Monday, 9 February 2015

Confessions of a coffeeholic

This (Monday) morning I was fiddling with the coffee machine with my sleepy eyes, that I accidentally selected short black instead of a long black. Although it seemed very appropriate to the state I was in this morning, I hate that crap.

With that merely there coffee in my cup, I was reminded of my first real coffee experience.

So I was at my first job, at this very 'happening' work place, where everyone walk around with a Starbucks cup in their hands every morning.

Let's just call me naive, for a lack of better word, my idea of coffee was 3 in 1 Nescafé that served me well during uni days. My only rare encounters in Starbucks was for a treat to myself with a Java Frappucino. Cause that was the only name my sister taught me.

So you can safely say, I was lost in the new environment and was trying very hard to fit in. After a month or so of being in envy of my colleagues; one fine day, my colleague gets up and asks me if I want coffee as he is running down to grab one.

Without thinking twice, I say "Yes!" (Beaming with joy)

But that's when it all started going downhill. He asks the golden question, "what coffee do you want?"

I go in my head "Shit! What he means by what coffee?! What coffee do people drink?? Isn't coffee called coffee?!"

Trying to remain calm and composed, when he repeats the question, I blurt out "Espresso!" (I swear I thought that was a cool name for a coffee)

He looks at me and goes, "Wow, espresso! Must be a tough morning for you. Do you want a single shot or double?"

Still not getting it and thinking I'm on a roll, I say "double please!"

Let's just say the rest remains history.



Anonymous said...

the sweet regrets of peer pressure...

Anya said...

rofl...u made me laugh!
And don't feel too bad about being 'naive'. You were the one who taught me about Starbucks and Java Frap and you were so cool to me ;) Still are!