Monday, 31 May 2010

Men #12

I think sometime back I wrote about, how one of my favorite blogger got proposed and I am all so happy n hyped up for her.. (or maybe I planned to write n didn't, but nway, yeah the point is, I was so happy n excited for her).. it was such a sweet proposal in bed and he even bought a her huge rock n they fixed dates for the wedding..

n today, just 2-3 months down the road, she writes again about how the idiot is now "thinking" n he doesnt know if "marriage" is his thing.. like wtf rite??? wedding is not what he meant, as I have she has offered to delay the wedding as long as he wants..

like seriously, wats wrong with guys these days?? marriage seem to be an easy excuse to run away from responsbilities.. Its not like I am we gals are dying to get married.. hell, i hate it too, hate weddings and marriages with all my heart... but if u gotta do it, u just gotta do it la ok? just like working.. i hate my job.. so do u.. but tat doesnt stop us from working rite?? well, if ur excuse is, at least u r getting paid for that, then tat makes u a whore! *period*


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My new toy..

As "jakun" as it may sound, I have an iPhone now :)

woohoooo... gave myself a treat for going thru sucky days at work.. (well, u always need a reason :p) bought it on my credit card though!! *slaps forehead*

but nway, i adore, adore the phone... feels like life/internet is made so much simpler now and it gives u only what u need.... screw the 101 things u see on a web page..

Well, I've always been a gadget fan.. always luv spending time with my phone n computer.. n now i am addicted again :)

Not "Sent from my iPhone" - that's a tacky mail signature! :p

Monday, 17 May 2010

Seriously, when is the crisis going to end??
Am I not a few years past my quarter life crisis period?
What's going on than?
Post quarter life crisis?
I just feel like having a good cry but haven't I cried and raged enough?
I've only ever wanted one thing my whole entire life,
But maybe I've been asking for too much.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Love me? Like me?

The word love is so overrated these days...

"But loving someone's not the same as liking them, is it? It's not the same as just accepting them for what they are. Love's all right, I guess. I don't know too much about all that. I'll settle for just being liked." - Tony Parson

- Lilo

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

one of my colleague said,
"if u need to start a petition for u to finally take a day off from work, pls let me know.. I'll sign for u!"

Sweet, na? :)

Lilo- still surviving cos of ppl lk this who make my day everyday..

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

10 Things I like about Malaysia

1. Our food (No people, it's so not overrated!)
2. Shopping (Most major brands are in KL)
3. It's very green (Rain forests and Municipal Councils who try to plant trees everywhere)
4. The weather's predictably unpredictable (rain and shine but you never know when!)
5. Amazing islands (I think we can rival the Caribbeans any day)
6. Traffic jams are mostly during peak hours (as compared to the 24/7 jams in Jakarta and Bangkok)
7. We're multilingual (I know 3 and that's considered average)
8. AirAsia (They changed the airline industry in Asia forever!)
9. Ending most sentences with "lah" (There's no better feeling than to speak 'lah' with a fellow Malaysian in a foreign country)
10. Relatively safe ("What??" you say. Well, at least we don't have to worry about car bombs exploding in KLCC and earthquakes splitting the North-South Highway in two)


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So my dad is "less" computer savvy... he called me up earlier,

he: ma, what is the thing u call to save stuff from ur pc?

me: err, diskette is it?(thinkin old-school)

he: no, no... that long thing, with the pin...

me: ooh, thumbdrive u mean?

he: yes, yes... bring that one back home..

me: err, it isnt lying around in my office, i wud have to buy it..

he: ok then, get me a few later, i got a few stuff to save...

me: faint!!



Lot of people ask me, why do I seem to against it? And my smart-ass answer to them each time is, simply because I have not met any couple that say they are so happy because they got married... or He/She is happier than when He/She was single...

So anyway, my dad went on a 2 weeks trip to India.. and for the last 2 weeks I practically had to babysit my mom everyday.. n towards the end of the trip I started to realise how my mom feels so lost without my dad... I was thinking she has been so reliant on him that he cant live on her own.. She have been counting days for my dad to return..

and Dad returned yesterday morning... when I went back home after work yesterday, I really saw the glow on my mom's face.. she was so super happy n was on top of the world.. something i never seen before all my life...

so last night when i to sleep, i told myself, i have been looking for an answer (to my above question) all my life without realising the answer has been in front of my eyes all these years... i decided they were indeed the one couple i'm looking for.... went to sleep feeling amazed...

woke up this morning, came downstairs n saw my mom sitting with a red face n tensed look.. i eyed her what's up, n she went on with her rambles... "do u know ur father is so crazy... he drives me up the wall sometimes... this morning itself he made me so mad and i'm so angry now... i had to do this n that n miss my jogging because of him... bla bla n bla bla..... "

haha, need i say more? i went to work with a huge grin on face, looks like my search is still on ;)