Friday, 30 July 2010

Men #15

I have recently had some health complications and yesterday I decided to get my self checked... After seeing 2 doctors, long hours of discussing and diagnosing, the doctor prescribed me a medicine..

He said, all you need to take is "ANTI-MALE hormones"... hahaha.. no joke, serious... I burst out laughing when he said that....

looks like the male species will never leave me alone... they are torturing me mentally n psychically!

Now it also makes senses why I hate MEN so much ;)

- Lilo

Monday, 26 July 2010


The luscious lips ..

The C-cup boobs..

The manicured nails..

Hips swaying invitingly...

Many guys in my office thought she's smoking hot...until they heard...

His drag queen voice...



Time after time, I am amazed by shallowness of some people.. who most of the time tend to talk as if they know/rule the world..

So I had this interesting or rather lame conversation over lunch with my colleague..

A: What did you do over the weekend?

Me: Oh, I attended an MBA preview last saturday.. So I am thi.. (cut me off)

A: MBA? what's MBA?

Me: hmmm, it's a Masters degree/course..

A: you mean you want to study masters??

Me: err, yes??

A: then what is, you were saying just now?

Me: I said, MBA! It stands for Masters of Business Administration

A: (still with a very blur face) what do you to need to do with that??

Me: errrrr, study?????

A: u mean, u ha.. (cut her off)

Me: hey look, there's somethin on your shirt!!

Thank god, it ended there!! God bless my patience!

On a different note, yes, I am considering MBA.. really undecided now.... i would need monetary support... not sure if I would be able to manage it..

and Dubai seem to be calling with good money...

sigh, when they come, they all come together :p


Friday, 23 July 2010

Men #15

Men are so entertaining! Seriously... Check out this conversation between me and some random dude on fb..

He: hi how are u .. how is ur life all going .. iam new in fb just check it out. if u dont mind can i be ur friend

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: hi yyy dowant add me as ur friend ,, wat i did

Me: Simply because u r not my friend, and I don't want a new friend. (Ignore Request)

He: yyy u like this fb is to share friend not like this yar we just try lah and see ok

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: yyy dint reply me .. are u so busy.. anywhere where u working yar.. and as wat ... are u married.. ?

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: yyy lah u still ignore me .. wat i did to u lah just want to be ur friend cannot yar? ist ur husband or bf scold u that iam add normal plz i just want to be ur friend that all.. isr wrong i add u ..

Me: im not interested in becoming your friend, stop it pls, tq! (Ignore Request)

He: yyy u say like that.plz ok

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: yyy still ignore me ...yyy ur boyfriend not alot to add new friend isit ..yyy u so rude like this ...

Me: (Ignore Request)

He: heloo yyy u so rude ...still ignore me

yet, he requested again!! aaarghh....

Never knew men can be so persistent... Impressed! :) but got to say, this guy is so hilarious, he made me laugh each time i received his msg...


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Men #14

Him: Hey, I've been thinking of something for the past few days...

Me: What is it dear?

Him: I wanna get a Ferrari!

Me: What? Wow! Why??

Him: I really love the car la.. It's been my dream.. It would make me the happiest person in the world u know!

Me: Wow, ok! Go for it then.. Plan things out, I'm sure you'll be able to buy it one day..(note:one day!)

Him: Really? U think so?

Me: Yeah, y not? Im sure u can..

Him: Yay! You r d best! I told my friends n they all think it's impossible..

Me: *blush* stupid la ur frens, of cos u can honey..

Him: Great! We shall get married after I buy the car then...

Me: *slaps forehead* + *faint*


Saturday, 17 July 2010

Back! At long last

Manila, the longest I've stayed in a country. 3 freakin' months! Of course, I stayed as an expat with all the thrills and frills, so no complaints there.

The Philippines, to me, was a contradiction of deep religious conviction and the despair of poverty. The red light district, a stone's throw away from my fancy little world where rich little missies push their dogs in prams - both dressed to the nines, is named P. Burgos Street. The P stands for Padre which translates to Priest. On that street where there is no shortage of girls to satisfy a man's lust, is a church. (I never managed to find out if this Padre belonged to that church.) Anyway, opposite that church, is a big garbage bin. At that garbage bin, lives a family of 5.

To me, in that 5km radius, the vicious reality of life has never been so apparent. If you are lucky enough to be born in the privileged part of the city, you get to sit at Starbucks, cigarette in hand, after a relaxing day of shopping at AX and Salvatore Ferragamo. If you're not so lucky, you have to make a living for yourself and unfortunately, some women have no choice but to sell their bodies. Otherwise, they end up making a garbage bin their home.

It's a sobering thought to think how differently my life could have turned out, if I wasn't born into the family I have now.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


I miss this blog... Just havent had anytime to sit and write somethin...

Anyway, I'm looking for a name.. I got to name a baby company very soon, but I totally have no clue...

Any ideas, anyone? Doesnt have to mean anything.. Just something short, sweet & catchy will do..

Sharing is caring! so please help, thanks!