Friday, 28 October 2011


The Deepavali festivities this year came with a barrage of attention from inquisitive and excited relatives about my growing belly. While I totally appreciate everyone's excitement about the arrival of their first niece/nephew/grandchild/great-grandchild, I was feeling very uncomfortable about all the extra attention. I cringed inside everytime my dad announced to everyone within hearing distance, "Can you see her tummy!!" and when everyone eyes or hands went straight to my tummy followed by comments like, "You're so small!" or "Why are you so thin?". I seriously felt like I should have given a fake pregnancy-related excuse and stayed home yet I felt really selfish for feeling that way.

So I've been feeling pretty down the last couple of days - fighting between what I'm feeling versus what I'm telling myself I should feel.

Today I came across this in that totally made me feel better to know that I'm not alone!

At this point, you may find your belly becoming a hand magnet. It's perfectly okay to tell folks who touch your tummy that you'd rather they didn't. And if people are telling you that you look smaller or bigger than you should at this point, remember that each woman grows — and shows — at her own rate. What's important is that you see your practitioner for regular visits so she can make sure your baby's growth is on track.

Although I don't think I can bring myself to tell friends and relatives who are happy for me to not touch my belly (hey, how would you like people just randomly coming up to you and touching you and judging your body?), I can tell them very firmly that small tummy or not, my baby and me are healthy and we're both growing at a healthy rate so far.

Now I just have to get through Christmas .....


Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Stupid Me

Do people deserve a second chance? Does it really work? I really need to know.

I cant stop asking myself, the what-if questions..

I am pretty done with men. I don't think I can trust anyone anymore. I have just met one too many.

I broke up but I didn't stop loving him even when he did all that he did, for me I didn't have to spend the rest of my life with him just because I love him. I thought I was selfless.

Now that I have lost my trust on him and almost every other men, and that i am still considering being with him, does that make me selfish?

Or maybe just plain stupid. I know.


Friday, 21 October 2011

Men #Finale

I have talked so much about men on how dumb they are.

But I have finally realized, I am the stupid one after all.

I broke up.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

The girl in the green scarf

Remember the girl in the green scarf?? How Becky had to be that gal..

I had that moment today :) I found that one green scarf that I must have.. It was love at first sight.. And of cos I bought it without thinking twice...

But unlike becky, there wasn't any cute guy to borrow me money.. Only had my good ol' shiny card.. But no regrets, as I get to be THE girl in green scarf now :)


On other note, i hate Singapore for having everything so cheap (before conversion of cos) just so not fair since we are like so close by.. N they have more of everything..

Oh well.. Have a pounding head n feet ache now.. Probably burned my entire allowance for this trip, n crashed the currency converter app on my phone.. So yeah, in short had a productive shopping day! :)


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lunch Crazies

Mr Silent: He rarely says a word, but when he does it's too mumble something intelligible. He makes up for his reserved nature with his maniac driving skills. His car looks all beat up and abused although it's hardly 3 years old.  

Mr IT: One of the IT guys in the office. He's short, dark skinned with spiky blond hair and he wears a pair of "guy" earrings. He once was trying out a hacking tool at work and managed to cause a virus attack alert for all the company employees in Malaysia. No biggie - only about 700 of us ;p

Ms Vege: A vegetarian since birth, she's gotta be one of the most tensed up people at work I've ever met. Almost everything at work is urgent and highly stressful and she has no qualms about shouting at the customer. However, outside of work, she's fun, boisterous and knows how to have a good laugh. It's like she has a split personality!

Mr Metro: Either he's metrosexual or gay, I can't tell 'cause I'm just observing from his dressing and mannerisms. It doesn't matter anyway, because of all the guys, he's the only one I can have a sane, light hearted, intelligent conversation with.

Mr Philosophy: Or maybe I should call him Mr Smarty Pants since he'll be getting his IR pretty soon. Conversations with him usually require a higher level of understanding and he can pull out random facts or quotes from his head like "mankind's brain is like a monkey that is drunk and has been bitten by a scorpion". Say what??

Mr Scotland: The only conversation he can have is about his stint in Scotland as a grad student. No matter what everyone else is talking about, he has a uncanny ability to drop something - anything! -about Scotland in the conversation; the scenery is gorgeous, the weather is wonderful, the kilt is so macho (eerkkss!), the bread doesn't upset his stomach and on and on he goes. But get this, he's a pure Indian vegetarian (as in he doesn't like any other food except Indian food), he's only traveled within 3 hours of KL, he doesn't drink or smoke, bald and he's been single all his life. I get very annoyed over the fact that he has never bothered to explore his own country and sample the abundance of cuisine we have here, yet dare to diss it and glorify Scotland (hey, I have nothing against Scotland, it's a beautiful country!).


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

In one of my very first trainings with the senior employees, I was told that "we go all over the world; but there are only two countries that is so difficult to handle". One being India and the other is singapore.

And as usual I'm one of the lucky ones to experience both in the very beginning. Did India. Regretted, hated, survived. Then I took a long break, not wanting to go anywhere else. I've been idle for sometime now.

And now it's my time to face the very famous Singaporeans. Although, I'm all like bring it on, I can do this etc. And thanks to my stupid colleagues, I'm actually feeling smarter these days.

Truth is, I haven't booked my return flight. There's this tiny little inner voice keeps telling me, maybe they'll just ask you to leave on the very first day.

Sigh. Hope I survive this.
Singapore, here I come. Be kind please


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Men (to be..) #25

Conversation between my 4 year old nephew and I

Me: what do you want to be?

Him: I wanna be a police

Me: why police?

Him: so I can shoot people.. I want to shoot everyone

Me: oh..

Him: thi, wat you want to be?

me: hmm, I want to be a soldier..

Him: nooo! You cannot..

Me: why? I also want to shoot people..

Him: (chuckles) you are a girl la..

Me: so what? I want to be..

Him: nooo, cannot!!!

Me: Ok fine, I want to be astronaut

Him: haiyoo, cannot la.. You girl.. you be teacher la

Me: teacher?? Eee, I dowan!!

Him: hmmmmm, ok fine.. You be a baby sitter!!

Me: (wtf??)

And I thought I was sexist.. Kids these days...

Oh btw, he wouldn't let his younger brother touch anything that is pink in color.. Favorite line "pink is for girls!!!"