Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Car for the New Year

This weekend, I'm finally going to put action to my words and go car window shopping! Yaayyy! =) I've been wanting to upgrade my car for almost a year but with everything else going on, I put those plans on hold - until now.

I've pretty much decided on what car I want. It's the one and only....

BMW Z4 Roadster!

I've been wanting this baby with all my heart for so long!

Sadly, what I want and what I can afford is two very different things =p

I've done my calculations and budgeting and the outlook is bleak. Thanks to the ridiculous import taxes enforced on foreign cars in Malaysia, our pathetic salaries, the global economic meltdown, inflation and corruption, I can only afford to buy a local car.

I've ruled out Perodua because their cars look too "nerdy". That just leaves me with Proton. I must say, they've come a long way since the fire-engine red, boxy looking Proton Sagas. I've been leaning towards the Satria Neo...

.. it's nowhere close to the Z4. It looks like a nerd trying to be the cool kid.

But it will be a huge leap higher than my current car (the nerdiest of all the Peroduas) and definitely one tiny step closer to a real Z4.

Hopefully I have a fruitful weekend =)


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Right now...

I googled list of emotions/feelings to identify a word to define my feelings right now... but no, it didn't help...

My vocabulary may not be strong, but I'm pretty sure shitty is the word...

so how do i define shitty?
=crappy... makes sense?

anyway, I do know for a fact, all I need right now is a break... no, not a holiday... but a more serious break.. a break from everything I have right now... that includes my family.. my bf.. my work..

I dunno if that would make me feel shittier nor crappier, but I am thinking, some change will do me some good... anyone agree with me? help me..

- Lilo

Sunday, 17 January 2010

At long last ...

Phhewww... can't believe I'm saying this but successfully I'm married! And what a journey it was! This blog has a few smatterings of my joys and pains of wedding planning throughout 2009, but everything paled in comparison when on the eve of my wedding, I got news that the church I was getting married in, was one of the churches attacked with molotov cocktails, allegedly due to the whole "Allah" controversy.

It seemed like everyone heard the news at the same time because calls started coming in from everywhere and until late at night, asking me if I'm getting married the next day. At that moment, all my fears of wardrobe malfunction, makeup artist not arriving on time, wedding car breaking down and many other Murphy's Law scenarios just flew out the window. Who in the world will think of a church getting bombed when they're getting married there the next day??

But God loves me. The bombs failed to explode and the church was still intact. When 09.01.10 arrived, all that months of planning and preparation and tears and sweat and joy was worth it.

As I was waiting at the entrance of the church to walk down the aisle, I could see the church was almost full and it just hit me right there that - 'Gosh! They're all here to watch ME get married!' I can honestly say, it was the happiest moment of my life to see all my friends and family at church smiling and waving as I walked down the aisle with Dad.

When my hand was placed in Nicholas hands, he gave me a huge smile and asked in a low voice, so only I could hear - 'Are you ready?' At that moment, I was as ready as I will ever be.

Maybe this is what childbirth is like. When mothers forget the excruciating labour pains as soon as they see their baby and all they can remember and feel is ecstasy. Because all I can remember and think of now is how beautiful and poignant the whole weekend was and the stress of wedding preparation has faded into history.
So should I say, "Wow, I can't believe it's finally over!".. Or "Wow, I can't believe it's finally beginning!"

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The day..

12 days down the year, and I already broke one of my new year resolutions.. to update the blog at least on a weekly basis.. but anyway, I'm freaking out today and there's no better way to let it out without appearing like a drama queen then to blog it here...

so yeah, im freaking out and feel like screaming fuck, fuck, fuck on top of my lungs!! why?? bcos its my fuckin bday tomorrow... sigh.... gone were the days I used to look forward like crazy for this day... now, every one msg that I get in fb wishing me happy bday, i'm swearing to myself.. n i've started sweating, my heartbeat is going up!! this is bad, ok??

so why exactly i am freaking out? my bf just called me stupid maybe bcos i think 28 is a BIG number.. like really.. just try say it out loud and u will know how big it actually sounds... and it's like so close to 30.. shit..

damn.. this aint helping.. i'm rubbing salt into my own wound.. i better stop here... so anyway, yeah its my bday tomorrow.. dun bother wishing me.. thanks..


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Bienvenido 2010!!

Wwwooowwwwweeeeee what a year indeed!

Most of 2009 was pretty much spent juggling my travels for work, a long distance relationship, wedding planning with that long distance relationship and weekends at Subang Parade with Lilo.

Kicking and screaming and laughing and crying and dragging myself and everyone else with me, I've crossed into 2010! Usually crossing into another year doesn't mean much except 'here we go again!' and 'shit, I'm another year older!'. I've stopped bothering with New Year's resolutions because usually I don't stick to them (=P) and than I decided if I want to change, why wait till the New Year? But this year is different. I've a New Year's resolution and I know I can stick to it. This year, my New Year's resolution is..... To Get Married!

Haha... ok..... that was lame! =P :)

Well it's 5 days to my wedding! I hope all that preparation throughout 2009 pays off. Right now, there's not much less do to except hope and pray that I can fit into my gown! Getting married right after Christmas and New Year is quite possibly the most challenging part with all that glorious food and drinks around.

It's crunch time now, making sure all the little details are ironed out. But watching how all our cousins and brothers and friends and family have got together to help us out - it's a good feeling. Even those who aren't physically here have been tremendous moral support.

Every bride should have a bunch of incredible crazzies like I do and bridezilas could be on their way to extinction.

Here's to starting the year with wonderful people in my life, a beautiful wedding and a fantastic honeymoon in Phuket!