Thursday, 27 November 2008

World in two pieces?

While catching up on my ever growing age, I have realized that I would be meeting and dealing with all sorts of people and especially weird ones being a well known psycho magnet.

Anyway, I had this crazy idea of breaking up the world into two; basically dividing the human being to only two types. (This is purely in the name of fun, so do not continue reading if you are looking forward for something realistic. It may be really stupid, but I believe u will stop a moment to think!)

And the nominations are:

  1. Those who hate cats and those who don’t
  2. Those who can sleep naked and those who can’t
  3. Those who have face book and those who don’t
  4. Those who eat durians and those who don’t
  5. Those who can go to the toilet with the doors open and those who must close the door (even if they live all alone)
  6. Those who rushed to watch Titanic and those who didn’t
  7. Those who laugh at Mr. Bean and those who don’t
  8. Those who like beer and those who don’t
  9. Those who brush teeth b4 sleeping and those who don't
  10. Those who MUST wash hand b4 eating and those who don't care

Ok, that’s all my creative brain can think for now. This list is here to grow. So feel free to suggest and I shall leave the winner to you guys too… So do vote for either one from the list if you thought the above were stupidly creative =)

By: ‘lilo

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


(I’ve been itching to blog the past two days.. to write n let out my life miseries.. I’ve been going thru the shittiest moments of my life n walking around like zombie.. then I decided I dun even wanna capture those moments into words to be reminded of it one day! :p)

I am in a very good mood today… god knows y.. but I think its more like, I choose to be happy today… n I’m wearing my newest clothes ;) extra make up.. hahaha… (whoever said shopping is sinful should be stoned to death!)

Anyway, I may not have everything I want right now.. or maybe everything would not turn out the way I want it to be.. n my life can keep getting more n more complicated… but somehow I believe, I am still blessed…

I was having this conversation with one of my dearest friend yest.. he’s just one of those very positive ones, who always makes me see the silver lining in the grey cloud (but honestly, I have never even seen one in my whole life.. maybe I never had the time to stop and admire the clouds :p)

Yeah, so when I was talking to him or more like complaining bout my life to him, eventually I got into his positive aura and said, I really hope I’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel one day.. But to my surprise, he replied, you have to follow the right path in the tunnel to be able to see the light, lilo(even, he was no longer positive after listening to my stories.. hahaha!)

Of course I argued to him, the tunnel is so dark, and I can’t see where I am heading… and I’m getting lost..

But this morning (note:after putting on new clothes) and driving to work.. I realized.. The tunnel may be dark.. it is in fact… But I’m glad, I have real great friends who are either lost in the same tunnel with me or they are there to listen to my cryings and guide me to follow the right path out of it.. And I’m also glad I have a boy friend who’s holding my hand and leading me out of the tunnel…

I must be blessed, no? =)

By: ‘lilo

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Don't ask me!

Yes, I’m called a psycho magnet for a reason :p (my friends call me that, and after years of arguing, I agree now)

Anyway, I have this one new “junior” whom I’m supervising currently. She’s undeniably smart, sweet, and pretty and everything else she claims to be. That’s beside the point. She’s just one of those people who get into my nerves at times. She has this annoying habit of asking questions. I mean seriously a lot of questions. Everyday and every time!!

I do agree when you are new somewhere, you have to ask questions in order to learn better. However, I also believe you don’t have to ask everything. Some things are just plain common sense and for everything else there’s something called GOOGLE!!! (google it up bitch! That’s the sentence constantly running on my mind recently cause I clearly know she does not have something called common sense :p)

I really don’t think I’m exaggerating here. For an example, my office clock is 10minutes faster, and it’s placed high up in the wall, so no one bothers to change it. So she starts:

A: Lilo, what’s the time now?
L: (staring at the clock right in front of our eyes, and her shiny watch) answers its 9.30

A: the clock is running fast right?
L: yeah (duh!)

A: is it exactly 10mins faster?
L: YES! (With a stare now)

A: I just want to know, if the clock is running faster for a reason?
L: There’s no (fuckin) reason! It’s just high up in the wall, so no one changes it.

A: Do you think I should clarify this with the bosses?
L: at this point, I just become speechless (although, my heart is screaming, just shut the fuck up n do ur work!!)

Just one more example. She was complaining that she could not find some phone numbers. So I told her, I’ll get her the phone directory and I did. And she asks

A: Thanks. What is this?
L: directory!

A: (still holding the book) oh, can I get all the phone numbers here?
L: yes! (duh!)

(btw, the directory is called Schroeder’s International Business Directory)

A: (still haven’t open the book) what about Singapore numbers??
L: yes, why don’t you open it up n see?

A: Can I also find Indonesian numbers??
L: (just stared!!!)

A: Just one last question, why is this directory called Schroeder’s???
L: (seriously, do I still answer her??)

Some people just never fail to amaze me. Sigh….
(I hope “my friend” now knows why am I all mean n rude suddenly! or maybe not suddenly :p)

By: ‘lilo

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

the day my horoscope was actualy precise to a T ...

I needed a break, so i decided to surf for a while (even though i barely have the time but i so darn need to breakaway from work for a while..)

[Trust me working 11 hours daily, including some parts of the weekend is so NOT nice :S]

And i saw this on Yahoo Horoscopes:

You're on the line all day long -- maybe calling, maybe emailing but certainly communicating with a fairly wide range of people. Your energy is just right for spreading the word about your latest project.

It is one of the truest and most specific it can get for me.. :)

I have been emailing and sending out bulletins to users regarding my project today... So spooky :D

Footnote: i know, i know.. this is so irrelevant but didn't i mention im on a break...hence the short entry and some email checking... :P


Monday, 10 November 2008

Dial M for Marriage $#%^&^!!

Reason i blogged today is because i was completely taken aback by an impromptu call by my Mother just few minutes ago.. another M word.. hmm, ironic :P

So she calls up and the conversation goes on something like this:

Mom: ******, are you busy?
Margie: Not really.. wrapping things up.. why?
i was thinking she either wanted to scold me somemore on behalf of her darling daughter (my elder sister) or remind me about something..

Mom: So listen, your dad just called and he asked to ask you... there is this guy, working in California.. you want to meet?

Margie: For what?
Mom: For marriage lah! Some more for what :P

Margie: Why ask me? Go ask ***** (elder unmarried sister rotting in the house)
Mom: Coz she doesn't want to go overseas.
Why of course, she loves being my mom's darling pet too much :P

Mom: and since you always like going overseas, i thought you would be interested...
And Margie thinks, shit! how did she get the wind of my master P***

Margie: No mom, im not interested. If i want to go overseas, i'll go on my own.. i dont need to get married for that.

Mom: But he is down here.. Your dad thought you could meet up...
Margie: No. Im sure he is crop anyway..i want turbaned half German half Sikh guy.

Mom: Oh well.. where am i gonna find you a turbaned guy these days :(
Margie: Don't worry. I'll find myself, thank you.

End of conversation.

I felt bad.. but i had no choice.

Just yesterday, Margie and Lilo went to Snowflake's brothers wedding.. along the looooong journey to/fro, we discussed at LENGTH on M.A.R.R.I.A.G.E and M.O.T.H.E.R.S and annoying S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S...

In the end, we just felt depressed :P But a quick pit stop to a dear, hugely missed friend of ours back from Uni cheered us up... We miss you a lot Chu!!!! I long for the days when we used to lie down on the throw cushions and just yak and Chu will massage our hair or soothe us just by listening.. Sigh..

Ah well..

So Margie thinks her clock has started ticking.. :(
How is she gonna sustain 1X months more?? :(


Friday, 7 November 2008

little momets...

I received a forward mail this morning on things that makes u smile.. i have received this sort of mails like hundred times before... u know those that says old couple holding hands, smell of grass, birds chirping in your ears, etc etc... yeah, they are all sweet but i don't really find them practical.. or at least those are not the things that i treasure..

so, i decided to come up with my very own list.. some of them might sound real lame.. but just compiling for the fun of it..

here it goes... below are things that makes me smile or little moments that i treasure or just some things that I really appreciate...

1. when my shoe or sandal breaks or tears off... (i don't need a better reason to get a new one, do i? ;) )

2. the little mirror in my car's sun shield panel on the drivers side! (i think cars without one, discriminates women :p)

3. the trying my new clothes moment, right after i reach home after shopping!! (even if its late at night)

4. the feeling right after shaving/waxing legs... (which only lasts for a day :p)

5. when my boss takes off on a friday!

6. the rare moment when i eat Baskin Robins without feeling guilty!!

7. when my weighing scale shows lesser than what it ALWAYS does!! (even if its faulty :p )

8. zero outstanding balance on my credit card statement! (i keep checking daily, in case if they decide to charge me for not using the card! tat wud give me a reason to.., ok i shall shut up!)

9. a cute yummy guy on a gal's day/nite out ;)

10. when someone asks me if im still studying! ( i wish :p)

11. when something good finally happens to Meredith in grey's anatomy...

last but not least..

12. when there's a new comment for my blog entry! ;) haha...

by: 'lilo