Saturday, 28 May 2011

Langkawi holiday!

Recently we celebrated 10 beautiful years of our friendship in a beautiful island..

The car we used to roam around the island..

Our cute cabin..

The beautiful beach..

Some delicious food..

Our ritual spa visit ;)

Spa time! <3

Yoga by the beach ;)

Enjoying the sea view..

And of course leaving our footprints ;)

Overall, it was a short but a great holiday! =)

luv ya gals! Can't wait for our next one..


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Men #22

SMS received at 12.54am from Jackass..

"If i never meet my ex n god make me meet u 1st ,than i trust god exist! But sadly maybe u wont like me ! Its ok xxxx , at least he give me u as my team mate ! Hahaha! God is just good as he give me u as my friend n he is great wen he make u my best friend ! Good nite ! Cover me 2mlw ok"


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Today is day 10, since I officially went on a strict diet. The fact that I've lasted 10 days actually dieting, itself deserves a big round of applause. Proud of myself :) extra proud that I have actually lost 1.5kg in the 10 days.. Not big amount, but guess at least I'm on the right track this time.

Hopefully I don't add on extra 1.5kg to what I have lost in langkawi :p oh yes, it's finally happening..

We pinkscalers are off to langkawi to celebrate 10 years of friendship =) deserves a better blog entry all bout this, but thanks to nemo felt extremely loved today and absolutely missed all the girls..

Cheers to our beach holiday and 10 more years to come! :)



Headquarters : The Beginning

What passes as Indian food in Tmn U ;P

I still refer to Techno as Lucky Town Music :)

So many memories here - good, bad and freaky :)

We finally got rid of The Bitch. yay!

Oh yeah .. we studied too..I guess :)

It's been a fantastic 10 years and I can't imagine my life without you gals.

Love you dearies!



Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Men #21

So the annoy-the-shit-out-of me guy, walks into the office.. Wait, he needs a name, I foresee many more blog entries, so let's call him jackass (rhymes with his name)..

So jackass walks into the office, goes to the cubicle behind mind n calls out "hey, turn around, see this!"

And I turn around and get shocked, seeing the jackass standing there with his shirt unbuttoned revealing his hairy chest!!! I go, WTF???

And he point towards some burn mark on his chest, and ask me to guess wat it is?? realizing my still WTF face on, he explains that those are self burned marks with cigarette to make him forget his ex who dumped him like centuries ago..

I shouted at him, "are you freaking nuts?? What on earth is wrong with you??"

N he actually laughs n proudly explains that this is nothing compared to his brother who once took 40 panadols at one go...

Seriously god, why do u do this to me? You know I have more than enough patience.


Monday, 16 May 2011

Open Letter to our #1 Troll

Dear Beast,

We thank you for your interest in our blog and your dedication in procuring good images for our blog gallery.
*Although, there is a general consensus here, that you might need to start getting some REAL hobbies.

Pertaining to the email sent by ‘miss S’, you don’t have to disregard it. We think it was cute :)
She was clearly in a rush and hence, and rest assured, our greatminds are still sharp as a tack. This was just a small oversight on her part.

We apologize for causing you such a rush of excitement that you actually pee’ed in your pants upon discovering ‘a name’.

As for whose nick belongs to who, why spoil the mystery eh? Since you like it that way, we shall keep it that way. After all, we like to keep our avid readers happy :)

Thank you for your continuous support and we look forward in receiving your comments/brickbats on our lame blog.

Have a good day!
Yours truly,
PinkScalers Inc.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

China Specialties

The little fun that kept me going in china ;)

Knife cutting??!!

Poor thing, got fired :p

Try to picture onions blasting mutton :p

Wood beard??? Dun wanna know what it is :p

However fried also can..


Self explanatory :)

Vegetarian choices: beef, pork & chicken :)


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Men #21

Remember the douchebag that I met while I went for my interview? Yeah, he is now here to annoy the shit out of me...

My replies in red..

Yesterday’s conversation: 

nope, y?

Answering 100 questions


U only said .. So im 101 right ?

not funny at all

Oh really ..annoying right ? Tats my aim too ..make u angry and hate me maks

u dun have to try too hard u know?

This is wat i waited
Oh Really ...
I will keep this is my database as well
Thanks a milion my friend
Check out your friends list, I am deleting you

Today's conversation:

2011-05-12 10:15:22

2011-05-12 10:15:32

2011-05-12 10:15:33
Busy huh

2011-05-12 10:15:41

2011-05-12 10:15:40
Look bad only ?

2011-05-12 10:15:47
I mean bad mood

2011-05-12 10:15:54
Did i did anything wrong

2011-05-12 10:16:01
huh? how u know?

2011-05-12 10:16:08
Sorry lah ..never mean anything ..just kidding only lah

2011-05-12 10:16:28
I mean , if i the one make u bad mood i mean '

2011-05-12 10:16:40
Anyway ..y bad mood ?

2011-05-12 10:16:43
how u know i bad mood? U can see me is it???  

2011-05-12 10:16:55
Hemm ...tats good thing about me

2011-05-12 10:17:03
I can sence...serious ..

2011-05-12 10:17:38
Wat happend ..tell me if u wan to ..sharing is caring and caring is love u noe

2011-05-12 10:17:42
So share ok

2011-05-12 10:17:45
but unfortunately, im in a awesome mood today..

2011-05-12 10:17:53

2011-05-12 10:18:06
u dont know me...

2011-05-12 10:18:22
Oh really huh ..u not hard to read my dear ..

2011-05-12 10:18:28
U are damm easy to read

2011-05-12 10:18:32

2011-05-12 10:18:38
thats wat u think

2011-05-12 10:19:05
Hahahahaha...of couse i haven noe u yet but , i noe some basic thing about u my dear

2011-05-12 10:19:17
like wat?

2011-05-12 10:19:21
Say yes or not for this ..

2011-05-12 10:19:32

2011-05-12 10:20:23
If ppl listen to u , u will be very happy and when u need to listen to ppl ..tats the hardest thing for u ...

2011-05-12 10:20:34
Corect ?

2011-05-12 10:20:40

2011-05-12 10:21:05 say "no " for u its tat hard right
2011-05-12 10:21:26

2011-05-12 10:21:49
I mean to mengaku lah ..

2011-05-12 10:21:53
Ego ...

2011-05-12 10:21:57
Ego ...

2011-05-12 10:22:00
ego ...

2011-05-12 10:22:03

(after a long bragging session bout himself)

12 11:00:48
when u joined huawei?

2011-05-12 11:02:32
Y huh ?

2011-05-12 11:02:40
just asked

2011-05-12 11:02:26
anyway ..last year Mac

2011-05-12 11:02:42
U budak sgt baru ok

2011-05-12 11:02:50
Im ur super super seniur

 2011-05-12 11:03:03
so ..shut up and folow me OKKKK

2011-05-12 11:03:15
in ur dreams

2011-05-12 11:03:20
Wow ....

2011-05-12 11:03:29
Serious really nice talking to u

2011-05-12 11:03:38
Ur ex will regret forever

 and someone please, please, kill me right now!!!