Thursday, 17 July 2014

When shit hits the fan..

When everything seem to be going well in life, a shit happens. It just doesn't happen, it hits the fan high up your wall.

It gets all over. Messes you up in ways you never imagined. Leaves behind stains that you seem to keep  washing every day, it just doesn't go off. On some days the wall seems to be getting whiter again, giving you a little hope. You rest your eyes with a smile that night and when you wake up, you see the brown stain right back on. Makes you start another day with a tear.

But you don't just give up. It's the only home you ever had. You pick your self up and start brushing the walls again. In hope, one day it will all go away.

But you and I know, it's not just the stain. It stinks. It stinks like hell that you start losing sleep over it. You feel like killing someone. You feel like tearing the walls apart.

Living with the shit all over your home, sucks the life out of you. Everyday you find yourself contemplating what do you do next. Do you paint the walls red or do you tear them apart. You have to make decisions. Decisions that were never an option to begin with.

They say eventually it will all get better. But no. It doesn't get better. It never will. Shit like this just don't get better.

But yes. You will learn to live with it. You adapt. It becomes a part of you that you fail to recognize it anymore.

But your life, your home, is never the same again.

Feeling shitty,