Saturday, 30 July 2011

Good to be back!

It feels so good to be back.. It's a feeling that is hard to describe.. To some it may seem exaggerating..

Yes, to be honest i have only been away a few days.. N to somewhere so close to my country.. Although the journey was unnecessarily long across cities..

The point is, I am starting to dislike this traveling.. Although that was my passion n all n the only reason I considered this job..

I'm so new at this, but I'm feeling like I've been doing this all my life.. Thats not a very good sign..

I always loved keeping myself busy to avoid unnecessary thinking.. Too much thinking leads to too much problems.. I always wanted to live myself without having to think what will happen the next day..

More than the job, I'm hating it that I've so much time of 'me-time' which is making me think too much..

Me no like :(


Monday, 18 July 2011

I jinxed it!

Today I confirm that officially I have the "mulut yg paling masin di dunia"!!

Btw, mulut masin (direct translation for salty mouth) is actually a phrase to describe one that is capable of making a statement (mostly bad ones) that comes true immediately after..

So yeah, I have that natural talent or maybe curse.. Many times the statements I have made, of cos not planned ones, have immediately come true..

After the tormentous experience of traveling in Mumbai roads, I have been acting like my car is some new found treasure and I've been totally in love with it since my return..

So this morning I drove to work and as usual prepared to have my breakfast in car.. And for no fucking reason I tell myself proudly, I can even have breakfast in car while driving and nothing will happen to me.. And I have to add, imagine doing this in India with a cynical laugh..

So yeah, karma is for real too.. Just when I'm bout to finish my breakfast n pack up, I bang the car in front of me!!

Period. Nothing else to say :(


P/s: on a positive note, I've lost 4kgs to date n my jeans has gone one size smaller after ages :)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mumbai Day #11

There are three bomb blast in Mumbai.. I don't know what the hell am I suppose do!! Aaarghh...

Just when I'm dying to come back.. My luck :(


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mumbai - Day #10

Conversation between me n waiter.

Me: Can I have a fried rice?

Him: Ok. Which gravy you want madam?

Me: only fried rice.

Him: No, ma'am. Fried rice are very dry. You need gravy.

Really now?!


Mumbai Day#10

I have had enough of India already. Can't wait to leave. The whole of last night I was having vertigo while sleeping.

Indians look for the cheapest option and they suck you dry. I have been asked to support 3 remote sites customers in different locations while training the local ones. They don't get it that, it's impossible to do technical training via video conferencing.

Sigh. Two more days. Take me back, god!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mumbai Day #5

I'm having a discussion with a guy in my desk.. Suddenly I hear "ma'am, may I?"

I turn around to see, onw guy actually has MY water bottle in his hand n before I can revert from the stunned moment, he drinks the water from my bottle..

*faint* they never fail to amaze me..


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mumbai Day #4

Conversation over lunch, having pasta in sambar..

Guy #1: Are you from Indonesia ma'am?

Me: No, I'm from Malaysia

Guy #2: Malaysia and Japan same country na?

Me: *faint*wakeup*faint*wakeup*

Guy #2: Sorry ma'am, my general knowledge is very low..

Like seriously, I'm suppose to teach these guys?? No wonder they ask me thousand questions..


Monday, 4 July 2011

Day #1 Mumbai

My first impression and conclusion (since I've actually been here before)

1. India is so dislikable.
2. All the desi bloggers (including my favorite ones) must be fantasy writers.
3. Indians love to stare.
4. They will never get it that I am not Indian - Indian.
5. India is only nice when you are indoor.
6. India makes me grateful for my country.
7. Indian men carry (small) umbrella everywhere.
8. Indians are bad with directions and everything is "just by the corner".

On a positive note, there's this thing called shopping :) Look forward to that..


Friday, 1 July 2011


My new job is taking me to Mumbai tomorrow.. This is probably the most rushed traveling that I have ever done.. I panicked like crazy, a little calm now.. Hopefully it isn't the calm before the storm..

This is also my first official Client assignment.. Keeping fingers crossed it will go well, as Indians has always been the hardest customers..

On another note, in my first job, my first assignment was also in Mumbai.. I was there like a lost child in between all the hustle n bustle of the crazy Mumbai city..

Hopefully Mumbai reserves some extra luck for me!