Thursday, 24 October 2013

Anticipating the day.

I know I tend to over react sometimes.. or maybe all the time.. Like just now during dinner, we happen to be discussing birthdays n making plans.. and I casually opened the calendar on my phone to check what day my birthday falls next year.. I saw a tiny icon with a notification on that day and clicked open..

Without realizing, I gave a loud gasp and dropped my phone to the floor with a loud bang with my eyes popped open..

My friends freaked. The waiters asked if we were ok.


Couldn't help it. It freaking said, "Lilo's 32nd birthday!"
(I just went ohmaigod as I'm typing this)

Can you believe it??

Ok, never mind. You don't get it.

But true story.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Life as it is..

It feels like we just celebrated new year last month, and its already October end now.

Life seem to be on a roll and traveling at full speed.

I find myself already wrapping up the year in my head, making notes of events and memories. And I'm constantly stopping myself from coming up with my wish list resolutions for next year. And as usual, new year means another birthday, and I start panicking don't know for what reason. (or maybe for reasons that only I understand :p)

As much as I wish life will take a chill pill and slow down, but I like life as it is now. I think I'm finally at peace with myself. I have nothing much to complain (note: why I blog lesser now). I am slowly drifting away from my pessimism and starting to see the other side of coin. (and annoy my friends in the process :p)

I don't know how long this would last, but let's hope the next and last two months of the year will remain kind.

Hopefully I am not jinxing this, but for once, let me say it out loud, I am happy. With life, as it is..