Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Things to ponder..

Why do some really fat people look so good in photos; but people like me, I, look so fat in photos???

It ain't fair!!!

iLilo :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Job

I need a new job.. like really really need.... I'm not even fussy anymore... All I am looking for from the new job is:

i. A job that will require me to walk, a lot, or probably climb stairs, or at least some sort of phsyical activity.. 

ii. A job where having lunch isnt part of their culture.. Like seriously.. Where people perhaps just eat fruit and sandwich for lunch and not at some fancy restaurant with yummy food...

iii. A job where, everyone just mind their own business n dont care about who dies and who lives.. as in birthdays and farewells.. Especially if that involves food and drinks..

iv. A job that is preferebly close to my gym... or one that forces you to go to one to meet your KPIs..

v. A job in the middle of nowhere, so you cant drop by any fast foods, or coffee shops or any of that sort during weird craving hours...

If there is such job, that fits into these criterias and pays me just enough to survive, I will take it.. wholeheartedly,  before I burst and explode!

Lilo! :p

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

For the past one week I've been dreading every phone call that comes from a new number..

One week passed, n I survived.. Just when I was slowly regaining my confidence thinking perhaps my parents only tried to threaten me, that text msg came by an hour ago..


I thought this whole thing gonna be some stupid joke that I'm gonna be laughing about n happily blog about..

But, no.. Somehow the joke isn't funny anymore..

I feel like I have become the "joke" here..

I wish I could laugh about it, but haven't been able to stop my tears since..

Just great! Life!


Monday, 20 September 2010

Boo boo ;)

I just realized, we made a boo boo in Penang..

The picture should speak for itself..

Lol! We are indeed scary!

Let's wash it off..

And now...

iLilo :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Oh Joy!

3rd day on my new job and I had a chat with one of the guys here who's been doing it for 2 years. He certainly didn't mince any words when it came to describing the job ...

crazy la * it's horrible * never ending * CRAZY * no proper support network * don't know what the management is doing * wait till you start .......



Monday, 13 September 2010


Picture trail of Penang!

The beautiful Penang bridge..

Our hotel, outside view..

The hotel interior..

The spooky rooms...

The beautiful Feringgi beach..

Our neighbor, HardRock!

Yummy food: Nasi Kandar

And yummy, kuey teow!

And yummy desserts :)

And more yummy dessert ;)

The Pg nightlife...

And the famous, Pinkscalers! ;)

By: iLilo


The beautiful sunset at my home away from home...


Saturday, 11 September 2010

New loser on board

When my father asks me what is my company name, I didnt bother answering him.. A simple question like that sounded so fishy to me!

1st thing that came to my mind was, they have found me a guy! And yes, I was absolutely right!!

So this time around, it's a "doctor mappilai".. Pppttttuuuuikkk :p

One more loser on the list.. But this time around I'm actually considering meeting this loser to see how big a fool he is!

Will sure keep posted how the interesting date goes ;)

iLilo :)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I, from the bottom of my heart, hate, hate and hate Public Display of Affection!! especially on Facebook...

It's like they desperately need the world to acknowledge their love for each other...

So there is this annoying couple on our facebooks... who must show everything they do to the world.. where they eat.. where they sleep, where they f*ck.. everything! Simply too much information..

But to be fair, they do entertain me from time to time... Like when I'm having a real bad day and desperately need a laugh, I know whose page I need to look for in my fb.. they never fail to amuse me... This is my findings today..

K: ur hand very long da
M: Bfwen: All the better sweetheart.. *wink wink*

K: ohw sexy laddu
M: Bfwen: all yours =)

K: mother and daughter... sweet!
M: Bfwen: mother, daughter & son-in-law also sweet!

K: nice dress lingg... ;)
M: tq lingg...

K: how do i like this pic?
M: Haha, no one can answer that but you bfwen..

K: hahaha!! I know what u're thinking
M: Hahahaha! My mouth sealed!

K: mantin swimming pool
M: We can go there again some day...

K: splendid pose!
M: Tired already bfwen ;) But still sempat pose..

Puking Lilo!

Monday, 6 September 2010


So I lied.. and paid the price :(

I needed to take Friday off from work due to some rescheduling in our Pg trip and of all days, that was a tough day to take off as I was supposed to deliver something important that day... But I really wanted to... So I lied...

I seriously gave it a lot of thought.. I didn't wanna say anything that would affect anyone.. I was very particular  about that.. Even consulted a few people on what would make a good lie...  I'm not a natural liar..

I should have just gone to clinic and fake an mc.. but no, I was stingy.. I didn't wanna waste my money... so I decided I wanted to take an emergency leave.. But I didn't wanna say anyone in my family were sick, I didn't wanna jinx them.. I didn't wanna use my car as a reason.. I had to drive to pg...

So the selfish me, of all lies, chose a life & death matter to lie about..  I said, someone died and I had to go for the funeral...

My tiny brain thought, that was very general.. I am not naming anyone, so that is fine.. no one was gonna die anyway just because I said that..

Little did I know...

So we left to Pg as planned, Friday morning.. Just when we landed on the Pg bridge, I received a call from my sobbing mom informing, my cousin passed away... The one in pg of all places... It was too much to be a coincidence...

So yeah, that ruined my vacation... mentally and emotionally... But I did have my share of fun "physically", will blog about that later..

But yeah, I cant get over this fact from my head.. its too much to be a coincidence.. but if it isn't a coincident, does that mean I have some kind of super power?

I do remember blaming myself 15 years ago, when I talked about my dad being admitted in a hospital and the next morning he was involved in a major accident and was hospitalised for a long time..

And I also still remember, how I wished for a blackout at the exam hall because I wasn't prepared and it really did happen... but to my unfortunate they didn't call the exam off but made us continue with poor lighting and everyone sweating... I'm sure my friends cursed me then...

So, as illogical as it sounds, is jinxing really true? or I am really a super hero?? hmm...

Wondering, Lilo!

p/s: shall I try telling my boss I want to resign because I won a lottery?

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Penang, here we come!

Guess what? Guess what??

We girls are going on a weekend trip to Penang! Yeeee haaaa!!

I am pretty sure we girls are gonna have an awesome possum time! Looking forward to this much needed break...

iLilo :)