Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Future car..

my boyfriend is a car maniac.. not in a bad way, but he's just a little bit more passionate towards them then towards me ... his life practically revolves around cars!

and recently he has found a car that somehow defines me! n he insist this should be my next car..

so whenever we are on the road and this kind of car happens to pass by, he says "there goes your future car!"

not that i mind driving this car.. but of cos the price scares me!

but since he's calling it "my future car", i guess its not too much to hope he's gonna buy it for me rite? rite?? wishful thinking

as long as it doesn't come with the 'terms' that I have to look like this beside the car! :p

By: lilo

Friday, 26 June 2009

The other 'Men'

A guy friend said to me yesterday, "It's not that easy being a woman, is it".

I said, "You have no idea!"

Indeed he has no idea..how could I tell him that I feel like pulling out my insides today? It's so painful :( Can't live with it, can't live without it... kinda sounds like one of us describing men;)

But no, I'm not here to bang men but MENstruation ;p

Men have no idea what menstruation feels like. It's one of those things that no one can understand what it feels like until they actually experience it (like eating durian, falling in love, bungee jumping). But this pic is the closest description I've seen so far:

p.s. Thanks Lilo for the pic ;)

On a random note, maybe if sex change operations included menstruation, maybe there wouldn't be a whole lot of eager men wanting to be women?



Thursday, 18 June 2009

Transformers in town!

I just purchased 2 tickets to watch the 1st screening of transformers in malaysia! cool eh? :p

do i fancy robots?? - No!

am i a fan of transformers? - No!

do i even remember what happened in the 1st transformers? - No!

do i think megan fox is hot?? - No!

am i excited? - No!

then why the heck u ask?? all for the name of love! (*puke* gag *puke*)

- too good to be true, Lilo :p

My dream house...

Since young, I always fancied houses... I love watching house related shows in tv, I love driving around fancy housing areas and I always had a secret wish that one day I will own a house n decorate everything single element of the house all by myself! i love interior designing tooo!! only if "interior designing" was what my parents would consider as profession other than the typical doctor, engineer n lawyer, i would have definitely studied that!

anyway, i just adore beautiful houses.. as a confession, i practically forced my parents to move from the old house we were living for 20 years to the current one now.. although the old one was convenient to them, me n my siblings in every other way possible; i just needed to live in a better house! :p initially i did attempt to design it my way, but due to some reasons my ideas didn't materialise... i do wish now n then, I'll win a lottery or something n I'll redesign the house like how i want it to be... haha!

anyway, its never too late.. i believe one day, i will still buy my own house... i just wish that house will look like this...

sorry for stealing the pic, its too beautiful!

i swear, i wont go out anywhere if my house look like this..

can u see the private pool, oh my!

a garden upstairs! cant ask for more..

this is d pool!! yay!

and that's the bathroom!!!

with a jacuzzi summore!! damn..

hmmm.... sigh..... i just wish i have the 2m now.... yeah, that's all it cost...

- Lilo :(
p/s: if a guy proposes to me with this house, I'll marry him with no questions asked!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Breaking News!

"A GOLD Coast radio station could face action from the RSPCA after attempting to make a piglet fly using helium balloons. The RSPCA was inundated with complaints from the public and listeners after the Gold FM breakfast crew tied up to 200 helium balloons to the animal." - Gold Coast Mail

Get it?

'Swine Flu' ;)


Here I come..

and i'm going here next! yay :D


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Law of attraction

never used to believe in law of attraction.. but what the heck? i guess its worth a try ;)

-lilo :)

Safety first?

So guess what people, the haze is back. It had cleared yesterday after the heavy rains over the weekend and it was absolute pleasure driving to work under clear blue skies. Sadly, today the world is grey and smells of smoke.

Anyway, as I was driving on the highway today, I passed a family on a motorcycle. Dad in front, mum at the back and child in the middle. The child, probably around 5 or 6 years old was eating something and his mum was wiping crumbs from his chin. How loving and and motherly right? I thought so too. Except that there's something wrong with this happy family scene. The dad and mum were wearing helmets but the child sandwiched in between them, was not wearing any protection at all.

Ironic huh? That the mum thought to feed her child and wipe off the crumbs but overlooked a life-saving detail called the helmet.


Friday, 12 June 2009

Stupid Haze

It just looks hazy, but there's no haze in Malaysia at the moment, according to the director-general of Environment, Datuk Rosnani Ibarahim. "Since it is the dry season now, the air becomes dry and hazy but it doesn't mean that haze is coming back," she said.

Oh wow, when I read that statement in the papers a few days ago, saying I was shocked would be an understatement!

I mean, I'm not a meterological expert, so I don't care what term they want to give the situation in KL now. All I know is, it sucks!

The air smells bad. People are falling sick with flu and sorethroat everywhere. Visibility is as bad as 2km in some places (I checked this myself as I was driving).

So call it whatever you want. Haze. Dry Season. Smog. Polution. All I know is, as an ordinary citizen with my basic five sense, the view of KL now looks like this:

When it should look like this:


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wedding Plans - So far so good!

As a kid, you always think your parents are the smartest, brightest, most bravest people on earth. And that kinda stays with you until the realities of adulthood rudely slaps you in the face. And than you realise, that they're only human - just like you.

It's now our 6th month of wedding planning and so far, we've been handling every aspect of it - sourcing for quotations, negotiating prices, paying deposits, etc. At first our parents were surprised that we were doing it on our own and dropped a few pointed comments about wanting to be involved. Well, it was never our intention to exclude our parents from the preparation and invite them to the wedding as guests - after all, they're paying for more than half the cost! But instead of relinquishing all the work to them, I thought I'd just give them a little taste of what wedding planning is to see if they'd like it.

So I assigned my mum to a couple of things. Small stuff. She tried her best. But very soon she realised it's so much better giving opinions and getting updates from us than actually getting her hands dirty. I really don't blame her!

I called my future mum-in-law to ask about the estimated number of guests from their side. I felt bad almost immediately! Because she sounded so flustered about how it's so difficult for people to RSVP. I couldn't agree more!

As for dads...do they really want to know if the flowers should be white or cream? Or if the wedding cards should have heart shapes in the front or wedding rings? We'll figure out some manly tasks for them soon, I'm sure.

When this whole wedding planning process started, I thought our parents would be the ones leading the way, making decisions and taking actions. Instead I find that they seem rather pleased that we're making life easier for them and see everything falling into place. I guess I have to admit that I'm secretly happy too with the way things worked out. This way there isn't a contest of wills from both sides of the families over every single minute detail.

I'm now looking forward to the best part of wedding planning - shopping!!!

-Bride to be Anya-

Monday, 8 June 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

As usual, when I'm feeling crappy, i always get this urge to do some ridiculous things that I tend to regret later.. and the first on my list has always been shopping..

so during lunch, I decided I needed to treat myself (for being sick I suppose, lame I know :p).. but unfortunately I work in a pathetic place with no proper shopping complexes in the vicinity.. out of desperation, I walked into into a Guardian store, a retail pharmacy chain..

walking around, watching the things arranged so beautifully on the shelves did calm me.. of cos I cant be just walking around.. so picked a few items here and there..
once I felt better, headed to the counter.. n tadaaa.. the bill came up to RM 108.30.. (yeah, that's when I heard the glass breaking sound!)

n I was complaining about going to clinic n wasting money... I am SICK! I know now..

By: lilo

p/s: the kind enough cashier, found my hand phone among other things I bought in the shopping basket and returned it to me.. how lame can I get? sigh...
Lilo is sick.. lilo is feeling crappy..

but dunno what the hell am I doing here.. so no mood to work.. being a Monday doesn't help at all.. wanted to get mc, but the thought of going to clinic freaks me.. I am one of those who hate going to clinic n seeing doctor.. I really don't know for what good reason, other than, I think doctors are pure waste of money..

I had to go to one yesterday.. My mom practically dragged me.. she's one of those who believes doctors are god sent :p So there I was, at a clinic, with a boring looking doctor, who moves slower than a snail!! who after a series of checking with his thermometer,a stethoscope and some long ruler he insterted into my throat, told me that I'm having a high fever.. i was like, really now?? isn't that what i told u when i walked in, u idiot? (of cos i didn't say it to his face, but if he was smart enough, he should have read it from my face!)

n he actually charged me 40 bucks for a packet of paracetamol.. wth? I told my mother even before, all I need is some panadol and I'll be fine.. but no.. she must make me go n waste my money which could have been better spent on a glass of margarita.. u know what I mean?

anyway, I'm feeling crappy.. so I'm just crapping here.. ignore me!


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bitch #01

I have been doing series of interviews now.. Man, talking to people whom are trying to impress me can be tiring! :p Anyway, yesterday late evening I had this interview with a girl (I am the kiasu Chinese who scores 4 flat type).. Even tough she's extremely fresh and straight out from Uni, she had this "I know everything cos I am the nerd who scores well in my exams" attitude..

Fine by me.. I patiently carried out the interview even tough she was giving me all the memorized best interview answers from internet.. Then came the last standard question, "So before you leave, tell me why I should hire you?"

And she proudly answered, "after all the things I told you about myself for the past one hour, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't hire me. So you tell me now, why should you not hire me?" it could have stopped there... but no! she had to give me this "grin" as if she just accomplished something so great, as if man u just scored over liverpool look! and she was actually hoping for me to answer her question! (the look was plastered all over face and it got into my nerves)

So being the B I am, without even a second delay, I said to her "I should not hire you because people who come in here, don't question me! they answer me! and this is what is expected of you when you work here! Do you understand???"

poor poor gal.. with I just dug my own grave or maybe I just peed in my pants look, she quickly collected her files and left! hahaha..

By: 'Lilo

p/s: I know the title is me, not her!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Let's Donate..

Come on people, lets do this.. it takes less than a minute (I promise).. Digi donates RM5 for every click! So why not? :)


There goes my market...

Being a busyaholic I am, only yesterday I realised that I have not updated my resume in Jobstreet since early last year.. With recent promotions etc, I decided to keep my resume up to date, in case some good opportunity is waiting for me out there..

So yeah, I spent nearly two hours updating my used-to-be lame resume with all the greatest self praise lies and some bombastic words that I don't even know the meaning :p must say, it looked quite impressive though at the end..

So today, I excitedly logged into my account to see, what oppurtunities has landed my way, and guess what????

among the top 3 matches are, for me to become a house maid and boom truck driver!!!!