Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A great holiday (not!)

I’m back from a long weekend to work, and somehow I am not refreshed or re-energized; rather I am feeling like I have just wasted 4 days of my life doing absolutely nothing. 3 days were spent sleeping, tv, food and sleep again. Lot of sleep makes me lazy and lot of food makes me fat. So both no good!

And one more day was wasted in a beach called Port Dickson (for those who don’t know, PD is like the worse beach ever in Malaysia, it looks like this and nothing like this) and I really do not know why my family loves going back there again and again. Maybe because it’s the closest by distance. So yes, a group of like 30 people went to PD and all I did was sit there and watch this bunch of people having crazy fun. I did not touch the water or the sand. All I did was to sit and stare blankly and wonder why on earth was I born in this family? Seriously... they really amaze me at times... we seem not to share any common interest. We don’t think alike and I can never feel lonelier than when I am around them.

By: ‘Lilo

Friday, 23 January 2009

Green - the new pink?

Ok, you know the drill - Friday evening, every minute seems to stretch forever and you have no mood to work but you can't leave the office just yet.

That's my exact predicament.

So here I am, hoping that blogging will keep me occupied and make the time move faster.

Right now I have two items on my workstation that Lilo and Nemo are both gonna yell "PINK!!" in unison when they see it. (FYI Pink is the term we use to refer to anything i.e. clothing, behavior, fashion sense, body language that is girlish. And girlish here not necessarily being a good thing.)

And although I know both of you think I'm the "pinkest", I swear, I'm not responsible for these two items. The first being my frog thingie that I got at a random gift exchange at the office.

He's my wrist rest for when I use my mouse. And when I'm aggitated and need an outlet, he's the perfect victim - he's very squeezeable. Ironically my frog thingie was a gift from my manager.

The second item, it's only temporary because it belongs to this workstation here in Jakarta. I don't have one of this in KL. It's a Sansevieria.

A plant =). When I took over this workstation temporarily, this plant was there looking half dead. So I've been watering it and it looks better than a week ago. At least I can say I'm doing my part for the environment ;)

And hey, whad do ya know, it's now officially time to go back and to start the weekend!


Thursday, 22 January 2009

as perfect as it gets

i am so bored lying on my bed, reading a book on Malaysia's most recent ex PM (which i've been reading off and on since last Dec & still haven't finished!) and thinking if sleep is eluding me yet again that i decided to try mobile bloging (lilo has done it before) and blog lamely about my day today..

Wasn't such a bad day too to begin with. First was the 2 promising & productive meetings i had. The second being appreciated by a kaleidscope of people such as 2 different Head of Depts (work stuff :P), a manager (for doing a report which is outta my work scope.. & i hated doing it!), few office colleagues (for the Chinese New Year cards i wrote them) and lastly, an expat-colleague (whom started a blog which he said i inspired him to! And he even dropped few lines about me too! Ngee..)

Also had a great and cheap lunch with my funny office buddies.. Learned one of my malay female colleague actually keeps a dog as a pet! And doesnt hide the fact either! A rarity in Malaysia. Hehe.

The only part that i didnt like about the day was that im already dreading a tech-sharing session with Microsoft in March as the expert is an all out Indian nerd with an accent and a condascending tone (how come Exchange had better Indian nerds!! & they were cute and nice too! Sulk,sulk).

The second being the unappreciative feeling i had when chatting with a person i value as a friend... Sometimes its hard to read a person or feel secure as a pal when a majority of the person's actions say otherwise.. :( because i have seen the rare times this person has been nice, i brave on.. At least we didnt fight :)

And lastly being reminded by my boss's boss that i have a task due :-S bummer! Anyway, nothing is perfect they say. I guess this day as how it was, is close enough. :)

-N.e.m.o excruciatingly from her mobile.. :p

p/s: By the time im done with this post after 3 tries, and an hour, my left hand was numb with cramps!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Flower Surprise...

I haven’t had time to update my story about another guy today. Anyway, there’s something very sweet that happened today, I can’t go back without announcing it to the world :)

I received flowers today! Yay! I’m super happy and excited. Although, I practically dengan tak malunya asked for it, I still think it’s very sweet of him to buy it right away and send it to me. And the fact that it looked exactly like how I wanted it to look. Haha..

Actually, few days ago, a guy, who’s interested in snowflakes (the non-existing member of the blog) contacted me on facebook, asking my help to get her address, choose flowers etc.. So for a few days, I have been very happily helping out this guy getting all excited with the process of falling in love. I think guys are always at their best when they are trying to get a girl. Although that wasn’t the case in my story; current story to be more specific.

And I have been passing on the excitement to my friends as well. Been talking to Anya about it and only yesterday we were both wishing how it would be nice to receive flowers; And talking about the kind of flowers that we would love to receive etc. Btw, for those who are considering (hint, hint) sending flowers to us, if I’m not mistaken, Anya loves sunflowers and daisies. Nemo likes carnations and roses. Lilo likes red roses and white lilies or white daisies. (Colors are very important, ok?!!)

And I also been long enough in a relationship to know that no point wishing and wondering when you want something very badly. So I asked. You don’t ask, you don’t get. I believe, it’s as simple as that. Pointers to those who are newly in love, no point wondering I wish my bf will do this, I wish he will do that, and continue complaining and being sad. The key is, what are you doing about it? (I am stopping right there, before Anya come out of my monitor and slap me!)

But of course you have to pandai-pandai ask also lah. Like me, “honey, honey.. when you got money, can buy me flowers ah?” (It even rhymes, ok!) He would go like, “flowers?? Why suddenly?” then I go like “Cos I wan la... but I don’t want you to buy now... Just buy when you got money la, I know you got no money now” (trying to be concerned there)

But hey, it worked. So I have flowers now. And I was surprised. But all I had to say when I first saw them on my table was, FUCK! With the entire office watching closely to see my reaction and it all ended in a big laughter.


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Down the memory lane..

/* Contradictory to my belief on men are made in hell, somehow I am always enthralled to them. (ppttttuuuiikkk :p) Thus, I have a list of them who have played a significant role in my life. And I am not talking about my lovers, they could be just anyone; Even the guy who sat next to me in my class. What I thought of doing is to compile a story of all these guys that I can never forget after these many years, and those I am sure I will not forget in the coming years. Although these stories are extremely stupid, foolish and very embarrassing, what the heck la? Im just going to write it anyway! */

There was this one guy named N in my primary school. We were in the same class in standard one. I was the class monitor and he was my assistant. And it remained the same the years after. I used to get number 1 or the highest scores in my exams without fail and he always became number 2. He was always jealous of me and trying to out do me. Despite that we got along pretty well. (We were kids, for god damn sake!)

So we were quite good friends until when we were in standard three. I was 9 years old then. There was this one day, my class teacher was absent. So we were practically very free the whole day and were playing and talking nonsense. While talking, he mentioned something that caught everyone’s attention. He turned to me and said, “I have something very important to tell you, but I would only do so, on the last day of primary school, 3 years from now”. I was like WTF? (Of course literally not WTF at that time, but the reaction was along that line la) and that made everyone very curious, everyone started interrogating him. That was the talk for the whole day and everyone came up with some beautiful assumptions and conclusions. After refusing for a very long time, he finally gave up and decided to tell them.

All he did was, he showed a heart sign drew by some kids on the wall and wrote my name next to it. (hahahahahaha, I’m so laughing now!) But 18 years ago, I cried and cried and cried hearing the news. Don’t ask me why. I was just a kid and it freaked me out. I obviously over reacted and I refused to speak to him since then. And I did. The next day, he was punished by my class teacher, yet I didn’t speak to him since then.

For almost another 2 years. When I was in standard 5, another teacher found out about it and counseled that we shouldn’t behave this way. Then at least, I was more sensible and talked to him forcedly now and then.

Then I was the head prefect of the school and he became my assistant. Again. We competed with each other until the last day of school. In the final major examination of primary, he got one ‘A’ less than me and I haven’t met him since then.

Been 18 years now. And coincidentally, I just remembered it’s his birthday today. (Poor guy, I made his life a living hell, he tried so hard, but luck was never on his side; even his birthday falls exactly one week after mine)

By: ‘lilo

Who died and made you boss?

For 5 minutes today, I don't want to be mature, I don't want to be professional and I don't want to be rational. I want to be immature, childish and irrational.

Because I HATE being patronized!

I hate people that think they know everything just because they know something.

And I hate it when these people try to tell others how much more than you they know - in front of you.

I hate it when they try to act like they're the boss - even though no one made them one.

Seriously, either grow up or shut up!


Monday, 19 January 2009

Not so far from home...

Anya reporting from Jakarta, Indonesia! It feels so good to only have an hour time difference with KL and no jetlag=)

/*Before I go on, Nemo I just want to say - Way to go gal! This is your year! If anyone dares to say otherwise, middle finger to them! So there! And Lilo, sorry again for missing your b'day party =( But glad you had a blast!*/

Ok, back to the present... it's been Stressss...overdose of local food (seriously, I think they even localize the Starbucks flavours).... and not a single overweight person in sight!

Although I'm starting to miss Malaysian food already (I've been thinking of the claypot chicken rice with salted fish at Equine Park since this morning - pathetic or just being Malaysian?), there's this stall near the hotel that sells the most delicious barbequed chicken I've ever tasted! They serve the chicken hot, right off the barbeque grill, with basil leaves and yummylicious spicy sambal belacan. I had it for dinner twice in a row =) So Lilo, I may be keeping up with my gym schedule, but my input and output is about the same... hehe...

Speaking about food, I have no idea how the locals stay slim with the amount of meat and rice they eat. Rice and meat for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner...everyday...I wonder what they're doing right that we're not. If you think I'm exagerating, check out this picture I took a few days ago at a company dinner here.

Forgive the bad photo taking skills though!

That was taken at an event to launch a Going Green campaign and theme was "Superheros". So people came dressed up in superhero suits and it was one of the rare times in my life that I was checking out the girls more than the guys. Who wouldn't if Catwoman, Wonderwoman and Sailormoon were in the same room?

Another thing I discovered here that I'm definitely not going to find in Malaysia, are the spas. They're incredibly cheap! A 2 hour spa session (Aromatherapy massage, scrub and sauna) costs about RM50. Back home, that would easily cost at least 5 times more. And the best part about it is, there's one just right next to the hotel.

So Lilo and Nemo, if either of you wants to join me here... do I need to say more? =)

Friday, 16 January 2009

What is RSS feed?

I think many people (or at least the people I know) are not making use of the RSS feed function. Hence, I decided to share my 2 cents worth on it since a friend of mine asked me about it. According to our Mr.Wiki, RSS is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.

Which in layman’s term, means if you have a favorite blog or website that you want to be notified of any new updates, it’ll do the work for you. Which saves the work of you bookmarking that page, or going back to page day after day to check if there have been any recent updates.

There’s no new opening account or subscription needed to make use of this function as, it works in hand with your Yahoo or Google mail account. All you have to do is, look out for the sign below on your favorite blog or site, and click on it to subscribe. (Note: We have one on our blog as well, on the bottom right) Alternatively, you can also go to the bookmark column on your Internet Explorer or Firefox and choose, Subscribe to this page.

Hope it was useful to those who had no idea what it was. I am enjoying it because I have a whole list of blogs that I follow and I always want to be notified the first when there’s a new update :)

By: ‘Lilo

Over now...

The day I was freaking out about is all over now.. After ooh-aah'ing about it so much, I better tell you all what actually happened on my bday..

The day or maybe the night, started of with having a great dinner with Anya, its been ages since we last catched up. So it was all fun! Then at midnight, followed by the screams of my bf wishing me happy birthday over the phone, although I was already fast asleep in my own la-la land.. and the morning followed by lots and lots of wishes from friends and family.. Although I was overwhelmed by wishes, I must say I was quite taken aback by the attitude of my colleagues.. (Btw, this is my 1st bday in this stupid fucked up Sdn Bhd office :p)

I work in a tiny company now with less than 20 staffs.. although, I came here with the hopes that small company would mean less politics, people would be friendlier etc, I have been proved wrong many times now in the one year I have spent working here.. I was so amazed by the attitude of the people, who would (or had to) sign the bday card that was passed around the office, but not look up at my face and say "Happy Birthday!".. even the one who sits right next to me.. Not that I'm dying to be wished by them or what so ever, but I can't deny that I did not stop to wonder..

Maybe because in my previous company, birthdays were always fun. You get hugs, wishes, presents; you cut cakes, you have special bday lunches, etc… so there seems to be a huge difference now...)
So the rest of the day was crappy. Plus I had to deal with some nuisance called directors in my company. Who have lot of power and unfortunately no brains.

Luckily, my crappy day turned sweet not long after. My bf planned a suprise party for me that night. Although, he started acting weird and made me suspicious, but I was indeed surprised by all the people who turned up for the party. They were all my ex-colleagues, who are (almost) all working else where now, at every part of the state. And even one who lives as far as Seremban. Of course, the biggest surprise of all was, Ms. Margie now known as Nemo ;) I must say, I was deeply touched and all impressed by the very sweet friends I have. So the night was simple, sweet and fun!

There goes my birthday. The day I was born 27 years ago. I still wonder if my “birth” is worth celebrating? Haha..

By: 'Lilo

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

ngeee :)

Saw a really good looking (and Tall too!) guy today from the car backseat and i shamelessly stared and he stared back. Ngeee :D

How embrassing but as long as he doesnt know where i work, who cares. i know where he does hehehe :)
[ok enuf of shamelessness desperateness for the day :P ]

On another completely unrelated topic, did i tell you what my so called '09 target is: (So yeah, i can't help it but fall in to the trap of makin resolutions but its more related with a recent insight a dear relative gave me that i am actually trying to be NICE this year, so God help me)

1. To reduce if not diminish completely the use of the word F**K (just realized i used this word wayyy to much last year)
2. To have a flat tummy! and battle Orange P**l
3. To fight less with the regular casualties
And 2 other main resolutions which i can't share here coz they are for me to know and learn and for the rest to never to find out.
Last but not least:

Peace Out,



Since it's my birthday, I just wanted to see how would my horoscope for the day would be. But this is what I found:

"No matter whether it's in terms of friendship or romance, you deserve a relationship that is based on mutual respect -- is that what you have? Take a long, hard, honest look at your relationships, today. If you don't feel like you are getting what you need, it's okay for you to be more demanding. After all, others are demanding, too, from time to time, and you usually respond very favorably. Doesn't it stand to reason that they will be responsive to your needs as well?"

A good question. Usually I would just ignore horoscopes, but today I wonder if this is something for me to ponder. hmmm...

By: 'lilo

Monday, 12 January 2009

The year that is 2009….

So far, it has been pretty okay :)

2-3 Jan 09 - Cried pretty much all the time on the plane back home. No, not because i was sad to leave India (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) but because i was watching 2 really soapy movies.. one Hollywood flick called "The Women" (name me ONE movie with Meg Ryan that you didn't cry) and one Japanese flick "10 promises to my dog" (anyone who knows me don't need further explanation)..
Not funny because each time the steward/dess passed by, i had to cover my face (nvm, if u don't get it)

5 Jan 09 - 1st day at work after almost a month hiatus, found an official looking envelope on my desk. Silently chuckled and thought, "hey, maybe i got fired", and saw it was a letter to inform me that my request for support allowance got approved.. wohoo.. more small dough :)
Went lunch and the waiter spilled chinese tea on me and Anya.. Still, it could have been a lot worse :)

6 Jan 09 - Found 2 really prominent frown lines on my forehead. My 1st lines!! Aaarggghhhh (somebody pls kill me now) :P

8 Jan 09 - Joined the once-went-then-abandoned yoga class at my work place. The class ended with the instructor saying "if some of you come back next week, bla bla bla" with me shifting uncomfortably on my mat coz last year, same time, brimming with over enthusiasm, i went to the class and then never showed up till again this year.. haha.. wonder if she meant me :P

So yeah, here's to a great year! And hopefully i meet my ever elusive non existant Mr Right this year! (since everyone and i mean EVERYONE around me is so eager to meet him).


The year that was 2008…

Here's N.e.m.o's take on what transpired in '08... (formerly known as Margie)
  1. Had a quarter life crisis. Didn't enjoy it one tiny bit :-S
  2. Result of the ‘quarter-life-crisis’, --> a significant career crisis.
  3. Puked like never before. 8 times in 4 hours time span. Not funny
  4. Somehow got dragged into stupid office politics. HATE my ex-boss!!
  5. Fought so much with a good pal till I got worn out and so did the friendship…
  6. Got scolded by some jerk in the office for something which wasn’t even my fault. Wished I never have to face people like these in the office ;(
  7. Lost my V (in scientific/medical terms that is :P) Readers be cautioned! Do NOT go for spinning class! hehe
  8. Re-visited one of my fav place in the world but didn’t feel “it” this time. Think I lost my innocence.. Oh the joys of growing up :(
  9. No longer a blind bat. Life minus spectacles and lenses has been so LIBERATING :D LOVE IT!
  10. Saw ALL (significant) relatives that are scattered out of M’sia in the same year!
  11. Bumped into my ex’s gf face to face and never felt more confident or beautiful in life :D high 5!
  12. The yoga mat bought in Jan ‘08 is no longer dusty ;)
  13. Had the chance to go Prague again…and I never knew I missed this city till I revisited. Oh that and flying business class for the 1st time.. haha:P
  14. Sorta got promoted (result of career crisis) and got more dough ;)
  15. Fell in and outta crushes. Good to know I’m not a lesbian :)
  16. Realized who my true friends are and those who aren’t.
  17. Ability to fit into trousers that were previously too snug (for the times I travelled this year, I lost weight each time I came back)
  18. Had a productive working year and LOADS of annual leave to spare. The year I was officially the workaholic :P
  19. Learned my MV isn’t that bad after all. Not carrying my own basket or anything but nice to know some people actually want to date me.hahaha. see Lilo, I am starting to have some self esteem back :D
  20. Managed to mingle and actually talk with few girls/boys of my age and race. One is even a regular in IMs :) Big achievement for my socially-inept-in-Sikh-circle self!
  21. Did my 1st ever facial and pedicure. To a person female who have never buffed/shaped nail before, it is a big deal!
  22. The bitch from my office resigned and LEFT FOR GOOD THIS TIME:D (how could i have possibly forgotten this hehe)
Peace Out,

Big day?

You know the kind of nervous feeling you get before your Big Day? Be it your 1st day at school, work, meeting the one, interview with your dream company, your wedding day (guessing you should feel nervous) etc.. God knows why, but I'm actually feeling that today!! My heart is beating rather faster and I can feel the temperature rising around my head..

All because the Big day I have tomorrow, is just my Birthday! i know, i know, its no big deal.. Its just another day, Its just another year.. and this is definitely not the 1st time I'm having this day in my life, but somehow, after seeing the beginning of birthday wishes in my facebook account this morning, I cant help feeling nervous.. Fuck.. Call me a drama queen! (Won’t blame u cos my other half, just did :p)

I don’t know why I am dreading this day so much, but somehow, something just doesn’t feel right... So not looking forward for tomorrow and the remaining days of the year :p

By: 'lilo

Friday, 9 January 2009

Feel like slapping someone?

There’s this bitch in my office, every time she opens her mouth I feel like slapping her… It’s a real strong feeling that I find hard to control…

And I found this, to help me deal with that annoying feeling... And I thought some of you might need it as well...

Click here, Slap Me!

Thursday, 8 January 2009


"why you so busy one?" - asks my freind
" you forever busy la, no time for me" - says my boyfriend

then I noticed, in IM chats, instead of saying hi, they start of by saying "bz? "

Although many have categorized me as a workaholic, I think I'm more of a busyaholic. Pardon my ignorance, just learned there's such term actually.

In short, I love being busy. I cannot be without anything to do. I feel useless when I am not doing anything (even if its just catching up gossips on facebook).

But in reality, do I love being busy because it gives me the adrenaline rush to achieve more things? or am I just being busy so that I won't have time to ponder and worry about my pathetic life? (the pain and loneliness inside?)

By: 'Lilo

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Like every other year, like every other Tom, Dick n Harry... I have my New Year resolutions too...

And without fail for the past probably 12 years, the one resolution that has been holding on to the top 3 positions in my list is losing weight..

So yes, I'm going to loose weight this year too (although it never actually happened before)

Anyway, I believe somehow I am more motivated this year.. More like I’m pestered by my boyfriend.. And for once, I have made some proper plan, strategize what I need to do.. Sipping my first glass of oats in my 27years of life while typing this blog.. And I’m shamelessly announcing it to the world so that I’ll make sure I achieve this… or end up being the laughing stock of my so-called friends… I am not exaggerating here or this should explain MyEuropeanMind (I hate you, btw!)

By: ‘Lilo

Friday, 2 January 2009

Crossing Over...

... 2008 to 2009...

The end of the year and the beginning of every new year is a time when most people reflect on their life and come up with new goals to achieve.
[Disclaimer: I'm so not into making new year resolutions because I think if you want to change something about your life, do it right than and there - why wait for the new year to come up with a fancy list which within a couple of months (in most cases - especially mine!) gets lost in the pile of junk stashed under the bed?]

But reflections, that's another thing all together. I do it all the time, just that, at this time of the year it's at a bigger scale. And my little list goes like this, [Another disclaimer: I didn't copy Lilo's idea, we're just The Great Minds] in no particular order....

  • Exchanged my old, scratched RM20 Vincci shades for my new RM200 Pepe Jeans shades
  • Traveled to 3 continents and more countries in a year that I could possibly imagine
  • Got myself jabbed 3 times with the HPV Vaccine (I hate needles!!)
  • Had some nasty fights with family members... but learnt that blood is thicker than water
  • Made some pretty amazing new friends from different parts of the world
  • Ate barbequed cow udder and curried warthog
  • Got engaged ( luuurrrrvvvvveee my ring!)
  • Went to a Wedding Fair
  • Increased my alcohol tolerence level (*cheeky evil laugh*)
  • Got all inspired with Malaysian politics up to March 8, after that got disappointed
  • Experienced Tropical Storm Gustav (before it became Cat 4 Hurricane Gustav)
  • Attended the most romantic wedding of the year (P&V) ...aaawwwww....
  • Got promoted at work
  • Had my first proper Christmas
  • Joined gym and started doing facials, manicure and pedicure regularly
  • Drove on the right side of the road
  • Cut my hair really short
  • Didn't get a flat tire or had my car breakdown
  • etc, etc
  • bla...bla...

Hmm... 2008 wasn't so bad after all =)