Thursday, 26 December 2013

The end of 2013

One week too fast, but year 2013, I'm done with you. You have been fabulous, thank you very much.

It has a been a great year. To recap all the fun moments:

- I got promoted
- My dearest nemo got married
- Survived Venezuela!
- Visited the awesome possum city of Tokyo!
- Went to Krabi 3 times this year!
- Finally had our long over due holiday with the gals
- Went on a cruise
- My lil brother got married
- Shopped / over shopped and got myself a new phone
- Celebrated my birthday all by myself (That's a first!)
- Visited Sydney twice!
- Met some great people / made new friends

And above all, I lived more and complained less.

That's all that matters.

Happy new year people! Cheers to a great new year ahead! xoxo