Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The F.O.U.R letter word!

wow, i just realised the word "four" actually have 4 alphabets in it.. ok, ok.. before u all think i have gone crazy, just try from one to ten, none of it actually represent the number of alphabets in it.. see, i have a point!

anyway, my intention was just to write about the significance of the four letter word in my life.. LIFE yeah, (the 1st 4 letter word) SUCK! (2nd) n my recent over used word is, FUCK! (3rd) although i was recently reminded by a friend not to over-use it, as its so not me, well, im so PISSed (4th) with everyone and everything right now.. n this phase that i'm going through in my life, as turned me to be real MEAN (5th).. maybe, i have always been.. nway, im glad to be mean rather than being a bitch!

n im also very COLD (6th) towards people.. i just cant go all smiling n make friends to everyone.. recently also been called stone cold :p with no emotions.. anyway, so at the end of the day, i always fall into the SNOB (7th) category...

talking about 4 letter words.. my name is one.. although im not gonna say it here, its the 8th one.. coincidentally my nick for this blog too is a 4 letter word.. LILO (9th).. n im actually dating a guy, who also has a 4 letter name (10th)...

n all my life, I always only had 4 friends at any one point of time in my life.. like, primary, secondary, uni n etc..

n the number I represent according to the numerology thing is actually 4 (1+3, 13 which is my birth day)

although the number 4 plays a big role in my life or at least lot of insignificant significance in my life.. number 4 is actually dreaded by a certain community.. they actually avoid this number in anything they do, like when buying car, house, no 4th floor in a building, n etc... because 4 in Chinese is pronounced as "SEI" which literally means DIE!

now, doesn't that explain myself very clearly??

By: 'lilo